Cloe is one of the six main protagonists in The Save-Ums! series.


Cloe is a young, green-skinned, 5-year old humanoid alien girl with pink hair, green eyes and a green antennae on top of her head. When she's not in Ice or Space World, she's usually seen in what appears to be a school uniform attire, consisting of a white shirt, dark green skirt, lime tie and a green overcoat. When she's in Ice World, Cloe equips yellow mittens, green jacket and a dark green scarf. When she's in Space World, Cloe wears the space cadet costume consisting of a silver metallic dress with a green belt, silver metallic fingerless gloves with green arm cuffs and silver metallic boots with green boot cuffs.


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Cloe is social, charming and energetic.

Powers and abilities



  • Cloe's hairstyle resembles that of Arle Nadja's, but not her ponytail.
  • Cloe's vehicle is the Space-Cycle, a space shuttle for three with pedals and handle bars on the driver's seat.
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