Invite the psycho killer inside
Occupation: Killer
Voiced By: N/A
Family: Dunce (nephew)
Ninny (niece)
Panda (adoptive daughter)
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Blood and Gore
Alias: Psycho Killer
Date of Birth: N/A
Alignment: Bad
Abilities: Knife hand
Hockey mask
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Inspiration: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Race: N/A


Clod is the deceased character of Dumb Ways To Die. He is invited in by an unseen character, who he eventually kills offscreen. He only shows up once in the chorus. He is Dunce and Ninny's deceased uncle, and Panda's deceased adoptive father.

Physical Appearance

He is a green character and he seems to be a mixture between famous horror film characters, possibly Freddy Krueger (Knife hand), Jason Voorhees (Hockey mask), and Leatherface (Chainsaw).


  • Name: Clod
  • Nickname: Psycho Killer
  • Real Name: N/A
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: N/A
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Sign: N/A
  • Voice: N/A


  • He doesn't appear in the MIFF clip. Neither does Stupe or Numskull.
  • Coincidentally, all of these characters are green.
  • In the minigame, there is a Panda character. This animal only shows up in the app.
  • He is one of the characters not to suffer a death. The others being Ninny and Doomed (may including Dunce).
  • He is the only character to pop up, rather than dance.
  • He and Bungle do not dance at all.
  • He has the least amount of screen time in the video.
  • He is one of characters from group three to have their own minigame, however ironically, he is the only character who isn't unlockable. At the end of the credits section of the app (where the motto Be Safe Around Trains is mentioned), he also pops up to wave at the player.
  • He is confirmed as male in the app, during 'Tweet your death' it's default message says "I probably shouldn't have opened the door for this guy".
  • His real name is unknown.
  • However, he is a horror character in Dumb Ways To Die.
  • Moreover, he doesn't have age, birthday, and zodiac sign.
  • He doesn't have voice actor because he's a silent character.
  • However, the adoptive father of Panda, and the uncle of Dunce and Ninny died because of the blood.
  • His cause of death is blood and gore.
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