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The Story began where Balance was in the cave and was looking for his powerful source. The 6-RB and he used it for power to conquer the universe. But then his plan backfired where Clarence, Jeff, Sumo tries to retrive back the 6-RB to make Aberdale a free place. But then Balence escaped. And then the three boys knew, they are in big trouble. Later that day, Clarence came up with an idea to make their friends join their group to save Amy & defeating Balence once in for all.


Then a couple minutes later Two escaped criminals were finding shelter to stay at, and they found the guy scraper. But suddenly that's the place where the kids have an idea. So the two prisoners attempt to kill or defeat the children so that THEY could be the only ones there, Once the kids had an idea. They separated each other. Meanwhile Belson and Nathan were chasing Bert. And then out of nowhere Balence showed up and started to insult both of them, once Belson exposed one of Balence's secrets. Balence ordered Bert to kidnap both of them. And sent them to the garbage truck to never be seen again. Meanwhile the children are fighting Danger Breaker, Jeff was nervous if he let go of Kimby, she would die. So Jeff kept on trying and he did it. He fainted. Kimby thought he died and told danger breaker why did he kill him. And danger breaker replied. And it was insulting to Jeff and Kimby, Kimby was angry and told Clarence and Sumo to stop Danger Breaker, Once they succeeded. Danger B. Was about to do something worse to the three and then Amy showed up and tied up Danger in ropes. Sumo cried when Amy came back. And started to ask her a question. Then amy had an idea about finding some secrets and truths about Balence himself. And the others agreed. So they went to Balence's basement to find out. Once they went there they saw a figure in a chair. And it Reaveled to be Seabass. He wanted revenge after he got grounded for a year. When he took over the Guy-Scarper and refused to take a bath. Sumo wanted to fight him and Seabass agreed. And the rest started to find papers based around Balence. And then once sumo defeated seabass. Seabass cried and went away, and then Clarence founded a paper based around balence. And it Reaveled Balence was in a Sercet robbery club. With his family, then he faked his own death so that nobody will ever areest him. Later, Belson and Nathan and Gary Smooch were stuck at the garage truck and then Amy showed up including sumo. To save them. Belson thought they didn't care about him. And he apologized for being a wimp against them. Then the three jumped off. And landed on Amy's bike. 20 minutes later, The kids had an idea about going in every base. And they did and manged to stop Balence's plan (skipping ahead.) Balence was kicked out in a supermarket for abusing a waiter named Joshua. And then the kids spotted him and then Balence tried to stop them. By recruiting their Enimes to defeat them. And then al of a sudden Clarence got knocked out by an axe (not actually) and then he woke up in his head with Jermey. And then jermey reaveled he actually exist in real life. And Clarence was real surprised and asked Jermey about how did he went to clarences dream. And then Jermey told a short story about how. And then the flashback ended quickly and Jermey didnt want Clarence to hear everything how he went there. But Jermey said Clarence was the only one. Who has intersting dreams. And he told how he went there. And then Clarence waked up. And Rita suggested that they have to go at the guy-scraper to find a final plan to stop this war once and for all. Then Clarence, Jeff, Sumo and Amy went to the scarper to find a way to stop this war. Then all of sudden Balance was escaping from the four. And Sumo and Amy started to chase him. And Clarence and Jeff was catching up. But all of a sudden. They lead to the cliff. Balance tried to escape and then Amy and Sumo stopped him by pushing him and the two. falling down to the cliff. The next day. Clarence thought it was all of his fault for making them fall of a cliff. And then once Clarence went back home. Sad. Mel and Amy's dad came along and started to talk to Clarence about their kids. And how they're still alive. Clarence was surprised and rushed to the hospital to see them and then thats when they met clarence and they wanted to credit him for saving Aberdale even though he didn't actually do something. But got an great idea. And then at the post credit scene. Jeff's words of the day episode came. And talked about the word: Greatushania


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