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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: The Brave Little Toaster Trilogy is the three-movie box crossover between Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and The Brave Little Toaster Trilogy.

The Brave Little Toaster

The Rescue Rangers meet a toaster named "Toaster", an electric blanket named "Blanky", a goose neck lamp named "Lampy", an antique radio named "Radio", and a vacuum cleaner named "Kirby", who awaken in a cottage in the woods, carrying out their daily routine of work and play. They hear a car outside and excitedly think it might be their Master who's coming back. When Blanky looks out the attic window he at first really does believe the Master is coming and has a daydream; but then he realizes that the car passed by, and is obviously not the Master's. Disappointed and weepy, he goes to get a picture of the Master and begins to cry, much to Kirby's annoyance. Kirby tries to grab it from him, causing ruckus among the gang, and eventually causing the picture frame and glass to break. The picture itself is still intact. The Rangers and the gang soon comes face-to-face with an air conditioner, who acts sarcastic and cynical, and informs them that the Master is not returning, despite their delusions that he is.

But when Toaster suspects that the Air Conditioner is acting in this manner because the Master never played with him like he did with themselves, he responds by ranting terribly and overheating, destroying himself in the process. Soon, the gang hears another car approaching, but when they look out the living room window together, they discover that it is only a realtor putting up a "For Sale" sign. Now they know that the Master is gone for good. After an intervention of hopeless depression among the gang, Toaster aggressively decides that they should go to the city and find the Master. The others are initially hesitant, but then agree that together, they can succeed. After coming up with some strange methods of transportation, Toaster uses an office chair for Kirby to pull, and a car battery named the Junko to provide power for himself and the others as they travel.

That night, after journeying a while across the countryside, the gang camps in a clearing of thick brush, not before arguing amongst one another first. Blanky tries to snuggle up with someone but no one will let him do so, so he eventually goes to sleep by his lonesome self. The next day, the gang comes to a flowery meadow and a lake where they meet a bunch of animals, some of which are fascinated by their reflections in Toaster's chrome. They then put on a show when trying to capture a meager worm. Afterward, Toaster becomes so overwhelmed by the animals ogling themselves in him that he runs off into a field of tall flowers.

He loses them but soon encounters a lone yellow flower. It mistakes its reflection in Toaster as another one of its own kind, and despite his explanation that it is only a reflection, it hugs him. Alarmed and confused, he runs away from it, only later to discover it shedding a petal in sadness. Ruefully, Toaster walks away. Meanwhile, the animals are frolicking around the other appliances, and Toaster returns. A group of mice, at first seeming to befriend Blanky, try to pull him down into a hole, and try to eat his picture of the Master. Toaster yanks him out of the hole and retrieves the picture. Shortly afterwards the gang says goodbye to the animals and continues their journey, soon traveling into a dark forest.

When they seek to find shelter, Blanky warmly provides a tent for them. Later in the night, Toaster thanks him for letting them all camp underneath him, and he snuggles with him too. This leads Lampy to have a talk with Toaster about what warm feelings are. He is reminded of the time his bulb burned out and the Master replaced it, leaving him with a "glowing" feeling. When he and Toaster finally go to sleep, the latter dreams of his memories spent with the Master, only for them to be immediately destroyed when an evil clown attacks him with knives and water.

Toaster then falls into a bathtub of water, one of his worst fears. Just as he is electrocuted, he wakes up in fear at the front of Chip. When Chip asks Toaster if he is all right, an arrival of a dangerous violent thunderstorm wakes up the others due to Monterey Jack's weather-predicting tail. Blanky gets blown away by the wind up into the trees, and the gang can't see him in the darkness. Lampy tries shining his light, but his bulb goes out. He tries to reenergize himself with the Junko, but it has gone dead, leaving the gang without a power source. To recharge it, Lampy acts as a lightning rod and allows a bolt of lightning to strike him, thus recharging it. But he ends up getting seriously damaged, and his bulb breaks (much to the horror of the Rangers, Toaster, Radio, and Kirby).

