Cartman and Stan's family consists of the family members related to Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh, who are first cousins.


The family tree goes back through Cartman and Stan's great-great grandparents, Natalie Goldberg and Julio Pérez. Natalie was a Ashkenazi Jew who immigrated from Poland to the United States. Natalie's ancestors were from Germany, Poland, Russia, and Romania. Julio was a Black-Indian born to a Native American mother and a Afro-Latino father. Natalie had two younger brothers, Benny and Horace. While Julio had one older sister named Gloria. Julio's family left the reservation when Julio was seven. Natalie and Julio first met at a music parlor in Nashville, Tennessee. Natalie was sixteen and Julio was fifteen respectively. They initially bonded over their shared talent in music, eventually forming a friendship. Overtime, their friendship gradually turned into a romantic relationship, which soon developed into a marriage. At the age of eighteen, Natalie gave birth to her first child named Pablo. She later gave birth to three other children, Elena, Victoria, and Alona.

Unfortunately, a few months after Alona's first birthday, Julio died of tetanus when he stepped on a rusty nail. Needing to support her family, Natalie started a home bakery, which proved highly successful. Soon she taught everything she knew about baking to her children, brothers, and other family members. This tradition went on for decades until Natalie's death sometime in her mid-seventies. Despite Natalie's death, her legacy lives on.

Despite Pablo, Elena, Victoria, and Alona all being ethnically Jewish on account of their mother being Jewish, they were non-practicing in Judaism and since Julio was Catholic, he wanted them baptized in a Catholic Church, and thus, they were raised Catholic. The four siblings went on to start their own families.

Pablo married a Romanian woman named Sofia, and together they had one son named Carl. But Carl did not marry or have any kids, thus ending the branch on the family tree. But the family tree does not stop there, Pablo's siblings had more children. Elena married a Brazilian American man named Rodrigo Santos, they had three kids, Francisco, Francine, and Jonathan. Due to Rodrigo being born and raised in Brazil, he spoke Portuguese and thus taught his kids Brazilian Portuguese.

Francisco married a Luxembourgish woman named Alicia and had two daughters with her, their names are Marie and Emma. Marie married a man named Benjamin and had two daughters with him, their names are Kelly Rutherford-Menskin and Kelly Pinkerton-Tinfurter. Both of those surnames were inspired by Benjamin's idols Martin Rutherford-Menskin and Sean Pinkerton-Tinfurter. Marie later married Daniel Tanner, Sr. and they had a son named Daniel. Emma fell in love with a man named Derek Ryland. They were dating for several years until Emma informed Derek that she was pregnant. Derek broke up almost immediately after hearing these words. Several months later Emma gave birth to a daughter named Monica. About a year later, Emma gave birth to another kid named Casey Miller, however the father is unknown. Emma then married a man named Aaron O'Connell and gave birth to their child Dougie. The marriage gained Monica and Casey a stepfather. Jonathan married a woman named Amelia and had three kids with her, their names are Guerriero, William, and Coco (the woman from "Eek, a Penis!" who said "A penis where?" as seen here). Guerriero married a woman named Rosa and they had three kids, Danny (the boy with the orange shirt with brown stripes, brown pants, and blue shoes), Milan[1] (the girl who is part of the Cows Girls' volleyball team, she is the girl Cartman gave back a flier in "Cock Magic") and Blake (the boy with the Vegan shirt from "Let Them Eat Goo"). William married a woman named Rachael and they had a child named Charlie (The sixth grader with the long-sleeved blue T-shirt, a green collar, a green hat that is similar to Stan's but without the puffball, matching dark blue pants and gloves and black shoes). William also had one extramarital love affair with a woman named Riley Kline, Riley gave birth to a boy named Henry (the boy from "Put It Down" who announced a memorial service for the students lost to distracted driving). William was unaware of the pregnancy. Francine married a man named Augustus Jefferson Testaburger, they had four together, Murrey, Gerald, and Sean, and Luca. Murrey met a Jewish woman named Rita Abelman, while they were in college. Before marrying her, Murrey converted to her faith. They soon became the parents of three kids, Francis, Louis, Lada (the unnamed female character with red hair, a purple jacket, and a scarf; she is the girl looking angrily above Butters in this image). Murrey and Rita then divorced around Lada's fourth birthday. Rita then remarried with a man named Bruce Handler, who had a son named Chad, which gained Rita a stepson. Gerald began dating a woman named Sheila Broflovski while he was studying law to become a lawyer. Shortly after his graduation from law school they got married, but immediately following their marriage Gerald adopted Sheila's surname and like his brother subsequently converted to Judaism. They soon had one son, they named him Kyle. They also adopted a Canadian boy named Peter Gintz years later, but they renamed him Ike. Sean married a woman named Janet, who is coincidentally a sister of Sheila. They soon had a single daughter named Wendy. Luca later changed his last name to "Larsen" is favor of his paternal half-uncle, whom he wanted to follow the footsteps in enlisting in the US Military. Luca married a woman named Julia and she gave birth to two daughters, Millie and Flora.

