Cartoon Nickelodeon: Fast and Furious is a action dramedy comic. It parodied Fast and Furious and three other action movies,


A group of street racers/criminals and their lives.



  • Collin Brady - a Dominic Toretto-esque character and is the main protagonist.
  • Bigfoot- a Brian O'Conner esque-character and duetronigist.
  • Baylee Mardis - a Mia Torreto-esque character and the sister of Collin and girlfriend of Bigfoot.
  • Lagan Fuller - a Letty Ortiz-esque character and later girlfriend of Collin.
  • TBD - a Roman Pearce-esque character and friend of Bigfoot.
  • TBD - a Tej Parker-esque character


  • Velocity - a Luke Hobbs-esque character.
  • Mothman - a Vince-esque character
  • Steven Speilberg - a Mr. Nobody-esque character.


  • Lori Loud - a Cipher-esque character and true main antagonist.
    • TBD - a Connor Rhodes-esque character and Lori's helper,
  • Brimstone - a Deckard Shaw-esque character and a antihero/antagonist.
  • Grimm - a Owen Shaw-esque character and a antihero/antagonist and Brimstone's brother.
    • TBD - a Vegh-esque character and Grimm's right hand woman,
    • TBD - a Riley Hicks-esque character and Grimm's mole with her as Velocity's new partner.
  • Chris Savino - a Herman Reyes-esque character and drug lord.
    • Butch Hartman - a Zizi-esque character and second in command of Chris Savino's army



  • Creators of the shows have roles in it,
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