The next day, the gang continues to search for Blanky. They find him up in a tall tree nearby. Kirby devises a plan and rescues him, but not without explaining that he only did it so everyone could keep moving. As they continue their journey, they come across a waterfall in their path. Kirby loses his nerve at the sight of it, but the others calm him down using "carpet-sweeping therapy". He refuses to admit he needed help, however, and instead of offering his thanks he offers insults. When the gang tries to cross the waterfall's gorge by having Kirby swing the others and the office chair on his cord, Toaster fails to hold up its far end after experiencing vertigo, and he lets everyone fall.

They all fall off the cord, and Kirby looks down in shock. All alone, he eventually musters up the courage to jump in after them. One by one, he saves them all. When he brings them ashore, Toaster walks away sadly because he thinks it's his fault for getting them lost. He stares at his reflection in a pond and splashes it away. He comes back to help pull Kirby along after losing the office chair and the Junko. But as they struggle, Kirby bumps into a root, falls into a mud hole, and starts to sink. He goes under, as do Toaster, Blanky, and Lampy. Just before Radio is about to do so, he plays a song as an S.O.S. signal to call for help. A man named Elmo St. Peters hears it, pulls the gang out, and throws them in the back of his big, red Monster Truck. He drives them out of the swamp and takes them to his Parts Shop, where they glimpse the gutted parts of all kinds of appliances before being dropped off in the back room.

Once there, they meet a hanging lamp who gives Lampy a new light bulb to replace his burned out one, after he pretends to agree to Radio and tell him that Elmo is quite an amusing fellow and he tells Lampy to use his light bulb in good health, (while he still can). Later, the gang watches in horror as Elmo takes a blender apart and sells its motor to a man named Zeke. When the Hanging Lamp pretends to tell the gang that they never quite know what Elmo is going to do (and that he is so spontaneous), they desperately want to know how to escape, but until they are able to do so, they remain in the shop forever. Just as the worn-out appliances are about to haunt Toaster, a ding from a bell from Zeke returning makes them go back to their places, leaving the gang behind. Elmo comes back and tries to take Radio apart to sell his tubes to Zeke, after he requested for them. Using one of Lampy's sudden ideas, the gang manages to scare Elmo and knock him out cold. As they get Radio back, a blowhorn calls out a jailbreak as another refrigerator breaks down the door, tosses aside Elmo's dog, Quadruped, and escapes the shop with the other worn-out appliances. Quadruped quickly climbs up Elmo's Monster Truck and drives away, as the worn-out appliances gleefully return to their masters' home. Eventually, Elmo wakes up and finds his shop a mess, as Zeke peeks into the back room, telling him that he was just wondering if he got the radio tubes. Now the gang is riding their way to the city in a baby carriage they obtained in the shop. They see a skyline of twinkling lights at night, and ride toward it.

Meanwhile, Rob McGroarty, the Master, is living in an apartment in the city with his mother, and is packing his things to go away to college. His girlfriend, Chris, comes by to take him to his old summer cottage and pick up the gang so he can use them in his dorm. Shortly afterwards, they arrive at the apartment, but after entering, they find that the Master is not there. So, they decide to wait for him. They also meet up with their old friend, a black and white television named "T.V.", who left the cottage long ago, possibly along with Plugsy, a purple ginger jar lamp. He and the Cutting-Edge Appliances who let them inside are jealous of the Master's choosing the gang over them. After trying to tell them what "(on the) Cutting Edge of Technology" means by singing their song, they toss them into a dumpster outside, hoping the Master will take them to his dorm instead.

At the cottage, the Master is unable to find the gang anywhere and begins to think that they have been stolen. However, he manages to repair Air Conditioner, who returns to life happily. As he does thus, tears of shame and joy fall from his eyes. He and Chris sadly return to the apartment; meanwhile, the gang is being carted away in a garbage truck and the Rangers follow. At Ernie's Disposal, a junkyard, they are dumped off, and watch in horror as a giant magnet picks up old cars and drops them on a conveyor belt headed for a compactor that crushes them to pieces. At the apartment, the Master sees a commercial for Ernie's Disposal, advertised as "Ernie's Amazing Emporium of Total Bargain Madness", on T.V., and has Chris drive him over there.