Victoria married a man named Darwin Turner, who was of Afro-Latin/Afro-Hispanic descent. They had four kids together. Thomas, Amy, Larry, and Alexa. Thomas married a woman named Cleo and they had four kids, Thomas Tucker, Skeeter, Moira, and Carol Tucker-McCormick. Each of them had kids respectively. Thomas married a woman named Laura and they had two kids, Craig and Tricia. Skeeter had one daughter named Cara. Moira had a daughter named Red. Carol married an unemployed alcoholic named Stuart McCormick, and they had three kids, Kevin, Kenny, and Karen. Larry married a woman named Lucy and they had three kids. They named them Thomas, Dylan, Kelly, Naomi, and Oliver. Thomas married a woman named Nancy and they had two kids, Heidi and Asher (the boy with the blond hair and green jacket), although Asher is not seen with his family very often. Dylan married a woman named Samantha and they had one son named Arlo (the boy with the earmuffs). Unbeknownst to Samantha, Dylan was also having an having an affair with a woman named Jamie and then got her pregnant. Jamie soon gave birth to Cody (the boy with the C Cap). Kelly gave birth to two kids, Sally and Tommy. Oliver had one son named Billy. Oliver had two kids named Eddie and Eleanor (the girl with the green jacket and long brown hair with parted bangs; she was sitting next to Kenny while Cartman and Heidi sang "Let's Come Together as a School"). Naomi had one daughter named Lizzy. Alexa had one son named William. William later had a daughter named Nichole with his wife.

Alona met a Mexipino named Carlos Rodriguez, a man who was of Spanish and Chinese Filipino heritage from his father's side, and Mexican heritage from his mother's side. Carlos' father was from Zamboanga City, while his mother was from Santiago de Querétaro. Carlos spoke fluently in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Chavacano (a Spanish-based creole). Carlos had one brother named Diego and one half-sister named Imelda de la Cruz. Carlos was six years older than Alona. They soon united in Holy Matrimony on Christmas day. Alona was fourteen and Carlos was Twenty. To this union fourteen children were born: Mario (at age 15), Luisa (at age 16), Leonardo (at age 17), Rosita (at age 19), Berto (at age 20), Arnold (at age 22), Cynthia (at age 24), Hugo (at age 28), Carolina (at age 29), Rosa (at age 30), Wanda (at age 34), Melissa (at age 39), Isabella (at age 40) and Camila (at age 44). Isabella had an affair with a man named MacDonald Kern, and they had one son named Jimbo at the age of 17. Isabella's birthday is January 5th. She is eighteen months younger than Melissa, but they were in the same grade due to Alona and Carlos changing her birth certificate. She and Mac met while A few years later Isabella fell in love with another man named Marvin Marsh, and they began a relationship. She then started a relationship with Marvin, and less then a year after their marriage they had a son, they named him Randy. Two years later Isabella gave birth to another son named Jack. Three months after Jack's birth, Isabella grew a lump on her neck, which was potentially cancerous and she needed immediate surgery for it to be removed. This is also not helped by the fact that both she and Marvin were struggling financially at the time. Not having enough money to support three children and rent an apartment, Marvin and Isabella found no other choice but to give Jack up for adoption. Isabella gave Jack to her old childhood friend Bathsheba Sparrow, who was married to a man named Franklin Tenorman. Bathsheba and Franklin soon grew attached to Jack so they adopted him and changed his last name to Tenorman. Nearly two years later, after Marvin gets a new job and they are doing much better financially, Isabella gives birth to Jackie, on April 8th. Exactly one year later, Isabella gives birth to twins, Sarah and Jake (the man who Satan is holding in this image). Later that year, Isabella gave birth to Fynn (Mr. Mackey's neighbor), who was born one month early. At the age of 33, Isabella gives birth to Maggie. She would later give birth to three other kids relatively simultaneously as each of them were born within a yearly period. Their names are Cillian (the cab driver from Erection Day), Clara (the woman from Goobacks who Cartman proposed $8,000 to shovel the snow off her driveway), and Elise (the woman with short orange hair and orange eyebrows, red lipstick, a simple yellow long-sleeved V-neck shirt, dark red pants, and black shoes; she and her husband Jack Garrett joined Cartman's rally in "The Passion of the Jew"). Shortly after Elise's second birthday, Isabella and Marvin divorced, citing irreconcilable differences. Randy, Jackie, Sarah, Jake, and Fynn were raised by Marvin while Maggie, Cillian, Clara, and Elise were brought up by Isabella. Jimbo had already headed off for college at that point. Each of Isabella and Marvin's kids had children of their own.

