Cats & Dogs: The Series (often called Cats & Dogs: The Animated Series) is an American animated series produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Kids WB. It aired from April 16, 2006, to TBA 2008, with 2 seasons and 52 episodes.

Just like the movie Cats & Dogs, all the characters have their same roles.


Main Characters

  • (TBA) as Lou
  • (TBA) as TBA


  • (TBA) as TBA



  • (TBA) as Mr. Twinkles

New Villains

  • Loki - A fox who hates dogs ever since TBA
  • Fangs - A Chausie Cat who wants to rule the farmlands so He can have all the meat He can eat.
  • Tiny - A Singapura Cat who wants to make it so all cats are small as She is.
  • Nero - A Turkish-Van Cat in search of a cure for all cats to be immune to water.


List of Cats and Dogs: The Series episodes

Broadcast History

  • United States - April 15, 2006, to TBA 2008.
  • Canada and The UK & Ireland - May 20, 2006, to TBA
  • Australia & New Zealand - July 8, 2006, to TBA
  • Internationally - TBA


  • Every episode of Cats and Dogs: The Series is 23 minutes (30 minutes).
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