List of Movies To Do

  1. All Movie, Cartoon, and Disney Medleys Full
  2. Disney Animal All-Stars to the Rescue
  3. Wartcchio (Pinocchio)
  4. Princess Peach and the Seven Animateds
  5. The 7A
  6. The Reluctant Dragon (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  7. Lumpy a.k.a Dumbo
  8. Lumpy a.k.a Dumbo (2019)
  9. The Many Adventures of Baloo the Bear
  10. Ash Pan
  11. Ash Pan in Return to Neverland
  12. Leonidas (Hook)
  13. Fox Ash Pan and the Villains
  14. Thumbelina (Tinker Bell)
  15. Thumbelina and the Lost Treasure
  16. Thumbelina And The Great Fairy Rescue
  17. Thumbelina And The Pixie Hallow Games
  18. Thumbelina And The Secrets of The Wings
  19. Thumbelina And The Pirate Fairy
  20. Thumbelina and the Legend of the NeverBeast
  21. Piglet and the Neverland Pirates
  22. Piglet and the Never Land Pirates: Ash Pan Returns
  23. Fun and Fancy Free (Featuring Flik and Peter Griffin and the Beanstalk) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  24. Little Einsteins (Julian Bernardino Style)
  25. The Panther and the Goat
  26. The Panther and the Goat 2
  27. The Hunchback of Fantasyland
  28. The Hunchback of Fantasyland 2
  29. Paul and Michael (a.k.a Phineas and Ferb)
  30. Jasmine In Fantasyland
  31. Jasmine and the Aladdin (Julian Bernardino Style)
  32. Jasmine and the Aladdin 2: Mowgli's Adventure (Julian Bernardino Style)
  33. The Birthday Book
  34. The Birthday Book 2
  35. The Birthday Book: Christopher Robin's Story
  36. Birthday Cubs
  37. The Birthday Book 2016 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  38. Sarah (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  39. Mattladdin
  40. Mattladdin 2: The Return of Hades
  41. Mattladdin 3: The King of Thieves
  42. Mattladdin (TV Series)
  43. The Hero's New Groove (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  44. The Hero's New Groove 2: Joshua Jones's New Groove (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  45. The Hero's New School (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  46. Gary Izso (Popeye) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  47. Lindsayrella
  48. Lindsayrella 2: Dreams Come True
  49. Lindsayrella 3: A Twist In Time
  50. Merry Melodies (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  51. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Julian Bernardino Style)
  52. Wallace (aka Hercules)
  53. Wallace (aka Hercules) (TV Series)
  54. Scooby Doo (Mickey Mouse) (2013 TV Series)
  55. AnimatedTales (DuckTales)
  56. AnimatedTales the Movie Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  57. Tinker Bellina
  58. Postman Tom Tipper (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  59. Postman Tom Tipper: The Movie (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  60. Beauty and the Diesel 10 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  61. Beauty and the Diesel 10 2: Enchanted Christmas (Julian Bernardino Style)
  62. Beauty and the Diesel 10 3: Alice's Magic World (Julian Bernardino Style)
  63. Sing Me A Story With Alice
  64. The Galaxy Express 999 (1978) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  65. The Galaxy Express 999 (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  66. The Alvin King
