Catch to Date is a 2026 American one-reel animated cartoon, and the 171st Tom and Jerry short, produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Turner Entertainment. Featuring Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Tuffy Mouse, Butch Cat and Toodles Galore, and re-introducing Muscles Mouse, the cartoon was directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, executive produced by Sam Register and written by Gene Grillo. The overseas animation services was performed by Toei Animation and Digital eMation, and so were the archive recordings of all classic anime sound effects by Jet Sound Engine. In addition to the reuse of the original Tom and Jerry scores by Scott Bradley, the music is composed by Michael Tavera.

The cartoon is a sequel to the 1946 short, Springtime for Thomas, which was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It will be shown before the presentation of Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball: The Adventures of Goku.


In this new sequel to the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon, Springtime for Thomas (1946), Butch and Tom are once again at each other's throats on who's going to have a date with Toodles Galore. When the three cats saw Jerry's strong cousin Muscles attacking the others alley cats at the other side of the alley fence, Tom and Butch made a bet between themselves. What's the bet? And who's gonna win?


  • Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Jerry Mouse
  • Toodles Galore
  • Toots "Chérie" Mouse
  • Butch Cat
  • Lightning Cat
  • Muscles Mouse
  • Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse
  • Spike Bulldog (cameo)
  • Tyke Bulldog (cameo)
  • Droopy (cameo)
  • Dripple (cameo)
  • Screwball "Screwey" Squirrel (cameo)
  • Red (cameo)
  • Slick McWolf (cameo)


English Cast

  • Jeff Bennett - Tom
    • William Hanna - Tom (vocal effects, uncredited)
    • Jim Cummings - Tom ("In Me Power" sequence, uncredited)
    • Billy Bletcher - Tom ("In Me Power" sequence, uncredited)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry
  • Kath Soucie - Tuffy
  • Maurice LaMarche - Muscles
  • Joey D'Auria - Butch
    • William Hanna - Butch (vocal effects, uncredited)
  • Alicyn Packard - Toodles
  • Roger Craig Smith - Lightning
  • Kari Wahlgren - Chérie

Japanese Cast

  • Setsuji Sato - Tom
  • Junko Hori - Jerry
  • Maria Kawamura - Toodles Galore
  • Tomohiro Nishimura - Butch Cat
  • Etsuko Kozakura - Tuffy


  • Directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Based on Characters Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Written by Gene Grillo
  • Storyboarded by
  • Character Layout
  • Animation Supervisors: 
    • Toei Animation Co., Ltd.:
      • Supervising Directors: Minoru Maeda, Tadayoshi Yamamuro, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
    • Digital eMation, Inc.:
      • Taejoon Kim, Sungwoo Lee
  • Animation Directors:
    • Digital eMation, Inc.:
      • Ikhwan Yim, Yungwon Jung, Mikyung Myung, Dongwon Jung, Kyungwon Yim
  • Character Animation:
  • Effects Animation:
  • Background Layouts:
  • Background Painters:
  • Animation Cleanup Key:
  • Clean Up:
  • Color:
  • Camera Operators:
  • Final Checkers:
  • Music by Michael Tavera
  • Original Scores by Scott Bradley
  • Voice Director: Maria Estrada
  • Film Editors: Dave Courter, Philip Malamuth
  • Sound Engineers: Hidenori Arai, Mutsuhiro Nishimura
  • Music Editor:
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Production Management:
  • Production Supervision:
  • Production Managers:
  • Executive Producer: Sam Register
  • Associate Producer: Jim Wyatt
  • Supervising Producers: Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone

Company Credits

  • Production: Turner Entertainment Co., Warner Bros. Animation
  • Animation Services: Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Digital eMation, Inc.
  • Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation Co., Ltd., Jet Sound Engine Co., Ltd.




Concept Art

Character Designs

Storyboards (gallery)

Animation and Sound Effects




Tuffy's Introduction

(On a black background, the sounds of trumpets are heard playing an opening short version of the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare, and a little grey mouse with a light-grey marking on his torso wearing a white diaper, Nibbles or Tuffy, arrived with a smile on his face. He turns to the viewers and spoke to them.)

Tuffy: (waving happily:) Hello, everybody! My name is Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse. You originally know me as Nibbles, because I was always hungry and eat a lot.

