Cartoon Network Girls Fashion Show is an upcoming simulation and fashion game in 2025.


This game is referenced to Nintendo's Style Savvy series.


The custom girl starts to enter the show of girls around the world showing their fashion skills and designs.


This roster shows a list of female characters from the shows.

Characters Series Preferred Style English VA Spanish VA French VA Japanese VA
Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Gorgeous and Lovely Hynden Walch
Marceline Adventure Time Mature and Lively Olivia Olson
Dee Dee Dexter's Laboratory Cute and Lovely Kat Cressida
Anais Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Cute and Pure Kyla Rae Kowalewski
Nicole Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Simple and Delicate Teresa Gallagher
Gwen Tennyson Ben 10 Lively and Simple Montse Hernandez
Blossom The Powerpuff Girls Simple and Cute Amanda Leighton
Bubbles The Powerpuff Girls Cool and Cute Kristen Li
Buttercup The Powerpuff Girls Cute and Lively Natalie Palamides
Bliss The Powerpuff Girls Lively and Pure Olivia Olson
Raven Teen Titans Go! Mature and Cool Tara Strong
Starfire Teen Titans Go! Lovely and Cool Hynden Walch
Enid OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! Hot and Lively Ashly Burch
Karol OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! Simple and Mature Kate Flannery
Kelsey Craig of the Creek Simple and Lively Noël Wells
Jessica Craig of the Creek Cute and Simple Lucia Cunningham
Unikitty Unikitty! Lovely and Cute Tara Strong
Vambre Mighty Magiswords Mature and Lovely Grey Griffin
Garnet Steven Universe Elegent and Mature Estelle
Amethyst Steven Universe Cool and Lively Michaela Dietz
Pearl Steven Universe Elegent and Pure Deedee Magno-Hall
Peridot Steven Universe Pure and Cool Shelby Rabara
Connie Maheswaran Steven Universe Delicate and Pure Grace Rolek
Rose Quartz Steven Universe Gorgeous and Elegant Susan Egan
Tulip Van Helsing Infinity Train Simple and Warm Ashley Johnson
Chloe Park We Bare Bears Simple and Pure Charlyne Yi
Hedgehog Summer Camp Island Delicate and Simple Oona Laurence
Charlene Victor and Valentino Delicate and Cute Cristina Milizia
Maia Winifred Parker Mega Celestial Maia: Intergalactic Sorceress Delicate and Warm K'Maya Smith
Lucy Newton Mega Celestial Maia: Intergalactic Sorceress Lively and Simple Britt McKillip
Gena Ramirez-Akiyama Kabuki Akiyama Z Hot and Lovely Mila Kunis
Annie Akiyama Kabuki Akiyama Z Delicate and Lively Sarah Anne Williams
Callie Newman Kabuki Akiyama Z Lovely and Pure Connor Kelly-Eiding
Deborah Patterson Kabuki Akiyama Z Hot and Cool Reagan Gomez-Preston
Ember Kabuki Akiyama Z Lively and Cool Jennifer Hale
Estelle Wilde Mystical Masketeers Simple and Elegant Rena Strober
Romina Perez Mystical Masketeers Lively and Hot Alanna Ubach
Betty Johnson Mystical Masketeers Mature and Elegent Caitlin Glass
Ying-Ying Chang Mystical Masketeers Cool and Gorgeous Janice Kawaye
Agathe Faucheaux Mystical Masketeers Gorgeous and Warm Cassandra Lee Morris
Felicity Lindhearst Mystical Masketeers Pure and Lovely Laura Post

Guest Characters (DLC)

Characters Series Preferred Style English VA Japanese VA
Princess Peach Mario (Only on Nintendo Switch) Lovely and Gorgeous Samantha Kelly
Princess Zelda The Legend of Zelda (Only on Nintendo Switch) Elegant and Lovely
Isabelle Animal Crossing (Only on Nintendo Switch) Delicate and Lively
Amy Rose Sonic the Hedgehog (All Platforms) Cute and Lovely Cindy Robinson Taeko Kawata
Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot (All Platforms) Simple and Lively Debi Derryberry Haruna Ikezawa
Tracer Overwatch (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) Mature and Delicate Cara Theobold
Barbie Roberts Barbie series (All Platforms) Simple and Lovely America Young
Yasmin Bratz series (All Platforms) Lively and Simple Maryke Hendrikse
McKeyla McAlister Project Mc2 series (All Platforms) Lively and Cool Mika Abdalla
Frankie Stein Monster High (All Platforms) Pure and Simple Cassandra Lee Morris
Ruby Rose RWBY (All Platforms) Cute and Mature Lindsay Jones


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  • Milan
  • Paris
  • New Yokyo City
  • Rome
  • Madrid
  • Baltimore


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