Cartoons Galore was an American animated television short series designed to be a competitor to Cartoon Network's What a Cartoon! and Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and it aired on Disney Channel from February 6th, 2000 until May 8th, 2005.


Note: * means they eventually become their own series.

Season 1

  1. Kaylia: Space Avenger in: Lost in Space* - 02/06/2000 - Kaylia is part of a space pirates crew who gets lost in space after a chase against a rival pirate crew.
  2. The Three Caballeros in: The Red Book - 02/13/2000 - When Donald finds out about a mythical book, he reunites with his old friends to find it out as such book allows them to travel through any kind of TBD.
  3. Nicos the Rat in: Shipwrecked - 02/20/2000 - A charismatic rat stows away on a ship that ends up crashing as he tries TBD.
  4. Carlos the Cat in: Mouse Thieves - 02/27/2000 - TBD
  5. Lady Hope in: The Slime* - 03/06/2000 - A teenage girl gains the power of the god of bravery, using it to battle against living slime with the help of her best friend who might harbor feelings for her.
  6. Andy Pugface in: Pugs Among Us - 03/13/2000 - TBD
  7. The Crab Crew in: Beach Day - 03/20/2000 - TBD
  8. Dr. Stein in: The Moleinator - 03/27/2000 - A mad scientist creates a machine to destroy moles who are invading his home.
  9. The Rescuers in: Cat Trap* - 04/TBD/2000 - TBD
  10. Goofy in: How to Build a Robot  - TBD - In this short, Goofy becomes interested on crafting a robot and tries TBD.
  11. Luck and His Pals* - TBD 2001 - TBD. Note: this pilot wasn't picked by Disney, but eventually got greenlit by Cartoon Network as The Face Paint'nimal Gang.


  • The series featured different styles of animation, including traditional animation, Flash animation, CGI animation and stop-motion.
  • Some shorts are part of an experimental series named The Mickey Mouse Project, featuring several shorts related to the Mickey Mouse universe made by different artists.
  • Some of the shorts had notable creators, including Chris Sanders, TBD.
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