(He giggles before stretching his diaper with his left hand before letting it go)

Tuffy: Now that we're all back together after our previous motion pictures that happened in the events of the Tom and Jerry: The Movie timeline, it's time for you audience members to watch our newest cartoon before the feature presentation of Tom and Jerry in Dragon Ball: The Adventures of Goku, based on Akira Toriyama's all-time manga and anime series.

Voices: YAHOOO!

(Tuffy look to the left as Tom and Butch arrived happily, dancing all around.)

Tom: Oh, boy! We get to see this new cartoon!

Butch: Let's go dancing, baby!

Tom: (nodding:) Okay!

(The two cats began to sing and dance.)

Tuffy: Whoa! Chill out, Tom and Butch.

Butch: But we can't, Tuffy! It's been a long while, if not a year, since we were appearing in our last Christmas appearances with Rudolph, Frosty and all other friends from the Rankin/Bass universe.

Tom: I hate to be agreeing with Butch, but we couldn't help being curious. Tuffy, isn't this cartoon gonna be a sequel to Springtime for Thomas?

Tuffy: Of course, it is, Thomas. And me, you, Toodles, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Chérie are all featured.

Butch: Then that means... WE ARE NOW BACK AGAIN, FELLAS! WHOO-HOO!

Tom: No sweat, at least, Robyn and Mr. Starling, nor Pristine and Lickboot Figg, won't be co-stars or guests stars of this picture. Especially Puggsy Dog and Frankie Da Flea, and even Droopy.

(Both Tom and Butch slapped each other high fives.)

Tuffy: (smiling;) Well, that cannot be denied, but I'll make sure that this cartoon will take place long before the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie, where you and Uncle Jerry team up to rescue Robyn from her temporarily evil aunt and help their friend find her still-living father. Understand?

Tom and Butch: Understood?

Butch: Time for this cartoon... (puts on the sunglasses) featuring new music and some of Scott Bradley's original score.

(Tuffy look back to the viewers)

Tuffy: And now, let's play our new cartoon, Catch to Date, sequel to Springtime for Thomas! Hope you enjoy it! Oh! I forgot to note that we all know that Toodles doesn't usually speak in these classic Tom and Jerry cartoons produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, studio of The Wizard of Oz, and doesn't neither Uncle Jerry or Tom. But she will talk in this short.

(The diaper-wearing mouse turns to Tom.)

Tuffy: Tommy? I know you and Uncle Jerry still talk nowadays, but at least, you will both act like you don't say any words just like in your good old days.

Tom: Any favor for the directors and the other filmmakers.

Butch: Hold it, Tuffy! We can't just start off the short movie like that without some opening music by Bradley himself.

Tuffy: It's getting there, just leave it to Uncle Jerry.

(Then Tuffy starts calling out for his uncle, who are not seen on the screen.)

Tuffy: Uncle Jerry! Roll the projector!

Jerry (off-screen): With pleasure, Tuffy!


Opening Credits (Scott Bradley's Theme from Tom and Jerry)

A Warner Bros. CARTOON

Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Animation PRESENT

Tom and Jerry

in Catch to Date

Tom and Butch's Fight/Lightning's Warning

(Once upon a time at the street in the big city, there are three cats. Two cats are arguing at each other angrily. One is black and white alley cat named Butch, and another is a blue/grey anthropomorphic domestic short-haired cat named Tom. A female cat is trying to calm them down. She is a white colored and usually wears a neck ribbon, and is known to be a very beautiful cat. Her name is Toodles Galore. It seems that Butch and Tom are fighting over her, just like the first time when they confront each other over her during the last spring.)

Butch: Alright, ya buster! I got a date with her, and not you! And she is mine, and only my true love! So scram and get someone else, or else we will have to do this the hard way!

(Tom angrily waved his fist at him. Although Tom doesn't talk, he uses his sign language and actions so that they can understand him. What Tom meant that he also has a date with her as well.)

Butch: Lies! You are just making that up, so that you can take her away from me!

Tom: (fuming, then shaking his head:) Mm, mm, mmm!

(Tom again angrily waved his fist at him with a grunt. Looks like he means business, and he is not backing down nor giving up.)

