Anime X Cartoon Heroes Unite is an upcoming crossover film where Hyper Blossom Rolling Bubbles Powered Buttercup and a gang of heroes go to an amazing journey to the big Action and go through strange places Meanwhile All Villains has some plans to destroy the heroes Will Powerpuff Girls Z and her friends discover there memories To Find "The Master Howl"? Coming to Youtube and Netflix December 31, 2008.(Note do not delete this this is so valuable!) Made by Warner Bros Pictures,Cartoon Network Movies, Paramount,Disney,Nickelodeon, Ambiln Entertainment,Toei Animation,4Kids films,Walt Disney Animation Studios




Blossom/Hyper Blossom

Bubbles/Rolling Bubbles

Buttercup/Powered Buttercup










Buster Bunny

Babs Bunny

Plucky Duck



Mac and Bloo

Winnie The Pooh



Huey Dewey And Louie

Ed Edd n Eddy

Alvin Simon and Theatore

The Warners Yakko Wakko and Dot


Air conditoner

Mojo Jojo

Evil Elf

Monster Frankenstein

All Darktoons and Enemies (From Rayman Origins)


Howl's Castle (Final Battle)


What a Beautiful Day

Off to an action

Theme songs of anime and cartoon heroes' shows

Sunshine Power

Dragon Soul

Naruto's Song

Sing Ho For a life of a bear

Final Battle Begins Of!

Kick It Up The Notch (End Credits Song)

Patrick Star (End Credits Song)

Sandy squirrel (End Credits Song)


(From the air conditoner scene)

.Bubbles (Crying)

.Vegeta Oh cry CRY! Weep Wail Sob It's disgusting every Time I can't believe it Every Single Time! Give

me that Stupid Picture.

.Blossom No Vegeta It's mine Master picture Give it back to Bubbles.

.Vegeta Whimp.

.Blossom Let GO!

.Vegeta No.

.Chowder Let Go Of That Picture!

.Sophie LET GO It's MY Bubbles Picture.

.Kiki No I'm Sorry? MRS SOPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winnie The Pooh: No.

Ed: Pizzas and Picture its Mine!

.Rocko Thats So Unfair!

.(The Heroes arguing for the photo)

.(Photo falls and breaks)

.Everyone: (Gasp)

.Everyone: Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

.Sophie: Oh Nooooooooooo.

,( Everyone walks to the broken photo sadly)

.Buster:Well we broke the master's photo and this time *sniff* Were Goners.

(wind blows) (air conditoner laughs)

Chowder: What are you laughing at?

Air condictoner:Why absoulutley nothing nothing at all

Mac: I think he was laughing at us

Air condictoner:You know something mac ? your just a weirdo

Bloo: Thanks......Hey

Goku:In other cartoons I find it really creepy that one of the villans know our names

Air condictoner: You guys really have an attachment for that kid dont ya ?

Kiki:He was a great master

Air condictoner:So what he's a kid he has a family they move away he moves it's pure and simple besides by the time he's 40 he'll just forget us and just throw us away

.Buttercup:He's lying......Isn't he?

Vegeta: Well why don't you just shut off?

Air condictoner: Pretty scared there vegeta what are you gonna do electrecute me?

Vegeta:Well have you talked to the Master Howl? Pretty soon he'll just enter that door and he'll remember us

Dot: you'll see

Plunky Duck; You really think so?

Buttercup:I'm not talking to you

Air conditcer: Seriously stop with this whole nonsese I't been years it's time for a Fight.

Blossom: Well you can do what you like were not gonna give up hope

Air:condictor: How inspired that you will make me crawl like a baby anytime now

Blossom:I think your jealous

Air condictoner:Sure im jealous for a bunch of dimwits

Gohan: Dim? I honsetly have no idea what that means

Chowder:Yeah the master would never play with you


(air continder blows angrliy)

Piglet: Wh Wh Wh Wh What It's it.

Air condicotner: so it's back to that stupid static again you think i don't know what's going on here? i know what goes on in this cottage is a conspiracy and every one of you what is in on it just cause you can move around you think you're better than i am I'M NOT AN INFINIT I WAS DESINGED TO STICK IN A WALL I LIKE BEING STUCK IN THIS STUPID WALL I CAN'T HELP IT IF THE KID WAS REALLY SHORT TO REACH MY DIALS

Huey: But we Did'nt mean it really.

Air condictoner; IT'S MY FUNCTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chowder: No Wait! Wait!

Winnie the Pooh:His Gonna Blow!

Bloo:Guys over there!

Tigger: Take Cover!

(Giant Explosion)

Bubbles:Poor Air condictoner

Tigger: I never knew he'd takin it so hard

Goku: Well he was a jerk anyway

Eddy:He just exploded just like this KABLAM!

(From The Action and Adventure Begins scene)

Tigger:I can't believe Kiki's missing this.

Sopine:Missing what?

Tigger:Of Action who hoho Hoooo of course!

Kiki:(runs)(paints) What did I miss?

Blossom: We did not even started?

Buster:What a reliff.

more coming soon

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