Chibi Maruko-chan is an upcoming 2D/CGI-animated slice-of-life comedy reboot to the original series that was made by Nippon Animation and will be released in 2020 on Fuji TV before hitting other broadcasters worldwide.


The show follows the adventures of Maruko, now 10 years old and is now in fourth grade, and her friends and family. This reboot has lots of big changes, the backgrounds are changed, the characters get new voices and new looks, Maruko and Sakiko are now close together (but still fight sometimes), Maruko now mostly gets good marks instead of bad marks, and has new opening and ending themes.


  • Momoko "Maruko" Sakura (Voiced by ?)
  • Hiroshi Sakura (Voiced by ?)
  • Sumire Sakura (Voiced by ?)
  • Sakiko Sakura (Voiced by ?)
  • Tomozou Sakura (Voiced by ?)
  • Kotake Sakura (Voiced by ?)


  1. A New Generation!/A New School Year Starts!
  2. Where's Tama-chan?/My Family Goes to a Hotel!
  3. It's Sakiko and Her Friends!/Swimming Mania!
  4. Maruko Just Wants to Be Famous!/You Can't Handle the Tooth, Maruko!
  5. My Room is Leaking!/Sakiko Goes to the Dance!
  6. Lights, Camera, Maruko!/Sakiko's First Fail!
  7. Maruko Has a Long-Lost Another Little Sister?!
  8. Coming Soon!
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