Butch: (taking the stance of the boxer) You wanna piece of me?

Tom: Uh-huh!

(Tom also took the boxer stance, and it seems that they are gonna have a boxing match over Toodles. Finally, Toodles had enough.)

Toodles: Stop it, you two! That's enough!

(Started by that tone of Toodles' voice, Tom and Butch nervously look at her with sweats rolling down their furry heads.)

Toodles: It's my fault that I had set my date with the two of you on the same day.

Butch: That's cheating. Why do you prefer him over me, Toodles? (points at Tom) He doesn't even talk where I, my dear, can take you to any places you desire. He never say anything, and never doesn't that brown mouse whom he knows as Jerry!

(Tom first pointed at himself and gave two thumbs up, then pointed at Butch before giving thumbs down. He meant that he can make a perfect boyfriend for Toodles rather than Butch.)

Butch: (scornful:) You are making this personal, you know?

(Both Tom and Butch angrily stared at each other. Before Toodles could do anything, like slapping them into their senses with her umbrella, she saw something and gasped.)

Toodles: Tom! Butch! Look out!

Tom and Butch: Huh?

(Suddenly, they saw an alley cat flying toward them. He was an orange cat with green eyes. Butch and Tom screams before they immediately ducked, and the orange alley cat went straight to the post box where he is withering in pain. Tom, Butch and Toodles rushed to him.)

Butch: Lightning?

Toodles: Are you okay?

Lightning: (groaning:) Don't...face...the...mouse." (crying:) He's a killer!

Butch: A mouse beating up a cat?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I find it too hard to believe.

Lightning: I'm...serious.

Toodles: He seems really serious indeed. Look at him, he is in a beaten state. Let's go and check what's happening on the other side.

Butch: Unless it's a monster mouse that supposedly come out on three nights of the full moon, I find it to hard to believe like I said.

(Tom, Butch and Toodles then went to the alley fence where they jumped to see what's going on.)

Muscles Mouse Again/Tom and Butch vs. Muscles

(When the three cats arrived, what they have seen next has really shocked the three of them. They could see so many alley cats lying on the ground, being beaten up. Some of them are dumped into the trash bin, while some of them are left hanging on a line. Other alley cats, who are not beaten up yet, are running away in fright. Toodles nearly fainted in sight upon seeing the scene, Tom and Butch quickly grabbed her before she could hit the cement ground. The three of them then saw a mouse grabbing a cat's tail and slamming him on the ground left and right, counting 1, 2, 3... and so on 'till the count to 10, and 'till he spun the cat around in such a way as if the cat is spinning like a helicopter's main rotor blades. The mouse then lets him go, and the cat is flying like a javelin throw. The mouse then breahted for a moment and rubbed his hands. He is a brown mouse, who is wearing a green bowler hat and a yellow-black shirt, and closely resembles Jerry.)

Butch: (gasping in shock) Who is this mouse?! And how did he beat all those cats as if they are nothing?

Toodles: I don't know, Butch. But he looks very powerful and dangerous. One mouse, and this one mouse laid all of them to dust and some of them ever ran away in fright.

(The white cat turns to Tom who looked at her)

Toodles: Thomas, do you know him?

(Tom nodded, and gentle whispered in her eye to indentify this strong familiar mouse.)

Tom: (whispering indistinctly)

Toodles: Muscles?

Butch: (confused:) Muscles?


Butch: (gasps, thinking to himself): Yes, I remember now!

(The scene is turned into a flashback showing the various clips from the 1951 cartoon, Jerry's Cousin, then it changes back to the sequence of Butch with Tom and Toodles.)

Butch: It is Muscles, the strongest of all mice, dogs, cats and other animals.

(Tom has no idea what to say. Toodles then turns back to the blue/grey cat.)

Toodles: What's so bad about this Muscles fella.

(Tom again whispers in Toodles' ear, telling her all about Muscles)

Toodles: He is the cousin of Jerry?

(Tom nods to say yes. Then the three of them lowered their heads down to see Muscles.)

Butch: So he thinks that he is superior to us? Well, I'll show him who's the boss; this means payback for the humiliation he caused me.

Toodles: (concerned:) I don't think that's a smart idea. It's more like a sucidal idea. Didn't you see what he just did.

