Charlie Matto-Smith(AYA Character)
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Feature films
Television programs A Young Alliance
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Portrayed by Charlidon Matto-Smith
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Performance model
Inspiration Dimitri Mostovói / Radko Dragić (Oslo) (Money Heist)
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Character information
Full name Charlidon Matto-Smith
Other names Charlie
Personality Sporty, Smart, Tough, Energetic, Bilingual, Strong, Slightly Lazy, Helpful
Appearance Dark Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, Eurasian looks
Birthday 20 March 2006
Occupation Student
Alignment Good
The Young Alliance Organisation
Home Bangkok, Thailand
Allies Zoe Tria

Aidan Harney

Raphael Lau

Thaiyo Kido

Yuto Yoshida

Tanya Leong

Ankit Mishera

Jamie Frankland

Shion Tekase

Likes Sports, Basketball, NBA, Fighting, Mysteries, Fortnite
Dislikes Science
Powers and abilities Playing Basketball





Charlidon 'Charlie' Matto-Smith is the main protagonist of A Young Alliance. He is Australasian(Australian father Thai mother). He, along with Zoe, Aidan, Thaiyo, Raphael, Yuto, Sheryl, Ankit, Jamie, Tanya and Shion are the founders of The Young Alliance Organisation consisting of foreign, half foreign and Thai-Chinese students from school.


He has short dark brown hair with right-sided bangs, brown eyes and tan skin. When he is in school, he brings a black school bag. When he is outside school, he wears a variety of clothing. At home, he wears a white shirt and black shorts. When he goes outside, he wears his casual clothing. They consist of a grey short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans and white Adidas shoes. During the rainy season, he wears a dark grey jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans and black and white high-cut converse shoes. In cooler months, he wears a blue denim jacket over a grey hoodie, black jeans and white high-cut converse shoes. In special events, he wears a rolled sleeved grey dress shirt, black jeans and white Adidas shoes. In some events, he wears a white grey hoodie over a white shirt, blue jeans and black and white Adiddas shoes. In Singapore, he wears a dark blue rolled sleeved denim jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans and white Adidas shoes. When he goes to school, his school uniform consists of a white short-sleeved shirt, blue shorts with a brown belt with a gold buckle, white socks and black low-cut sneakers. His scout uniform consists of a tan short-sleeved dress shirt with pockets, tan shorts, dark red and black beret with a gold scout symbol on it, his name on the right pocket, a purple global scout symbol on his left pocket along with a blue and gold boy scout symbol and 2 red stars indicating he's in Grade 8, a brown belt with a gold buckle, tan socks and brown low-cut sneakers. He has 2 PE outfits, one consists of a red and white polo shirt, black and red jogging pants, white socks and white low-cut shoes and the other is the same but he has a sea green polo shirt indicating he is in the green team like his classmates. He stands on average 14-year-old height.


Charlie is kind and nice. But he is also sporty and tough. He is also smart but is completely bad at science. He is also strong and sneaky which is shown when he sneaks up to the boys, Zoe and Sheryl in EmQuartier. He is also a bit lazy and there are times he doesn't want to study. He is also helpful towards his friends. He is also bilingual which means he can speak Thai and English.


His first name, Charlie is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Charlie is "free man".


He is good at sports. Especially at basketball. With the help of the crystal, he can fly in the sky, fly really fast and have agility.


  • Charlie first made his debut in Season 1 Episode 3 though he is shown to be sneaking up to the original members in the previous episode
  • Charlie is smart but is bad at science
  • Charlie is of Australian and Thai descent
  • He is a buddhist
  • He is 14-years-old
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