Cartoon Carnival is an American animated short series created as a competitor for Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon! and The Cartoonstitute, Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons and Random! Cartoons, and Disney Channel's Cartoons Galore, and has aired on Universal Kids since September 27th, 2019.


Note: * means the short gains its own cartoon.

Season 1 (2019-2020)

  1. Shocktopus in: Gardening Day - 09/27/2019 - An octopus made out of electricity tries to take care of his sea garden.
  2. Heat and Cold in: A Not So Normal Picnic* - 09/28/2019 - Two humanoids representing Heat (as a girl) and Cold (as a boy) try to go on a picnic yet it fails.
  3. Benjamin, Lord of Darkness in: The Golem - 09/29/2019 - A self claimed lord of evil, Benjamin, summons a golem to attack a village, yet it soon fails to destroy it.
  4. The Faux Fox in: The Huge Con - 10/05/2019 - A criminal fox who has been known for conning people attempts to pull off one huge con.
  5. Lucy Mach in: It Came From Around My New School - 10/12/2019 - 10-year old Lucy Mach has started her first year in middle school and is rather shy about it, but she soon learns that there are rumors that her middle school is filled with supernatural occurrences, as she discovers a jellyfish-like creature roaming around the school.
  6. Chloe Retriever and Friends in: Chloe vs. The Bullies* - 10/19/2019 - A cheerful teenage golden retriever named Chloe, along with grumpy Cal Kittiham, comedic Perry Parson, intelligent Stanley Hamston, and quiet Finn Golds are outcasts as they try to live their lives, only to be confronted by a duo of bullies who keep harassing them, so they try to prove them that they are better.
  7. Snape and Spencer in: Attack of the Sewer Alligators - 10/26/2019 - A duo of a smart-mouthed blue snake named Snape and a short-tempered red spider named Spencer have recently applied for a job as sewage workers, but things go crazy when they get attacked by a group of alligators that live in the sewer.
  8. Biometa Academy in: Field Trip* - 11/02/2019 - An academy was formed to train superhumans also known as Biometas as a class of them go on a field trip that gets ruined by a villain.
  9. Lemone and Been in: Meet Been!* - 11/09/2019 - A teenager named Lemone, after having a huge birthday party, befriends a tiny alien named Been who became attracted to his hip-hop music, but becomes a problem when a gang notices Been and tries to expose him, so Lemone must stop them.
  10. ClydeBorg and the Guys in the Past in: Bringing Up The Past* - 11/16/2019 - A cyborg named Clyde, or as he called himself, ClydeBorg, decides to bring a caveman, viking, pirate, knight, and a cowboy from the past in hopes of making them strong enough to fight a huge threat that has recently came to his city, but things don't go out so well.
  11. Dr. Jacqueline and Blobby in: Multi-Blobbies - 11/23/2019 - A female mad scientist and her blob sidekick have a new problem when Jacqueline's latest invention multiplied Blobby.
  12. Betty Jacobson, Henchwoman For Hire in: The Night Shift - 11/30/2019 - Betty Jacobson is your regular teenage girl, except she is also a hired henchwoman for any supervillain as she gets assigned to help the villainous Dr. Crater, extract rocks from the Moon.
  13. A Spy and His Bug in: Explosion Patrol - 12/07/2019 - World famous spy, Sam Scurmish and his spider partner, Sticky, arrive to a military base to prevent it from blowing up.
  14. El Leche in: First Fight - 12/14/2020 - A Hispanic cow, calling himself El Leche, wants to become a world famous wrestler as he combats another unknown wrestler, the Goatstroyer.
  15. Goldie and Red in: The Pickled Heist* - 12/21/2019 - Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood are the greatest thieves in Enchancland as they plot to steal all of Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers.
  16. Fear Laura in: Claustrophobia* - 12/28/2019 - Fear Laura is a spectral being who gains energy from causing fear as she places a bully in a small room for both energy and to impress a boy.
  17. Chamele-man in: How To Be A Hero - 01/04/2020 - In a dangerous city, after discovering that he can somehow camoflague onto random surfaces, a young man decides to make himself a hero in order to stop criminals.
  18. Fred the Mermaid in: The Curse - 01/11/2020 - A normal teenager named Fred, gets cursed to whenever he enters water, he becomes a female mermaid named Fiona as he tries to avoid getting in the pool for swimming class.
  19. Musical Lady in: Why I Hate Cats - 01/18/2020 - A teenager lives in a world where people can use their singing voice as weapons as she combats a psychopathic cat lady.
  20. The Normal Twins in: Arrival to Earth - 01/25/2020 - Two infamous planet conquerors arrive to Earth to conquer it, disguising themselves as humans as they learn that they need "parents".
  21. Gregory, Gordon, and Damian in: The Better Scarer - 02/01/2020 - A ghost, a ghoul, and demon, all jealous of each other, try various techniques of scaring people to prove that they are scarier.
  22. Construction Beaver in: The Broken Dam - 02/08/2020 - A beaver works on a dam that keeps on breaking for an unknown reason.
  23. Devin, Rex, and Drake in: Brought to Life, At Last - 02/15/2020 - A little boy named Devin finds a book that he doesn't realize is magical until he made a wish that dinosaurs still lived and dragons actually existed, as he ended up summoning a T-Rex and dragon named Rex and Drake.
  24. The Spirit Warrior in: Dawning of Spirits* - 02/22/2020 - A teenage girl learns she can harness spirits and she has to stop normal humans possessed by dark spirits as she combats a dark spirit possessed bully.
  25. Snake Jake in: Outback Chaos - 02/29/2020 - A snake named Jake sneaks to the outback as he nearly dies various times but ends up escaping due to like.
  26. SizeDroid in: A Tiny Problem - 03/07/2020 - A scientist's new invention, the SizeDroid, explores the lab until he encounters a group of gnats that attack him.
  27. Ivy in: It's Me or the Werewolf* - 03/14/2020 - A teenage girl named Ivy decides to stay home alone while the rest of her family heads out to a restaurant, but things get awry when she finds out that a werewolf is lurking around as it then tries to break into Ivy's house, so she decides to come up with a plan to defend herself.
  28. Igor and Helena in: Back to Transylvania* - 03/21/2020 - A vampire couple who lived in a small town, move back to Transylvania as they befriend some of the castle's beings.
  29. Dr. Cookonutz in: The Escapees - 03/28/2020 - A mad scientist named Dr. Cookonutz has captured a woman, a teenage boy, an old man, a little girl, and a puppy in order to use them for dangerous experiments, but it becomes a problem when they continuously try to escape.
  30. NeoEarth Corporation in: Asteroid Mining - 04/04/2020 - Two best friends working for the corporation named NeoEarth is forced to mine a mysterious asteroid to help their goal of creating a second Earth using a new form of energy.
  31. Eileen Cunningham in: The Golden Eye* - 04/11/2020 - An adventurer known as Eileen Cunningham, travels to Peru to collect an eye made out of gold.
  32. My Pest Friend in: New Friends Indeed - 04/18/2020 - A 4-year old little boy encounters a mouse in the hallway and befriends it, but his neat freak teenage sister wants to get rid of it, so he has to hide it from her.
  33. Apocalypse Store in: Red Friday - 04/25/2020 - A shy girl runs a store for the apocalypse as soon the store gets busy for being the holiday called Red Friday.