Butch: Well, we have to be brave. If you are in danger, you need courage-borne cats like me to save you from danger. Hey! I got an idea!

(The black cat then looked at Tom, who not only doesn't seem to be happy to be encountering Muscles for the the second time, but to hear what Butch just said about his own rival having courage.)

Butch: Alright then, Tom. Let's make this pure, plain and simple. If I can catch Muscles, I get to dare with Toodles. But if you catch him, you get to date heal. Speaking of this, you are willing to have your own revenge on Muscles. Anyway, deal?

(Tom nods before letting out his evil giggle)

Tom: Hee hee hee hee hee hee!

Toodles: And what if both of you catch him?

Butch: If both of us can catch him then for once, both me and Tom will go out with you. (turns to Tom:) Well, is it settled then?

(Tom nodded as he shakes hands with Butch. But in Tom;s mind, there is no way it can end in a draw. There can only be one winnter. And Butch is thinking the same thing as well. The camera switches to Toodles thinking worriedly to herself.)

Toodles: (thinking:) (Now I'm really worried about these two.)

(Tom and Butch then jumped over the fence, slowly walked as there are many beaten cats lying still. The camera cuts to the Muscles dusting his shirt when Tom and Butch approached him.)

Butch: Hey, you!

(The strong mouse then turned around, and saw Tom and Butch standing.)

Muscles: (scornful:) What do you cats want?

Butch: Do you remember who we are?

(Muscles looks closely before starts realizing calmly.)

Muscles: Ah, yes. You are Butch, leader of these alley cats. And you must be Thomas "Tom Cat, the one who was trying to catch my cousin Jerry.

Tom: (in agreement:) Ah-ha!

Muscles: Now again, what do you both want?

Butch (outraged:) What do we want?! We want revenge on ya! A piece of ya! You think you are stronger than us cats. You think you are superior to us! You are thinking all wrong, Mr. Musles Mouse!

(Muscles chuckled a bit before speaking to Tom and Butch mockinly)

Muscles: Oh! I'm too scared! Please help me and save me! Help me!

(Tom and Butch looked surprise, before they then starts getting angrier with their faces turning red and steam coming out of their noses and ears.)

Butch: You're making fun of us! Wait till I show ya! (raises his foot) I shall avenge the defeat of the cats whom you have beaten up, but in honor of Tom's desperate vow for revenge, I'll make sure you will not interfere with his right to catch Jerry any longer!

(And then Butch stomped his foot, but wait! He didn't stomp on Muscles, he stomped beside him, but the mouse doesn't give a fuss about it. The camera shows a close-up at Butch's face.)

Butch: (smiling evilly:) Scared now? (laughing)

(The camera switches to a close-up at Muscles' face as he smiled back to Butch in a sinister way.)

Muscles: Not exactly, Butch.

(The camera cuts back to Butch.)

Butch: (confused:) Huh?

(All of a sudden, Butch suddenly fell down with a thud. He has totally no idea what has happened, until he saw, to his vary shock, that Muscles is holding his foot. Butch couldn't believe his eyes and ears!)

Butch: (shocked): What the?

Muscles: We will see who's really scared when I do this!

(The mouse then began to spin Butch around slowly and then at full speed.)


(Tom is looking around in such that his eyes went spinning. Soon, Muscles threw Butch off, and the black alley cat is flying like a rocket at full speed. At the time he starts screaming, his vocal effect is performed by William Hanna, who was also known to voice the vocal effects of Tom, Jerry, Spike and other characters)

Butch: (screaming, in William Hanna's voice:) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(He flew over the alley fence, over Toodles and then got his head banged on the wall. Such was the force of the throw that Butch cracked into hundreds and thousands of pieces. Sensing the opportunity of Butch not being here, Tom then looked down at Muscles turned back at him.)

Muscles: So, Tom. You were recently intending to catch Jerry, just to make sure he doesn't live in the same house as you are. But Instead, you've chosen to fight to have revenge on me first. Isn't that right?

(Tom nodded, then he immediately grabbed Muscles. He smiled as he can finally show him to Toodles and date her, then spoked to Muscles with his voice performed by Jim Cummings.)