  67. The Alvin King 2: Alvin's Pride
  68. The Alvin King 1 1/2
  69. Dewey and Manny (TV Series)
  70. Tickety Toc (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  71. Simba's Alligator
  72. Simba's Alligator (2016)
  73. The Black Cauldron (Julian Bernardino Style)
  74. Recess (Julian14bernardino Style)
  75. Recess School Out (Julian Bernardino Style)
  76. Harold the Little Helicopter
  77. Kingdom Story
  78. Kingdom Story 2
  79. Kingdom Story 3
  80. Kingdom Story 4
  81. Kingdom Story Treats
  82. Kingdom Story of Terror!
  83. Kingdom Story That Time Forgot
  84. Jimmy Button
  85. The Little Dawn
  86. The Little Dawn 2: Return to the Sea
  87. The Little Dawn 3: Dawn's Beginning
  88. The Little Dawn (TV Series)
  89. Chuggington (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  90. Hugo Hood
  91. Alicia Botti's Bedtime Stories (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  92. Fantasia (Julian Bernardino Style)
  93. Fantasia 2000 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  94. Pingu Klump (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  95. The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  96. Sabohontas
  97. Sabohontas 2: Journey to a New World
  98. Mickey Mouse, Where Are You! (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  99. The 13 Ghosts of Mickey Mouse (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  100. Eeyoreambi
  101. Eeyoreambi 2
  102. The Heroes (The Raccoons) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  103. Dumbo and Company
  104. The Magic Roundabout (1970) (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  105. Donald Duck and the Mysterious Animal (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  106. Donald Duck (Doogal) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  107. The Magic Roundabout (2006) (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  108. The Sword in the Stone (Julian14bernardino Style)
  109. Fiery Flynn (Speed Buggy) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  110. George of the Jungle a.k.a Tarzan
  111. George of the Jungle a.k.a Tarzan 2
  112. George of the Jungle a.k.a Tarzan (TV Series)
  113. Dinosaur Train (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  114. Who Framed Winnie the Pooh?
  115. Planes (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  116. Planes 2 (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  117. Planes 3 (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  118. The Real Ghostbusters (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  119. Extreme Ghostbusters (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  120. The Great Pokémon Trainer Detective
  121. Saludos Amigos (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  122. An Einstein Tail
  123. An Einstein Tail: Quincy Goes West
  124. Quincy's Einstein Tails
  125. An Einstein Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island
  126. An Einstein Tail: Mystery of the Night Monster
  127. 101 Animal Mammals
  128. 101 Animal Mammals 2
  129. 101 Animal Mammals (TV Series)
  130. The Three Caballeros (Julian Bernardino Style)
  131. Inside a Barn in the Country
  132. The Emily Engine That Could
  133. The Lady Engine That Could
  134. Green Eggs and Ham (Julian Bernardino's Style).
  135. Pluto & Rufus
  136. Pluto and Rufus the Movie
  137. The Adventures of Simba and Louis the Alligator
  138. The New Adventures of Little Foduck (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  139. Babes In Toyland (Julian Bernardino Style)
  140. Simba's Christmas Carol
  141. My Little Cartoon: Friendship is Magic
  142. My Little Cartoon: Equestria Cartoons
  143. My Little Cartoon: Equestria Cartoons 2: Rainbow Rocks
  144. My Little Cartoon: Equestria Cartoons 3: Friendship Games
  145. My Little Cartoon: Equestria Cartoons 4: Legend of Everfree
  146. My Little Cartoon: The Movie
  147. Handy Manny the Builder (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  148. Teenage Mutant Ninja Einsteins
  149. The Aristomammals (Julian14bernardino Style)
  150. A Julian14bernardino Christmas Gift
  151. RayBob ManPants
  152. The RayBob ManPants Movie
  153. The RayBob ManPants Movie: Limbless Hero Out Of The Water
  154. The Rescuers (Julian Bernardino Style)
  155. The Rescuers Down Under (Julian Bernardino Style)
  156. Marahute Rhymes
  157. Star Wars (Julian14bernardino Style)
  158. Star Wars Ewoks (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  159. Star Wars Droids (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  160. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  161. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  162. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  163. Star Wars: Rebels: Spark of Rebellion (Julian14Bernardino Style)
  164. Star Wars: Rebels (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  165. Star Wars Rogue One (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  166. Star Wars Solo (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  167. Star Wars Forces of Destiny (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  168. Indiana Diego
  169. The Young Indiana Diego Chronicles