Once there, the Master finds the picture of himself that Blanky had dropped. The gang then sees him as they are hanging from the Magnet, and they are determined to escape from it, annoying it. After a few times of running from it and just missing the Master, who eventually finds Radio, Kirby, Blanky, and Lampy. But just as he is picking them up, the Magnet picks them all up and drops them onto the conveyor belt. He screams for Chris, who can hear him but not see him. But Toaster can. Just as the compactor is about to crush the Master despite Monty's attempt to stop it, Toaster jumps into its gears and manages to disable them, causing the compactor to jam. Later, Chris tells Rob he scared her to death, and she carries away some junkyard parts. Fat Cat appears, reveals that he was using Cutting-Edge Appliances to remove Toaster and the gang and challenges the Rescue Rangers. The Rangers beat Fat Cat, making him flee.

Back at the apartment, Rob fixes Toaster, despite Chris' suggestion that to simply replace it. He puts the gang in Chris' car, and they head off to college. The gang is happy that with the help of the Rescue Rangers, they have completed their mission and found the Master, and they can't wait to have more adventures at his dorm.

The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

Rob McGoarty, the owner of the appliances who is referred to as "The Master", is in his last days of college and is working at a veterinary clinic. The Rescue Rangers had their secret headquarters, a cigar store cash register, through a cigar store Indian near college. One night, while finishing a thesis, his computer crashes due to a computer virus. The Rangers and the appliances, along with a rat named Ratso, seek to help Rob by finding and reversing the effects of his computer virus, thereby recovering the master's thesis. Meanwhile, Mack, Rob's lab assistant, plots to sell the injured animals Rob had been tending to as part of his courses to a Santa Clarita laboratory, "Tartarus Laboratories" just like he did to the original animals. The Rangers and the appliances discover an abandoned old prototype TLW-728 radio named "Wittgenstein", all alone and run-down in the basement. Due to being infected by a computer virus, the supercomputer reveals that he is living on one rare vacuum tube, the WFC-11-12-55. The Rangers and the appliances learn that, unless they find a replacement quickly, Wittgenstein's tube will blow and lead to his death.

In an attempt to revive Wittgenstein to his superior state, Chip, Radio and Ratso go to the college's storage building to find the WFC-11-12-55 tube. However, when they come back with the tube, Radio and Ratso accidentally break the tube after an argument, and it seems that all hope is lost. Luckily, Chip found another WFC-11-12-55 tube when Radio and Ratso refuse to forgive each other. Wittgenstein does his best with all his might against Chip's protests, but the virus causes him to blow his remaining tube, and he dies. Guilt-ridden over condemning their animal friends to their doom at Tartarus Laboratories like the original animals, Radio gives up his own tube for Gadget's invention, sacrificing himself. Toaster and Chip replace Wittgenstein's blown up tube with a new tube he found, and with its boosted power, Wittgenstein wakes up, regenerating all of his other tubes and destroying all the viruses within him. The Rangers, the appliances and Wittgenstein alert Rob, his girlfriend Chris, and the guard dogs to Mack's scheme. The appliances create a makeshift vehicle, the Rangers use the Gyrotank and pursue Mack's truck with Rob and Chris following them. They manage to lure the police in front of the truck and have him arrested. After discovering the appliances in the truck, Rob and Chris assume that Mack had also planned to sell Rob's stuff, but Rob wonders where Radio is. Later, they discover Wittgenstein and Radio in the basement. Chris later replaces Radio's tube with a new one she found in Nome, reviving him. Wittgenstein restores Rob's thesis and is later sold to a museum to be upgraded with modern technology. In the end, all the animals are adopted by new owners except Ratso, who Rob and Chris decide to keep as their pet. Rob proposes to Chris and she accepts. They leave college with the appliances and Ratso, hoping to start a new and happy life.

