Cats Don't Dance is a 1997 platform video game developed by Traveller's Tales, published by THQ, and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game is based on the movie of the same name.


The plot follows the storyline of the film


The game is a platform game in which the player controls various characters from the film.

Playable Characters

  • Danny
  • Sawyer
  • Tillie Hippo
  • Wooley the Mammoth
  • Pudge


  1. Hollywood
  2. Farley Wink's Office
  3. Movie Stage
  4. Hollywood Alley
  5. Darla Dimple's Castle
  6. Lil' Ark Angel Boat
  7. Max (Boss Battle Level)
  8. Movie Theater
  9. Darla Dimple (Final Boss)

Consoles w/Release Dates

  • PlayStation: October 20, 1997 (NA) January 24, 1998 (EU)
  • Nintendo 64: October 30, 1997 (NA) January 24, 1998 (EU)
  • Game Boy: October 30, 1997 (NA) January 24, 1998 (EU)
  • Microsoft Windows: January 24, 1998 (NA)


Cats Don't Dance received mixed reviews. It received a score of 60.8% on GameRankings and 55/100 on Metacritic.


The game came out 7 months after the movie was released.

The Game Boy version was developed by Probe Software Ltd.

The game was co-published by Turner Interactive.

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