  170. Little Golden Book Land (Julian Bernardino Style)
  171. How to Train Your Dragon (Julian Bernardino Style)
  172. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  173. How to Train Your Dragon (TV Series) (Julian Bernardino Style)
  174. Oliver the Engine (Julian Bernardino Style)
  175. Pokémon (Julian14bernardino Style)
  176. The Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy Potter Trilogy
  177. Back to the Future (Julian14bernardino Style)
  178. Back to the Future II (Julian14bernardino Style)
  179. Back to the Future III (Julian14bernardino Style)
  180. The Polar Express (Julian Bernardino Style)
  181. Rugrats (Julian Bernardino Style)
  182. Disneyland Park the Movie
  183. The Rugrats Movie (Julian Bernardino Style)
  184. Melody Time (Julian14bernardino Style)
  185. Animals (Cars (Julian Bernardino Style))
  186. Animals 2 (Cars 2 (Julian Bernardino Style))
  187. Animals 3 (Cars 3 (Julian Bernardino Style))
  188. Animals Toons (Julian Bernardino Style)
  189. Little Tikes Land (Julian Bernardino Style)
  190. Lolastasia (Julian Bernardino Style)
  191. Annie the Explorer
  192. Casey Jr. Circus Train
  193. Casey Jr. & Friends
  194. Shining Time Station (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  195. TUGBoats (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  196. Ten Cents Tugboat (Julian14Bernardino's Style)
  197. Ferry Boat Little Toot (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  198. Captain Haddock's Lighthouse (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  199. It's a Small World (Julian Bernardino Style)
  200. Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  201. Card Escape (Ape Escape) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  202. Arnold and Flash Sentry (Jak and Daxter) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  203. Tom and Bobert (Ratchet and Clank) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  204. Ten Cents the Tugboat (Spyro the Dragon) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  205. Theodore Tugboat (Crash Bandicoot) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  206. Ash Ketchum (Shrek)
  207. Ash Ketchum 2 (Shrek 2)
  208. Ash Ketchum The Third (Shrek The Third)
  209. Ash Ketchum Forever After (Shrek Forever After)
  210. Scared Ash Ketchumless
  211. Ash Ketchum the Halls
  212. June & Mickey Mouse (Lilo & Stitch)
  213. Mickey Mouse! The Movie (Julian Bernardino Style)
  214. June & Mickey: The Series (Julian Bernardino Style)
  215. June & Mickey Mouse 2: Mickey Mouse Has A Glitch
  216. Minnie Mouse Poppins (Julian Bernardino Style)
  217. Tangled (Julian14bernardino style)
  218. Disney HBO WB MGM Sing Along Songs A Musical Celebration the Movie
  219. Frozen (Julian14bernardino style)
  220. Futurama (Julian Bernardino Style)
  221. Looney Tunes (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  222. Looney Tunes Video Games (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  223. Brother Hedgehog
  224. Brother Hedgehog 2
  225. Go, Quincy, Go!
  226. Little Big Planet Games (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  227. Rocko (Croc) (PlayStation 1) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  228. Rocko 2 (Croc 2) (PlayStation 1) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  229. A Mouse's Life (PlayStation 1) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  230. Magic Noodle and Doodle Bus
  231. A Watterson Movie (A Goofy Movie)
  232. The Brave Little Dragon
  233. The Brave Little Dragon Goes to Mars
  234. The Brave Little Dragon to the Rescue
  235. Tiplan
  236. Tiplan II
  237. Magic School Bus (Julian Bernardino Style)
  238. FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Julian14bernardino Style)
  239. FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue (Julian14bernardino Style)
  240. Circustopia
  241. Make Mine Music (Julian14bernardino Style)
  242. Song of the South (Julian14bernardino Style)
  243. A Kitten in Central Park
  244. The Pebble and the Kitten (Julian Bernardino Style)
  245. Medieval Tale
  246. The Frog and The Rabbit
  247. The Little Hundred Acre Wood Boy
  248. Big Hero 6 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  249. Inside A Zoo in the City (Julian Bernardino Style)
  250. Kung Fu Alien
  251. Kung Fu Alien 2
  252. Kung Fu Alien 3
  253. Kung Fu Alien (TV Series)
  254. Sleeping Beauty (Julian Bernardino Style)
  255. Enchanted (Julian14bernardino Style)
  256. Dinosaur (Julian14bernardino Style)
  257. The Land Before Time (Julian Bernardino Style)
  258. Corpse Bride (Julian Bernardino Style)
  259. The Secret of NIMH (Julian Bernardino Style)
  260. The Secret of NIMH II: Hercules to the Rescue
  261. Brave (Julian14bernardino Style)
  262. Gretchen the First
  263. Inside a House That Is Haunted (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  264. Treasure Planet (Julian14bernardino Style)
  265. Owls (Storks)
  266. SpongeBob (Cuphead) (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  267. Where the Toys Come From (Julian Bernardino Style)
  268. We're Back: A Hero's Story (Julian Bernardino Style)
  269. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Julian14bernardino Style)
