Chip and Dale are back with Zipper, Gadget and Monterrey Jack to save endangered animals, fight crime and protect the circle of life.

episode examples

stop lion down on the job

the chipmunk who cried wolf

the big eagle has crash-landed

journey to the planet of the dinosaurs

whale of a rescue

the shark, the shark

birds of a feather, mock together

dodo a go-go

a bullfrog in a china shop

never tease a crocodile

leave it to beavers

catch you later, Al the gator

she sees sea turtles by the seashore

fly away Nome

Bonnie good spider, man

the plot chickens

tale of the beefy turkey

blunder down under

stop dragon your luggage

owl's well that ends swell

kids TV show in crisis-featuring bubbly the dinosaur

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