Tom: (spoken, in Jim Cummings' voice:) Yes, Muscles!

(Then Tom is voiced by the late Billy Bletcher, the original voice of Spike, as he went into an evil laughter.)

Tom: (spoken, in Billy Bletcher's voice:) In me power! (resumes his laughter)

(But then, much to Tom's shock, Muscles easily escaped from his grib. The mouse then grabbed the cat's fur, in which Tom fell down in the process. Then, as the camera cuts to this next shot of the scene, we saw the recycled-animated sequence of Muscles starting face to face with Tom, talking to him.)

Muscles: (sternly:) Listen, pussycat. Don't you or your buddy go messing around with me, nor thinking about going after my cousin once more, or else there will be consequences. You understand?

(Tom just closed and opened his again.)

Muscles: (sternly:) Now, beat it.

(He then gives Tom a further taste of his strength by throwing him right straight to the fence. Such is the force of the throw that Tom's face crashed into the fence. Upon seeing Tom's dizzy face, Toodles jumped in a bit of fright. She then sadly sighs for a moment.)

Toodles: (thinking:) (First Butch, and now Tom. What will happen to them.)

Rematch Attempts

(A few minutes later, the now-healed Tom and Butch slowly approached the hole where Muscles stays. The two cats looked at each other and nodded. Then both of them each took out a dynamite, and struck it with a match stick before throwing them immediately into the mouse hole.)

Butch: Cover your ears, Tom, 'cause this hole, along with that mouse, is gonna blow!

(However, what they did not know is that Muscles is carrying the dynamites, marching. Then he put it on their butts before going back to his mouse hole safely, Tge dynamites then exploded, and Butch and Tom are going up, and up, and UP in the air. They are still covering their ears though. After sometime, the yare in the air.

Butch: (opening his ears while removing his hands off his ears:) Did we do it? Have we blown up this mouse forever?

(Tom shrugged a bit. He and Butch then saw a plan flying below them.)

Butch: (happy:) Cool! We are seeing a plane below us!

(Tom happily nodded before they realized that something is very unusual.)

Butch: (shocked) WE ARE ABOVE THE PLANE?!

(It is then that they looked down and saw that, to their horror, they are up in the air. They are speechless!)

Butch: Give me a break! You gotta be kidding me.

Tom: (nodding:) Uh-huh.

(Both Tom and Butch then started falling down in full force. They screamed till they landed on the same spot very hard where they remained motionless for a while. Muscles then arrived from his hole and smiled.)

Muscles: Hope both of you pussycats had a nice flying trip.

(He then returned to his hole, while Tom and Butch's legs hit the ground. Some minutes later, the two cats are standing beside Muscles' hole with Butch carrying a bowling ball. Butch then slowly went to the other side of the mouse hole.)

Butch: Okay, then. Start knocking.

(Tom nodded as he knocked the walls quietly. Next, we see Butch preparing to drop the bowling ball when Muscles' voice is heard responding to the sounds of door knocking.)

Muscles (off-screen): Who's there?

(As soon as Muscles comes out of the hole, Butch immediately dropped the bowling ball at him. After a few seconds, Tom and Butch cheered.)

Butch: (happy:) Alright! Take that, Muscles! We are still better than you!

(Tom nodded happily as they both slap high fives. He then picked up the bowling ball to check where is Muscles. Surprisingly, he is not there. Even Butch checked it, and he is surprised.)

Butch: Eh? Where is he?

(All of a sudden, Muscles popped out from on of the holes of the bowling ball, and looked at the cats sternly. Then without saying a world, the Jerry-look-alike picked up the bowling ball and dropped it to Tom's foot, which made Tom screamed in loud pain.)

Tom: (screaming, in Williiam Hanna's voice:) YEEOOOWW!

(Muscles did the same thing to Butch's foot as well, and the alley cat immediately screamed too.)

Butch: AAAAAAAGH! Ah, my foot!

(As Tom and Butch are jumping here and there, holding the foot that got squashed, Muscles then picked up the bowling ball and carefully aimed at the two cats before he threw the ball as it is rolling very fast, straight to Butch and Tom. It hit them, and they are made into twenty bowling pins. The strong mouse then again picked up the bowling ball and did a careful aiming. He then threw it. The bowling ball rolled fast and knocked all the twenty bowling pins.)

