Charizard the Dragon (2015) is a reboot of the Charizard the Dragon series.


After the events of the final episode of Charizard the Dragon EX: Extreme/WindFlash Ultra Heroes, Charizard is defeated by the evil Dr. Von Tyranitar in his powerful state, but Charizard must send a message to his teenage self in order to erase the timeline and start a new one.


Last Story - Charizard finds Darkrai, but Mewtwo stopped, Charizard try to speak with Darkrai, but Mewtwo order him to speak only with him. Darkrai appears for an offer, and Charizard offers the souls of his friends, but Darkrai refuses, however when Charizard offers his soul, Darkrai summons Charla, Liza, Lucario, Blaziken, Rattata, Infernape, Typhlosion and their enemy, Charlo and declares that their souls are already Darkrai's.


•Charizard (Main Protagonist)





•Mewtwo (older)

•Mewtwo (younger)



•Metal Charizard (Charizard's evil robotic doppleganger)

•Charina (Charla's evil doppleganger) (one of the agents of Dr. Von Tyranitar)

•Dr. Von Tyranitar (Main Antagonist)

•Larvitar (Secondary Antagonist) (Dr. Von Tyranitar's old lackey)

•Pupitar (Third Antagonist) (one of Tyranitar's old lackeys)

•Charlo (Charla's brother) (Fourth Antagonist) (one of Dr. Von Tyranitar's agents)




Voice Cast

•Roger Craig Smith - Charizard

•Colleen O'Shaughnessy - Charmander

•Travis Willingham - Blastoise

•Brian Beacock - Rattata

•Karen Strassman - Charla, Charina

•Kirk Thornton - Mewtwo, Pupitar

•Laura Bailey - Liza

•Quinton Flynn - Lucario

•Mike Pollock - Dr. Von Tyranitar

•Johnny Yong Bosch - Typhlosion

•Mona Marshall - Larvitar

•Bryce Papenbrook - Charlo

•Michael Yurchack - Blaziken

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