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

Rob and his girlfriend, Chris have married and now have a baby son named Robbie who plays with Toaster, Blanky, Lampy, Radio, and Kirby just like his father did when he was little (I See a New You). The appliances make it their prime directive to make sure nothing happens to Robbie to which they refer to as the Little Master. That night the Hearing Aid, who was left in the junk drawer by his former owner (Albert Einstein), sneaks out and goes to the window and gets in contact with someone from space telling them that tomorrow night he'll be ready. Toaster who has secretly followed Hearing Aid listens from behind the door and tells the others about it the next day and decide to keep an eye on him but as night falls they fall asleep on the job. Hearing Aid escapes from the drawer and to the attic once more. Robbie, awakened by the sound of the transmission, climbs out of his crib and follows Hearing Aid. The appliances awaken, find Robbie going up the stairs and pursue him, leading them to enter the attic just as a beam of light appears. The shocked appliances pursue Hearing Aid, but in spite of this, Robbie is beamed into space.

With Calculator’s help, the Rangers and the appliances learn from Hearing Aid’s memory that Robbie has been transported to the planet Mars. According to Hearing Aid the transportation was actually meant for him and not the Little master, but his contact is unable to repeat the process so now both he and the Little Master are stuck where they are at. With no other choice, Toaster decides they are going to go to Mars themselves and rescue the Little Master. The gang contact their old college buddy, Wittgenstein through the computer and he gives them a list of stuff they are going to need to get into outer space such as an overhead fan (named "Fanny") to fly, a laundry basket to travel in, and a microwave oven with microwave popcorn (with cheddar cheese flavoring) as a power source. Calculator is also provided with the required data to be their navigator. The Rangers build a rocket. After getting all the stuff they need, the Rangers and the appliances head off to Mars and on the way they're encountered by singing balloons (Floating) who have been let go by human hands and now float endlessly through the cosmos.

Once they get to Mars, the Rangers find that the planet had a breathable atmosphere. The appliances reach Mars and, upon a rough landing due to Blanky foolishly turning off the microwave, encounter multiple satellites sent from Earth, including Viking I the Satellite and Tinselina a Christmas angel who was sent to Mars with the former. They also find Robbie, now encased in a bubble to enable him to survive out in space. However, soon after their arrival, the Rangers, the appliances and Tinselina are taken hostage by an army of military toasters who escort them to their 'Supreme Commander', a colossal refrigerator, the leader of the Wonderluxe appliances who have taken Robbie and Professor Norton Nimnul as their special prisoners and plan to destroy Earth for their mistreatment. As revealed by Tinselina, the appliances Mars were built on Earth by a corrupted Alpine manufacturer named "Wonderluxe" and designed to fail from the get-go under a scheme of planned obsolescence. Angered with their design flaws, the Wonderluxe appliances escaped, built a missile rocket set to leave the Earth, and landed on Mars. Furthermore, the Wonderluxe appliances, harboring hatred for humans, have since built a weapon of mass destruction that can't be detected by Earth's planetary defense system with the intention of destroying Earth in retaliation. The Rangers, Toaster and his friends try to get the Supreme Commander to understand that not all humans are bad, but he just scoffs at their sentimentality. Intent on averting the Earth's destruction, and with an upcoming election, Toaster decides to challenge the Supreme Commander for his seat, appointing Hearing Aid as his running mate. As Toaster and the Supreme Commander engage in a heated debate (Humans), Robbie is able to push a hand out of his bubble and touch the Supreme Commander, who is briefly overcome with warmth and begins to rethink things.

Because the Supreme Commander only got one vote, the election ends with Toaster the victor. They then meet with the defeated Supreme Commander, who allows the appliances to discover what is behind his doors. As they venture into the icy interior of the Supreme Commander, they find the true form of the Supreme Commander, who Hearing Aid recognizes as his long lost brother, who he has not seen in sixty years. It was he who was contacting Hearing Aid on Earth. Hearing Aid's brother then reveals that he also originally belonged to Albert Einstein, who left him in the wake of World War II, during which he fell into the hands of a Nazi leader, whose ideals influenced him, leading him to become disillusioned with mankind. When he got mixed in with the Wonderluxe appliances, he assumed an alternate identity to rule through fear. Only after experiencing "the touch of the small boy's hand," combined with Toaster's convicted campaign, did he realize that not all humans are bad so he decided not to destroy Earth after all and voted for Toaster. That confuses everyone as to who voted for the Supreme Commander. Toaster reveals, to everyone’s shock, that it was him as he didn’t feel right voting for himself. With that conflict resolved, Tinselina observes, "All's Well That Ends Well."