Muscles: (smiling:) Double strike.

(He smirked before going back to his hole. Some minutes later, inside his mouse hole, Muscles is resting on his bed, when Tom's voice is heard shouting.)

Tom (off-screen): Hai-yah!

(The mouse got a bit startled by the kung fu or karate sound-like yell from Tom, and exited the hole to see what is going on. Then he saw Butch and Tom in their karate clothes, and they are doing their martial arts poses, shouting "Kiai!" and "Hai-yah!")

Muscles: (sighs) What's up with you two now? Don't tell me you're practicing for the next martial arts championship, aren't you?

Butch: Don't you dare underestimate us, Muscles, for we are the karate cats. (performing more karate poses) We have seen and heard many alley cats begging us for our help, and we have arrived from Japan to teach American criminals like you a lesson. Hai-yah!

(Tom nodded as he also did the karate poses.)

Tom: Hai-yah!

(But while the cats are busy doing their martial arts poses and kept shouting "Hai-yah" and "Kiai!", Muscles blows his thumb, causing his fist to expand to gigantic proportions, walked towards them and punches Tom and Butch square in the face with great gusto. As a result, both Tom and Butch are sent flying in which Tom crashed into the lamp post while Butch smashed right straight to a trash bin.)

Muscles: Heh! Some crime fighters, you are. I hope you had enough of your karate thing.

(He went back to his hole, and back with Butch, he peeked his head out of the trash can, dizzy.)

Butch: I haven't even showed one of my karate moves yet.

A Robotic Gift for Muscles

(Many minutes later, Butch and Tom are creating a robot mouse toy. After sometime, they finished it.)

Butch: With this, he will fall heads over heels on her, and it will lure him right straight into our hands.

(Tom seems to like that idea as both he and Butch laughed. Tom started the robot toy, and it is going straight to Muscles' hole.)

Butch: Come on, come on.

(But then suddenly, they could hear the crashing noise inside the mouse hole and, to their horror, the ycould see bits and pieces flying all over from the mouse hole. Tom and Butch couldn't believe their eyes and ears!)

Butch: (scared:) No. No way!

(Then Muscles appeared from the hole.)

Muscles: Yes. Yes way! You think I will fall from your trap so easily? I could easily tell that it's a robot mouse cause she is saying the same sentence twice, or three times.

Butch: Darn!

Muscles: Oh, and I have a gift for you by the way.

(Butch and Tom are curious as the mouse went to his hole and came back with the robot mouse's head. He threw it very strongly, and it bounced on to Butch before falling into Tom's head. Both cats are knocked out as a result.)

Muscles: That will teach ya that I won't fall for your tricks on your sleeves.

(With that, he then went back to his hole.)

Last-Ditch Effort/Toodles' Date with Jerry

(Some minutes later, Butch and Tom are now standing beside Muscles' hole on different sides. They are really serious this time, and they are gripping their first. The camera cuts to a close-up at Butch thinking to himself.)

Butch: (thinking:) (You have crossoved the very line, Muscles!)

(Then it shows a close-up at Tom thinking to himself)

Tom: (thinking:) (And I hope you won't be meddling in my affairs with Jerry.)

(Butch looked at Tom, who then nodded and started knocking the wall.)

Muscles (off-screen): Who's there? Hope it's not you two annoying pussycats!

Butch: (cheerfully:) No! It's the mailman!

(Both Butch and Tom then took a step back so that Muscles can't see them. The strong mouse, who closely resembles Jerry, then came out of his hole, and is surprised.

Muscles: (surprised:) Where is the mailman.

Tom and Butch: Got ya!

(The two more-vengeful-than-ever cats jumped and caught the un-defeatable mouse at the same time. The cats laughed for a while, but then suddenly stared at each other. Then Butch realized and sarted pulling the mouse from Tom.)

Butch: Alright, Thomas! He is mine, and when I show him to Toodles, I shall date her and not you! You lack the qualities to become her boyfriend.


Muscles: Toodles?

Butch: Oh, yeah! Toodles Galore, the white cat who is a girl. Isn't she beautiful as last spring?

Muscles: Really?

Butch:​​​ Yes! Now if you excuse me...


