Cindy "Claire" Cabbitson
Cindy Cabbitson
Personal Information
Aliases The Hep Cabbit (formerly)
Gender Female
Species Cabbit
Occupation Singer (formerly)
Residence Theodore Street (currently)
Swing City (formerly)
Friends Zoey McMullen
Melissa Trumpets
Conrad Howlington
Jackie Jackalope (boyfriend)
Parents Alan Cabbitson
Production Information
Voiced by Janice Kawaye

Cindy Cabbitson is a supporting character of the Disney XD series Zoey McMullen. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye, known for her role as Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot. She debuted in the season 2 episode "The New Friend". Prior to her first appearance, she had become the most popular character in the whole series.


She was confronted by a weasel that tried to rob her, until Zoey came to save her at the last minute. Upon rescuing her, she befriended Cindy. Ever since that day, Cindy would be hanging out with the former and her and her friends.

Before meeting Zoey and her friends, she lived in Swing City and was overweight. She was also once a singer that had gone by the name the "Hep Cabbit" who sang popular country songs. Later on, her career was overshadowing her personal and normal life, so she gave up her career and left her old home.

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