Cartoon Nickelodeon: Prison Life is a comic book comedy crime series focusing on villains from Cartoon Nickelodeon Network shows.



  • Sfika the Wasp - The main antagonist of Gatopardos the Cheetah and is the primary protagonist.
  • Plankton - The main antagonist of SpongeBob SquarePants and is the secondary protagonist.
  • Brimstone - The main antagonist of Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer and tertiary protagonist.
  • Pinky and the Brain - The main protagonist villains from the show with the same name and are the main characters.
  • Madame Freakshow - The main antagonist of Eric and Claire and is Sfika's girlfriend.
  • Dr. Turbo and Angel the Bald Eagle - The main antagonists of The Cryptids and are the main characters.
  • Peppy Lion - The main antagonist of Agent Foxy and Pounce the Cat and is the main character.
  • Teary-Eyed Bryte - The main antagonist of The Chronicles of Collin the Speedy Boy and is the main character.


  • Aku - The main antagonist of Samurai Jack that appears in the 10th issue.
  • The Amoeba Boys - consisting of:
    • Bossman - TBD
    • Junior - TBD
    • Slim - TBD

Prison Workers

  • Warden Phantom - The main protagonist of Danny Phantom and one of the wardens in the prison.
  • Monkey Warden - A monkey prison warden from Velocity: The Dark Human Slayer that serves as one of the wardens.
  • Sam Mason - Warden Phantom's fiancee that serves as the Lunch Lady.

Other Characters (Heroes)


  1. Prison Life - TBD
  2. The Amoeba Boys - TBD
  3. Aku, Get Us Outta Here! - TBD


  • This is the first CNN comic to focus on villains rather than the heroes of their own shows.
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