Butch: Why are you still here, Tom? I thought I told you to stay out of my way. Muscles is mine, and so is Toodles!

(Tom shook his head furious to say no)

Tom: Mm, mm!

(He also started pulling Muscles from Butch. This went for a while in which Butch and Tom kept pulling while keeping their grip on the cousin of Jerry. Suddenly, Butch pulled on of Tom's whiskers.)

Tom: (yelping in pain, in William Hanna's voice:) OWWWW!

(As a result, Butch grabs Muscles from the distracted Tom. And with the mouse on his hands, the black alley cat is about to go to the other side. But out of nowhere, Tom appeared and tripped Butch right straight to the brick and pulled one of Butch's whiskers as a payback. Now Tom has Muscles on his hands, and is close to go to the other side. But Butch is pulling his tail. This continued on and one until Butch and Tom are fighting to climb over the alley fence while keeping their grip on the mouse. Then...)

Muscles: (infuriated:) ENOUGH!

(The cats stopped all of a sudden, and the now-enraged Muscles finally got out of their grip and grabbed their furs, pulling them down to the ground with him. The mouse is then starring at them angrily.)

Muscles: I had enough of your bickering and lickering! You want to catch me just to date with a girl cat like Toodles Galore? Well, there are other ways to do so, rather than wasting your time and energy to catch me. But since you have already done that, it's time to send you a very strong message.

(Butch and Tom sweats and gulps upon looking into Muscles' angry eyes. The mouse then started dragging them.)

Butch: Uh-oh.

(And so, Muscles began to beat Butch and Tom brutally. He hits their butts with a wooden thing, did some powerful wrestling moves on them, slammed their backs on the bricks, beat them with anything he could fine, and so on, until he stopped and lifted Butch and Tom.)

Muscles: (sternly:) And STAY OUT!

(The mouse then threw then over the alley fence, and into the trash bins on the other side. Butch and Tom are left dazed and beaten. Never had they been beaten up so badly.)

Butch: (crying in pain:) I wanna go to the hospital!

Tom: (nodding and sobbing in pain:) Me too!

(Both of the cats struggled to get out of the trash can and tried to get up when suddenly, they hear a familiar young girl or woman's voice.)

Female Voice (off-screen:) Whoo. I would love to go to that place.

(Realizing that voice instantly, Butch and Tom ran to the direction of the voice, horrfied. When they saw what's going on, they couldn't believe their eyes and ears! It was Toodles, and they see her chatting happily with a brown house mouse and a little grey mouse wearing a white diaper. Their names are Jerry and his nephew Tuffy. The two mice were laughing a bit with Jerry's human child-like voice similar to that of Kid Goku or Kid Gohan from the Dragon Ball franchise.)

Toodles: So what's your names?

(Then Jerry announce his name to Toodles. This is the one of the best times he ocassional talks, like Tom.)

Jerry: Jerry. Jerry Mouse.

(Then the baby or toddler mouse took his turn to introduce himself to Toodles. But this time, he speaks regularly.)

Tuffy: And I'm his nephew, Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse.

(Toodles was a little surprised to see Jerry and Tuffy talk, but it was Tuffy who speaks than than Tom or Jerry does, then she smiles at them.)

Toodles: Well, it's nice to meet you two.

(The camera switches back to the shocked Tom and Butch.)

Butch: You gotta be kidding me! A cat dating a mouse with a baby mouse?!

(Tom is also shocked as well, Toodles looked at them)

Toodles: (smiling:) Sorry, boys, but I am going on a date with Jerry and his nephew Tuffy. We can go out some other time.

(Jerry and Tuffy then climbed up on Toodles' shoulder, and the uncle of Tuffy kissed her on the cheeks in which Toodles chuckled a bit. Then the white girl called a taxi, which contains a bulldog named Spike with his puppy son, Tyke. She hopped inside with Jerry and Tuffy, closed the door and off they went to wherever they want to go.)

Jerry and Tuffy: (looked back to the horrified Tom and Toodles and waving to them) Bye!

(Back with Butch and Tom, for a while, they stood still like a statue, stunned and speechless. Then they started crying loudly like babies with tears dropping like rain from their closed eyes. They kept on crying until a rough voice came by.)