  270. Atlantis 2: Kermit's Return (Julian14bernardino Style)
  271. The Watterson Bully
  272. Zazu's Great Adventure the Movie
  273. Zazu: Zazu's Colorful World Live
  274. Inside Out (Julian Bernardino Style)
  275. Finding Pac-Man (Julian Bernardino Style)
  276. Pixels (Julian Bernardino Style)
  277. Misty's Delivery Service
  278. ZOOM to the Giant Movie
  279. Up (Julian14bernardino Style)
  280. Tigger Murphy's Law
  281. Disney's Sing Along Songs Adventures of Richard Scarry's Best ABC Songs Video Ever!
  282. The Star vs. Forces of Evil (Julian Bernardino Style)
  283. The Pagemaster (Julian Bernardino Style)
  284. Elmo's Clues
  285. Elmo's Big Musical
  286. Elmo's Room
  287. Cockroach in the Night (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  288. Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Julian14bernardino style)
  289. Olaf and the Chocolate Factory (Julian14bernardino style)
  290. The Angry Engines Movie (Julian14bernardino Style)
  291. Fat Tantor and the Animated Animals (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  292. Fat Tantor: The Movie (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  293. Rayman and the Insects (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  294. Rayman and the Insects: The Movie (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  295. Clifford the Little Red Dog (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  296. Pablo the Big Red Fox (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  297. Pablo's Fox Days (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  298. Pablo's Really Big Movie (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  299. Sailor Emily (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  300. Oddbods (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  301. Gumball the Hunted
  302. Rusty (Pingu) (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  303. Fun! Fun! Rusty (PlayStation 1) (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  304. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (Julian14bernardino Style)
  305. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (Julian14bernardino Style)
  306. Jurassic Park (Julian Bernardino Style)
  307. Jurassic Park II: The Lost World (Julian Bernardino Style)
  308. Jurassic Park III (Julian Bernardino Style)
  309. Jurassic World (Julian Bernardino Style)
  310. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Julian Bernardino Style)
  311. Gumball: The Movie
  312. Gumball: A Tail of Two Kitties
  313. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  314. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  315. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  316. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  317. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  318. The Adventures of Hogarth Hughes
  319. The Incredibles (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  320. The Incredibles 2 (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  321. Home Alone (Julian14bernardino Style)
  322. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Julian14bernardino Style)
  323. Home Alone 3 (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  324. Home Alone 4 (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  325. Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  326. Humans Inc (Julian Bernardino Style)
  327. Humans University (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  328. The Green Dog (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  329. Coco (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  330. The Road to El Dorado (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  331. M&M's Video Games (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  332. The Wild (Julian14bernardino Style)
  333. Savage Danny
  334. Old Thomas O'Malley
  335. Whisker Haven with the Palace Pets (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  336. Spliced (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  337. Kingdom Hearts 1 (Julian14bernardino Style)
  338. Kingdom Hearts 2 (Julian14bernardino Style)
  339. Kingdom Hearts 3 (Julian14bernardino Style)
  340. Rise of the Guardians (Julian14bernardino Style)
  341. Parrot Little
  342. The Sandolt (Julian14bernardino Style)
  343. The Sandolt 2 (Julian14bernardino Style)
  344. The Sandolt: Heading Home (Julian14bernardino Style)
  345. Sausage Party (Julian Bernardino Style)
  346. Sausage Party 2 (Julian Bernardino Style)
  347. Gumball Sawyer
  348. Bleach (Julian Bernardino's Style)
  349. Tai Chi Chasers (Julian14bernardino's Style)
  350. Cartoons - Back in Action
  351. Annie and Friends Meet Elmo's Clues
  352. Annie & Her Friends Meet Chuck E. and the Ink Machine Coming Parody
  353. Annie's World Adventure
  354. Mr. Conductor (Julian14bernardino Style)
  355. Meet Elmo's Baby Brother
  356. Jumanji (Julian14bernardino Style)
  357. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Julian14bernardino Style)
  358. Olaf (Peter Rabbit)
  359. Meet the Robinsons (Julian Bernardino Style)
  360. The Moonflower Princess (Julian Bernardino Style)

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