Code Medic is an upcoming American animated medical comedy-drama series created by TBA and aired in the winter of 2025 on Nickelodeon, the show focuses on medical terms of checkups, doing microscopic size in a body, nursery, dental, and more medical treatments.


Fourteen-year-old, Brenda Young, is a teenager attending at an academy who has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD is living in Portland, Oregon in the era of 2910. Tragically, her older sibling died from a toxic reaction from the virus called VERA (Venoma Ecclafectio Rheubanus Amxia) and she was feeling depression in herself. So she decides to become the greatest young physician along with a heroic medical group called Code Medic of True Ace Memorial Hospital along with her friends, will she take on her career as a medical physician?


Main Cast

Major Cast


  • The show is based on and inspired by a list of medical drama television productions like Grey's Anatomy, Code Black, The Resident, and The Good Doctor.
  • Of this show, the main characters must sometime go inside a patient's body performing a slight surgery instead of cutting open a patient. This is a reference to the fictional movie Fantastic Voyage.
  • TBA
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