Chaos in Paris is an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, airing on Cartoon Network on May 19th, 1999.


The Powerpuff Girls are enjoying their holidays in Paris as they finally met Blossom's pen pal: a preteen girl named Aimee. However, a rather creepy figure known as the Phantom is convinced that Aimee is his lover and decides to make her his own bride. However, Aimee is exposed to Chemical Y, acquiring most of the girls' powers and aids them to stop him.

Voice cast


The theme song plays as the titlecard shows up. It starts with the skyline of Paris.

  • Narrator: The City of Townsvi... Hold on a minute, this ain't Townsville. This is Paris, France. Why does our story start here?

We then see a plane arriving to the airport.

  • Narrator: Oh, I see it now. Our girls are in vacation. This will be fun.

Bubbles is reading a book while Bubbles is listening to music and Buttercup is playing in her Action Console as Utonium is also reading.

  • Utonium: Girls...
  • Blossom: Oui, professeur?
  • Buttercup: What the heck are you talking?
  • Blossom: It's French, dummy.


  • This episode lasts for 22 minutes rather than the traditional 11 minutes.
  • This episode reveals Blossom is able to speak French.
  • According to the show's writers, Aimee is 10.
  • Aimee quickly became a fan favorite within the PPG fandom thanks to her beauty and abilities and, along with Robin Snyder, is often considered their favorite friend to the trio.
  • Aimee later gained a spin-off comic.
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