Cartoon Nickelodeon (song) is a hip-hop song made by Kanye West with Snoop Dogg. It was released on July 24, 2020.


Cartoon Nickelodeon Network Shows featured

Major (both lyrics & music video)

Minor (music video only)


  • Snoop Dogg has previously sung the theme song of Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer.
  • Most of the swear words in this song are mild with only 3 strong ones being said.
  • In the beginning and end of the music video, it shows a cartoon version of Kayne West and Snoop Dog dancing.
    • Other cartoon versions of rappers appear too, joining Kayne West and Snoop Dogg in their dance. They include
      • Eminem
      • Chance Da Rapper
      • Future
      • Desiigner
      • Jay-Z
      • Waka Flocka Flame
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