Cartoon Nickelodeon: Future Wars is a science-fiction comedy-drama comic series featuring characters from Cartoon Nickelodeon Network.


Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were three regular people until they discover the world isn't real. They soon arrive at the future and see it is way different than they expected.



  • Yakko, Wakko and Dot - Three Neo-esque siblings and the main characters.
  • Velocity - A "Bothunter" and a Rick Deckard-esque character. He befriends the Warners.
  • Lincoln McLoud and Flappy Brown - A Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown-esque time travelers that help the Warners.
  • SpongeBob - A Thomas-Esque character who recently escaped a maze.


  • Otto Scratchansniff - A Morpheus-esque character and is the one that brought them to the future.
  • Hello Nurse - A Trinity-esque character and helper of Scratchansniff.
  • Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl - TBD
  • Lynn and Rita McLoud - George and Loraine McFly-esque characters that are Lincoln's parents.
  • Gatopardos, Skylos, and Gata - Three Steven Hiller-esque characters that are pilots.
  • Bigfoot - A Dom-esque character.
    • Alien - A Arthur-esque character and Bigfoot's life long companion
    • Nessie - TBD
    • Mothman - TBD
    • Chupacabra - TBD
  • Agent Foxy - TBD
  • Pounce the Cat - TBD
  • Mittens the Cat - TBD
  • Princess Sally - TBD


  • Agent Fudd, Crocker, and Loud - Three Agent Smith-esque characters with Elmer Fudd, Denzel Crocker and Lori Loud as the agents. They are the main antagonists.
  • Tetherby - a Biff Tannen-esque bully to Lynn McLoud.
  • Brain - A evil genius and created X-9.
    • X-9 - A Terminator-esque robot sent to kill whoever opposes her master.
  • Brimstone - a Roy Batty-esque Robot Human that leads a group of renegade robots.
    • Leni - TBD
    • Lynn - TBD
    • Brody - TBD


  1. The Future - The Warners had encountered a man named Otto Scratchansniff who wants them to go to the real world to stop a mysterious threat,
  2. The Agents - After arriving in the future the Warners encounter three agents.


  • Brimstone is the only Velocity villain to appear.
  • All Loud children appear however due to not being related Lori is the only one that keeps the last name Loud.
  • The first issue is based on the first few scenes of the Matrix.
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