Cartoon Nickelodeon: City of Horrors is an adult horror comic based on numerous horror movies and Cartoon Nickelodeon Network.


Six people arrive in a city where a bunch of scary monsters and demons rule the city, so the heroes have to liberate the city.



  • Bugs Bunny - a Paul Sheldon-esque character and the protagonist.
  • Alien - a gender-swapped Ellen Ripley-esque character and the deuteragonist.
  • Baylee Mardis - a Carrie-esque character and is the triagonist of the comic.
  • Scarlett - TBD
  • Dexter - TBD
  • Eric - TBD


  • Petunia Pig - TBD
  • Sam Pussycat - TBD
  • Otto Scratchansniff - TBD
  • Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup - TBD
  • The Loser Club - a group of children that helped Bugs and his friends at times.
    • Timmy Turner - TBD
    • Lincoln Loud - TBD
    • Buster Bunny - TBD
    • Babs Bunny - TBD
  • Sam Manson - a Sarah Connor-esque character.
  • Skulker - a Hannibal Lecter-esque character who serves as an anti-hero.


  • Velocity - a Jason Voorhees-esque character and one of the three main antagonists.
  • The Doggie Family - an Armitage family-esque family of four dogs that hypnotize people into being hosts of their old friends and relatives. They are also one of the three main antagonists.
    • George Doggie - a Dean Armitage-esque character and a neurosurgeon.
    • Linda Doggie - TBD
    • Jillian Doggie - TBD
    • Tyler Doggie - TBD
  • Daffy Duck - an It-esque character and the final of the three main antagonists.
  • Lola Bunny - an Annie Wilkes-esque character and number one fan of Bugs Bunny.
  • Dee Dee - TBD
  • Mark Chang - an Xenomorph-esque character.
  • Claire the Ghost - TBD
  • Granny - an Margaret White-esque character and Baylee's mother.
  • Lori Loud - a bully to Baylee in the school. She dies during the Black Prom, but she still antagonizes Baylee in her mind.
  • Foghorn Leghorn - a Jack Torrance-esque character.
  • Porky Pig - a Norman Bates-esque character.
  • Scooby-Doo - a Cujo-esque dog with killer rabies.
  • Mojo Jojo - a Ghostface-esque character.
  • Cosmo - a Michael Myers-esque character.
  • Danny Phantom - a Terminator-esque character. He later redeems and helps the heroes.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - a Freddy Kruger-esque character.
  • Invader Zim - a Chucky the Doll-esque character.
  • Sylvester Pussycat - a John Krammer/the Jigsaw Killer-esque character.
    • Tweety Bird - a Billy the Puppet-esque character who is Sylvester's apprentice.
    • Kitty Catswell - an Amanda Young-esque character who is also Sylvester's apprentice.
  • Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 - a Regan McNeil-esque character.
  • Rocko - a Candyman-esque character.
  • Yakko, Wakko and Dot - a Children of the Corn-esque characters.


  1. Misery - Bugs Bunny gets saved from death by Nurse Lola Bunny. However, Bugs discovers Lola can get crazy.
  2. Alien - TBD
  3. Baylee - TBD


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