The next day, the appliances along with Hearing Aid's brother and Tinselina ready to depart to leave and go back home to Earth while the Wonderluxe appliances stay behind to wait for the next generation of humans to arrive in the future. But as they are about to fly off Hearing Aid's brother remembers that he forgot to deactivate The Missile and he and Toaster rush back to the Rocket and stop it just before it is about to destroy Earth. Although they managed to stop the Rocket, its emergency systems kicks in, activating another Missile as Plan B. Nimnul reveals that defeating the Supreme Commander was a part of his plan so he could deactivate the Rocket so a giant asteroid that he discovered is going to crash into the Rangers' hometown. While the Rangers fight Nimnul, Hearing Aid's brother and Toaster rush back to the Rocket and reset it to destroy the asteroid. Toaster at first is happy because they managed to stop the asteroid, but is also sad because he thinks that he and Hearing Aid's brother are getting left on Mars but the gang manages to come back and rescues them and head for home (Home Again). Unfortunately, they were forced to use Tinselina’s hair and accessories as a secondary power source. As soon as they get home Robbie walks into his room to his parents who think that he learned it in the night. Tinselina, now stripped of her beauty and deemed 'worthless' by herself, throws herself into a trash can.

Soon it’s Christmas and Robbie says his first word (to them, anyway) which is "Toaster!" And he brings in Toaster, Radio, Blanky, Lampy, and Kirby to which Chris turns to Rob and says, "Like father, like son." While Chris and Rob leave the room for a little while the gang comes alive and celebrates Christmas with Robbie and look up at Tinselina, who was previously rediscovered and restored by Rob and Chris and put up on the top of the tree with new hair and accessories. Meanwhile, the Rangers celebrate Christmas while Ratso and the other appliances all celebrate Christmas in their own ways.


Rescue Rangers

  • Chip, Gadget Hackwrench - Tress MacNeille
  • Dale, Zipper - Corey Burton
  • Monterey Jack - Jim Cummings


  • Fat Cat - Jim Cummings, the true main antagonist of the first film.
  • Professor Norton Nimnul - Jim Cummings, the true main antagonist of the third film.

Main Cast

  • Deanna Oliver as Toaster, a gallant toaster and inspiring leader of the five appliances.
  • Timothy E. Day and Eric Lloyd as Blanky, an electric blanket with an innocent, childlike demeanor.
  • Timothy Stack as Lampy, an easily-impressed yet slightly irascible goose neck desktop lamp, and Zeke, a customer wanting Radio's tubes from the appliance shop.
  • Jon Lovitz and Roger Kabler as Radio, a vacuum tube-based dial-meter alarm antique radio whose picked up personality parodies from loudly pretentious radio singers and announcers, including the unseen radio announcer named Walter Winchell (voiced by Jerry Rees).
  • Thurl Ravenscroft as Kirby, a very low-pitched, individualistic upright Kirby vacuum cleaner who dons a cynical, cantankerous attitude towards the other appliances.
  • Wayne Kaatz (Timothy E. Day, young) and Chris Young as Rob
  • Colette Savage and Jessica Tuck as Chris
  • Andy Milder as Ratso
  • Brian Doyle-Murray as Wittgenstein

First Film

  • Phil Hartman as the sarcastic, Jack Nicholson-inspired Air Conditioner
  • Joe Ranft as Elmo St. Peters, one of the major antagonists of the film.
  • Jim Jackman as Plugsy, a ginger jar lamp who possibly once lived in the cottage with Toaster, Radio, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, the Air Conditioner, and T.V., but now he is ally to Mr. Tandy (voiced by Randy Bennett), a Tandy-styled computer who is the leader of the Cutting-Edge Appliances, who reside in Rob's apartment. While they were benevolent in the original novel, in the film, they are sometimes mischievous to the gang.
  • Jonathan Benair as T.V., a black and white television who once lived in the cottage with Toaster, Radio, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, the Air Conditioner, and possibly Plugsy, but now he's moved to Rob's apartment and he is an old friend of the five appliances.

