Clara the Doll is an 2019 animated children's TV series produced by Nelvana and Corus Entertainment for Treehouse TV in Canada and Sprout in the US. It will debut on Sprout on January 7, 2019 before premiering on Treehouse TV in Canada on March 1, 2019.

Clara the doll



It follows the adventures of a little girl doll named Clara who lives with her family in an dollhouse in the toys room. Clara goes on many adventures with her friends, Jake, a little boy doll, and Sadie, a little girl doll.


Animation was done at Starz Media. The show will consist of 26 episodes each.

International Broadcast

  • Sprout (US)
  • Treehouse TV (Canada)
  • Tiny Pop (UK)
  • 7TWO (Australia)
  • ABC Kids (Australia)
  • France 5 (France)
  • Radio-Canada (French Canada)
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