Claudette Bonneville is the deuteragonist in Glimpse. She is the chemist who secretly follows her dream about become ballerina.


Claudette was a nerdy woman and an orphan who was born on October 1, 1889, at Paris, France. Her foster mother Amelie took her home when she was two years old after she was founded at the orphan house. She was used to work as a ballerina until she retired at the age of nine. Claudette walks through the street until she notices the poster of "Rejoignez le club Scientifique maintenance!" that is hanged on a wall which she got an idea. So Claudette went to the science lair where the scientists are. She meets a German scientist named Emma von Yann while at her office. Emma tells her about how she get a job in the first place after Amelie wants to bring some moneys.

Claudette accepted the deal with Emma after

Physical Appearances

Claudette has black hair which tied into an upward bun and glasses. She wears a lab coat under a dark red dress, and black high heels. When she is not working, she wears a purple long dress with violet stripe,

Events of Glimpse

Claudette was working at her lab which was located in the basement from her house. She heard someone knocks the door


  • She is shown to be a ballerina while dreaming.
  • She is similar to Kidman from The Evil Within.
  • Claudette is based on Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, Lisa Loud from The Loud House, Sally Boyle from We Happy Few, and Meg Griffin from Family Guy.
  • Claudette is shown to teach Aimee how to sing and dance while at the back of stage.
  • According to the community, Claudette
  • She is shown to dance at the streets along with Joseph and Aimee
  • While she is working, Claudette makes a chemical and drug so everyone
  • She is shown to be a doctor due to take care of the patients
  • Whenever she doing something that is related to  chemistry and herbalism, Claudette makes
  • Claudette is shown to recuse Aimee from a danger.
  • Despite being chemist, she
  • Claudette is one of the characters who can actually speak in French, the others are
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