Male Voice: What's going on?

(The voice is none other than Muscles, the mouse who threw the two cats to the trash bins. He is really surprised that the two cats are crying and tears are turning from raindrops to waterfalls)

Muscles: (surprised and confused:) Hey. Why are you crying?

Butch: Our dear Toodles Galore is dating a mouse that look like you!

Muscles: My cousin Jerry?

Butch: Yes! And he's with a baby grey mouse wearing a white diaper!

Muscles: (amazed:) His nephew Tuffy, too? That's amazing!

Butch: Not for us!

Muscles: Okay, okay! So what does the mouse look like to you, since we're alike each other.

Butch: He surpringsly looks like you except that he doesn't wear a shirt or a hat like you have, and his voice is that of a human boy whenever he talks sometime.

Muscles: Oh.

Butch: I had been waiting for this day. I had been preparing this, and now it's ruined. You were preparing for this day, too! Right, Tom, buddy?

Tom: (sniffs:) Right!

(Then the two cats resumed their crying. Muscles can't help but feel pity for them.)

Muscles (gently:) There, there. Take it easy. Go home and comfort each other.

(Butch and Tom nodded as they got up and started walking like zombies, still crying. Muscles watched and sighed a bit before returning home to his mouse hole.)

Jerry's Letter for Muscles/Ending

(Around between late evening and early night, at his mouse hole, Muscles is watching some television when he could hear the whistle blowing sounds.)

Muscles: (thinking:) Now that's the real mailman.

(The mouse then went out of his hole, and he is really surprised. There are two presents, and a letter attached to one of the present. Muscles took the letter, unfolded it and begin to read. But as this scene happened, the camera cuts to a close up of the writing on the paper, with Jerry's voice reading his cousin.)

Jerry (voice over): Dear Cousin Muscles, Tuffy and I had a really great time with Toodles Galore. We had so much fun, thanks to you. I really want to give thanks to you, so I send you these two presents. Hope you like it, and I really hope that I can come to your home someday. Keep in touch. Jerry.

(The camera cuts to a now-curious Muscles, who then unwrapped the presents and couldn't believe his very ears and ears. The presents are the big cheese and a cheese pie. The smell of the cheese has awe the strong mouse.)

Muscles: (thinking:) Amazing. That's a really great "thank you" present. Thanks, cousin. Now, how should I put these two inside?

(Muscles then started to put the two gifts inside the mouse hole. It was a bit difficult, but he is finally able to put the two inside, using his superhuman strength. With a smile on his face to the viewers, Muscles then went back to his hole, and the scene ends, fading into the background. Now, on a red background with a yellow circle, we see the ending titles.)

The End

A Tom and Jerry CARTOON

(The ending title sequence ended, dissolve into the darkness of the background.)

"Please Tune In" (Bonus Scene)

(After the cartoon ended, on the black background, Tuffy reappears to talk to the viewers.)

Tuffy: Well, everybody? That's the end of this fantastic Tom and Jerry cartoon, and I hope you have enjoyed it.

(Then Tom and Butch appear next to Tuffy, crying.)

Tuffy: (confused:) Tom and Butch? Why are you two crying?

Tom: (crying:) Don't you know what happened to us in the picture, Tuffy?

Butch: (crying:) We couldn't even get to date Toodles! We have been rejected! Wahh!

Tom: (nodding and crying:) But to make things even more worse, in this present-day, it looks Toodles will be disowning me as a husband, and to have your Uncle Jerry keep her as his second wife after your Aunt Chérie!

(The two cats then continue to cry like babies as Muscles and the still-talking Jerry arrives, along with the cat and mouse duo's own wifes, Toodles Galore and Toots "Chérie" Mouse, and their seven colorful kids; the purple kitten Slats, the blue kitten Jackie, the green kitten Coffee, the yellow mouse Tanner, the orange mouse George, the red mouse leo and the pink mouse Dorothy.)

Tuffy: (turned to his family, whispering:) From being happy, to being gloomy and crying.

Muscles: Yeah, Tuffy. Maybe it's because of that one-short cartoon the filmmakers made, your uncle Jerry and I feel sorry for them. (turns to Jerry:) Ain't you cousin?

Jerry: (nodding:)


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