Chuck's Choice: The Movie is a 2028 American animated comedy film based on the TV series of the same name by Kervin Faria, who serves as the director and writer of the movie. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation & Amblin Entertainment, the film stars series regulars Sabrina Pitre, Ryan Beil, and Kira Tozer, with the gest voices of John C. Reilly, Robert Redford, James Badge Dale, Pamela Anderson, and Ethan Hawke. In the film, Chuck, UD, and Mish are out for the summer, and their summer plans are thwarted when Cedar Hills's most-wanted criminal Joshua Reubens escapes prison and wreaks havoc throughout the city.


Set in the summertime, the film revolves around Chuck, Mish, and UD, as their summertime plans are thwarted by Cedar Hills criminal Joshua Reubens, who wreaks havoc throughout the city.

Voice cast

  • Sabrina Pitre as Chuck McFarlane, the titular hero of the film.
  • Ryan Beil as U-Decide 3000 / UD, Chuck's robot servant who can help him choose the right decision to save the day.
  • Kira Tozer as Misha "Mish", Chuck's tomboyish best friend.
  • Jeff Dunham as Bob Murray, the overweight and slightly dimwitted mayor of Cedar Hills.
  • Robert Redford as Joshua Reubens, Cedar Hills's most wanted criminal who has escaped prison and is wreaking havoc throughout the city.
  • James Badge Dale as Rob, Chuck's old friend from elementary school who is now a much-respected lawyer.
  • Pamela Anderson as Amy Roberts, a kindhearted girl with a ponytail who becomes Chuck's love interest.
  • Ethan Hawke as Edward McFarlane, Chuck's unknown father who hasn't been seen in years.
  • Rebecca Shoichet as Ellen McFarlane, Edward's wife and Chuck's mother.
  • Peter Kelamis as Norm McFarlane, Norm's elderly and somewhat nerdy older brother.
  • Amandla Stenberg as Ashley "Ash", a purple-haired girl with pigtails who is Norm's girlfriend.

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