"Codename: Teens Next Door" is an American-animated action-comedy streaming series created by Tom Warbuton for Netflix in TBD 2020. It's a spinoff to the 2002 Cartoon Network series, Codename: Kids Next Door.


Set in a alternate world after the finale, (The Kids Next Door Operatives are 12) A secret team of teenagers who was decommissioned but not actually forms a new team. To stop the adults from taking over the world.



  • Chad S./Numbah 0.1 voiced by TBD) - A former kids next door operative, now he's the head of the Teens Next Door. Chad is a strong-confident teenager who is a
  • Cree Lincoln/Numbah 0.2 (voiced by Cree Summer) - A serious operative who doesn't joke around. she's a aggressive-nice person who truly cares for her sister.


  • Abigail Lincoln/Numbah 5 - (voiced by Cree Summer) - A younger sister in the Lincoln family, she's a operative of The Kids Next Door. She only makes cameos and speaking roles when Cree goes in her house.
  • Tommy Gilligan/Numbah T - (voiced by Collin Dean) - A whiny-confident boy who wants to be apart of the kids next door.


  • Father (voiced by TBD) - TBD.



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