Second Film

  • Alfre Woodard as Maisie
  • Jonathan Benair as Jim Bob
  • Eddie Bracken as Sebastian
  • Andy Daly as Murgatroid
  • Eddie Deezen as Charlie
  • Paddi Edwards as Lab Computer
  • Victoria Jackson as Mouse
  • Marc Allen Lewis as Security Guard
  • Ross Mapletoft as Modem
  • Kevin Meaney as Computer
  • Jay Mohr as Mack
  • Danny Nucci as Alberto

Third Film

  • Russi Taylor as Robbie
  • Carol Channing as Fanny
  • Farrah Fawcett as Faucet
  • DeForest Kelley as Viking 1
  • Alan King as Supreme Commander
    • Jim Cummings provided the singing voice of Supreme Commander
  • Kath Soucie as Tinselina
  • Wayne Knight as Microwave
  • Fyvush Finkel as Hearing Aid
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Calculator
  • Redmond O'Neal as Squirt


  • Rescue Rangers

First Film

  • April Showers
  • Tutti Frutti
  • City of Light
  • My Mammy
  • It's a 'B' Movie
  • Cutting Edge
  • Worthless

Second Film

  • I'm Into Something Good
  • Remember That Day
  • Cocktails for Two
  • Super Highway
  • Chomp and Munch
  • Hang In There, Kid

Third Film

  • Bread and Butter
  • I See A New You
  • Floating
  • Humans
  • Home Again




Concept Art & Storyboard Gallery

The Brave Little Toaster

  • Dale listens to the radio.
  • Chip and Dale see Lampy and Radio.
  • The Rangers meet Toaster and his friends.
  • The Rangers and the gang comes face-to-face with Air Conditioner.
  • Zipper turns off the fuse to prevent Air Conditioner from blowing the fuse.
  • The Rangers and the appliances start their journey to find the Master.
  • The gang camps in a clearing of thick brush.
  • Radio plays Cocktails for Two.
  • Kirby yells at Radio to stop music.
  • The Rescue Rangers meet Pinky and Brain at Acme Labs.
  • The gang uses an elevator in the apartment.
  • The Rangers encounter with the Cutting-Edge Appliances.
  • The Rangers follow a garbage truck to Ernie's Disposal.
  • Chip and Dale try to pull a compactor's giant switch.
  • The Rangers facing Fat Cat.

The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

  • Chip, Dale and Monty hitch a ride on Rob and Chris's car.
  • Chip, Dale and Monty use a pneumatic tube to their HQ.
  • Gadget working her invention.
  • Zipper watches Mack planning to sell the animals.
  • Pinky and the Brain try to siege the Ranger HQ.
  • Chip has to hold Dale when Mack locks the animals in the cages.
  • Chip had another WFC-11-12-55 tube much to Radio and Ratso's surprise.
  • Ratso refuses to forgive Radio, hurting his feelings.
  • Gadget takes Radio's tube.

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

  • Chip watches TV about the appliances on Mars.
  • The Rangers upgrading and refitting the Garbage Can Spacecraft renaming it the Ranger Mars Spacecraft.
  • Pinky and the Brain plan to have the aliens on Mars help them take over Earth.
  • The Rangers and the appliances prepare to lift off.
  • The Ranger Mars Spacecraft lands on Mars.
  • Gadget uses the mini-computer Sailor Mercury used in the original Sailor Moon anime.
  • The Rangers use a Mars rover to find Robbie.
  • The Rangers and the appliances see Chia Earth created by Brain.