Casey on Perspective is a Disney Channel educational sitcom and spin-off of Adopteez. It will also be produced by It's a Laugh Productions.


After being expelled from the Wilson family in Season 2 of Adopteez, Arc takes her to a strict, serious, behavioral therapist and lecturer named Mrs. Kersplatzki who results her hyperactive and impulsive attitude and lectures her on how to behave like a normal person and take people's perspectives, and even tells her to get rid of her bunny-ear hairstyle in the first episode; but Casey keeps goofing around and jokes about her lectures which infuriates her.


  • Casey (Casey Uy Araw-Araw, credited as Casey Sunnyday)
  • Arc (Arc Araw-Araw)
  • Mrs. Splatowski (TBA) is Casey's physical and mental behavioral therapist and lecturer who reprimands her when she messes up with her lectures and her name.
  • Catherine (Desiree Casado) is a client whom Mrs. Kersplatzki stops her from gossiping and letting Casey know that her statements are true.
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