Luck and His Pals is an American animated short directed by Chris Reccardi, being part of Cartoons Galore. It aired on Disney Channel on TBD 2001. It serves as a pilot for The Face Paint'nimal Gang.


The Animal Pack must TBD.

Voice cast



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  • Although Disney Channel didn't pick up for a full series, the short proved to be successful and it sparked interest from Cartoon Network on turning the pilot into a full television series.
  • John DiMaggio is the only one who would reprise the role in the proper series.
    • Joe Alaskey and Candi Milo did also return for the proper series, but got in different roles.
  • In this pilot, the Face Paint'nimal Gang were called The Animal Pack.
  • Gizmo was originally meant to be the youngest of the bunch, hence his kid-like voice, but as soon it got greenlit, he sounded slightly older.
    • Due to the fact he is a nerd, Candi Milo also voiced Dexter.
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