Season 2 (2020-2021)

  1. A Literal CowGirl in: Beyond the Moorizon - 07/11/2020 - A cowgirl cow travels around her western town to stop the Pighide bandits.
  2. The Misfortunate Molly Max in: Circus Issues - 07/18/2020 - Molly Max is the world's most unfortunate girl as barely anything goes her way, this is proven when a trip to the circus becomes a catastrophe with stampeding elephants, crazy knife throwers and a creepy clown.
  3. The Steam Punk in: Normal City - 07/25/2020 - A teenager calling himself the Steam Punk does various actions in a steampunk world to stop an evil government as he gets in a chase with the corrupt police.
  4. The Class Clown in: Clownin' Around - 08/01/2020 - a young clown is a high school student as he wants to make everyone laugh, but it becomes a problem when he starts to get in trouble.
  5. Shogun Robot in: Training Day - 08/08/2020 - A robot programmed by a fan of samurai movies to become a shogun trains his skills on a bunch of watermelon with faces on them.
  6. Game On in: Stuck in a Game - 08/15/2020 - Two best friends after buying the latest installment in their favorite game series, get trapped inside the game as their avatars as they have to combat every boss and complete every mission in order to escape the game.
  7. The Moon Gorilla in: Moon Day - 08/22/2020 - A gorilla named Grant has been sent to the moon by a space agency as an experiment to explore its far side when they couldn't find chimps who don't mind being part of it. Grant wants to go back to Earth, but is unable to, but he soon encounters an alien civilization that lives inside of the moon and decides to live with them.
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  33. TBD - 02/20/2021 - TBD


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