The specal starts with Daffy Duck waiting in line at the post office to mail Christmas cards While there,he mistakenly intercept three letters sent by children to Santa Claus. The Toons soon find out so Mickey sents the gang to get the averted letters to Santa Claus before Christmas while avioding the mouse king in therir biggest mission yet.


Mouse King: tonight king of christmas Tomorrow king of toontown soon king of everything

Mandy: Merry Christmas to all, and to all, shut the hell up!

Billy: (as a salesman unplugs a display TV, showing a year without a Santa Clause)Hey! I was watching that.

TV Shop Owner: It'll be on next Christmas Billy, Who the hell knows when that's gonna be?

Linus: (to Sally)Iam not your sweet bamboo.
Charlie Brown: What do you think of this (hands Linus his card)
Linus: merry Christmas from your sweet bamboo!?
Charlie Brown: its a family expression.

Skipper: [following a group of nuns] Blend! Blend!

Skipper: Hoover Dam!

Skipper: Eggnog at 2100 hours, writing our names in the snow at 2105.

Skipper:You all know the Penguin alliance.
Kowalski: Never bathe in hot oil and Bisquick?
Skipper: No.
[Rico speaks Japanese gibberish]

Skipper: No, that's the Walrus Credo. It's "Never swim alone.
Kowalski: Oh, yeah.
Skipper: Let's go.

Skipper: Think nothing of it Santa It's the least we could do. You remember the Penguin Credo.
Private: What does deep-frying in Bisquick have to do with any of this?
Skipper: Not that one, the other one! "Never swim alone!" Alone! On Christmas! Don't you get it? Come on people, do I have to explain this to everybody?

Rico: [starts to light a stick of dynamite] Kaboom!
Skipper: Stand down, soldier. We're in observation mode!

Skipper: Shitake mushrooms! No more Mr. Cute and Cuddly.
Rico: [grabs stang of dynamite] Kaboom-kaboom-kaboom!
Skipper: Rico! Enough with the dynamite already!
Rico: [sighs disappointed] Aww.

Skipper: Holy butterball!

Skipper: Santa Claus has come to town!

The Boys:[as Rico drinks Egg-nog] Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

Skipper: Lets blow this popsicle stand.
Rico: [Grabs stick of dynamite] Kaaboooom?
Skipper: Yes, Rico. Kaaboom.

Rico: Eggno-o-o-og! Eggnog! Eggnog!

Skipper: [watching Rico chug eggnog] That boy can really hold down his nog

Skipper: Excelente!

Skipper: What comes down must go up!

Skipper: [to the mouse king ] Not on my watch, chukie chesse!

Kowalski: How are we going to get inside?
Rico: [Lights a fuse] Ka-boom! Ka-boom!
Skipper: I have a better idea. [Puts out the fuse]
Rico: Oh Great.

Nicky: Get outta here Kamalani!

Milo: Nicky, we're not friends, we're family.

Nicky: Come to Mama, you hot, tasty muffins!