At the age of seventeen, Randy earned a full scholarship to attend the United States Naval Academy, as he had high GPA scores and his father encouraged him to attend, and thus Randy dropped out of high school to attend the college. While there, Randy roomed with Peter Nelson, and coincidentally his half-brother Jimbo, who had been studying at the academy in hopes of becoming a navy officer. Randy was a member of the Navy Midshipmen. Randy graduated from the academy with a triple-major degree of robotics and control engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry. Randy then went to Humboldt State University as a marine-science major. He minored in art. While he was attending the university, he had a summer job as a fry cook and lobster boiler at a fast-food seafood restaurant in San Diego. Four years later he earned a masters degree in marine biology. Randy enrolled in University of Pennsylvania where he began doctoral studies in geology. The summer before his last year at UPenn, Randy attended Woodstock music festival, where he met a woman named Sharon Kimble. They engaged in a friendly conversation. After about an hour, Randy told Sharon that she had all the qualities he wanted for a wife. Sharon was baffled, stating that they had just met, but Randy insisted that she was the woman he would want to be with for the rest of his life. Randy asked Sharon to see her again. She readily accepted his invitation to a weekend party. They continued to see each other regularly even when Randy went back to school. After many months of spending time together, Sharon began to reciprocate Randy's feelings. Sharon then attended Randy's graduation when he received a Ph.D. degree in Geology. Two months later Randy and Sharon married, but Sharon was dismayed when Randy dressed as Columbus for their wedding. Randy and Sharon soon became the parents of two kids, Shelly and Stan.

After being adopted by Bathsheba Sparrow and her husband, Jack was relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado where he was raised alongside his adoptive brothers Zachary and Darwin. Both Bathsheba and Franklin were of Sephardic Jewish ancestry. They are both descended from the Iberian Peninsula, with Bathseba being from Spain and Franklin being from Portugal. Bathsheba and Franklin's original family names were Saldanha and Tabueña, respectively. Jack's spoken language at home was Ladino (also known as Judaeo-Spanish) and Lusitanic (also known as Judaeo-Portuguese). Bathsheba and Franklin also spoke Standard Spanish and Standard Portuguese. While Franklin easily understood Bathsheba when she spoke Spanish, she often had trouble understanding Franklin when he spoke Portuguese, this is stemmed from the fact that Portuguese speakers can understand Spanish better than vice versa is because their language contains all the sounds and vowels along with additional sounds that do not exist in Spanish, particularly the very difficult "ão" sound. So as a compromise, they spoke Portunhol (a simplified mixture of Spanish and Portuguese) around each other so they can have a better comprehension of what they are saying. Bathsheba's mother was an Irish Jew who was of Ashkenazic Jewish ancestery. She had red hair, and Bathsheba took her hair color. In his childhood, Jack was raised agnostic and secular. Jack also had a maddening fascination in sports, particularly football. Jack was educated at Fort Collins Elementary School with his nonbiological brothers. Jack often participated in sports activities. Jack was a straight A student, an excellent athlete, and played the piano for the chorus and was president of the choir counsel. As a result, Jack was a very popular high school student and was admired by many girls. While at school, Jack had a part-time job at a Pizza Hut. Following his graduation from Centennial High School, Jack enrolled at Colorado School of Mines. In his sophomore year at Mines, Jack began dating a eighteen year old high school graduate named Gwen Schmidt, whom he would later end up marrying. Gwen was of the Roman Catholic faith, and before marrying her, and after being raised agnostic his whole life, Jack converted to her faith. Jack graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Shortly after this, Jack joined the Marine Corps. He returned home with an honorable discharge a few years later. A short while after this, Jack became a member of the Denver Broncos. Jack and Gwen later conceived a baby named Scott. Despite his happy relationship with his wife, he has had an affair with a promiscuous woman named Liane Cartman, having intercourse with her on two separate occasions. The first time they had an affair it was about 3-4 years before the Drunken Barn Dance, which gained them both a daughter. However, Liane let Cartman's sister live with a family member about three months prior to the events of Cartman Gets an Anal Probe. The second time was at the Drunken Barn Dance when Liane had sex with Jack and she was pregnant the next day. It is unknown if Jack knew about the pregnancy. Nine months later Liane gave birth to Eric. Jack was later killed by his own son following his revenge plan against Scott.

In her childhood, Jackie greatly idolized her paternal grandfather Thomas Marsh (born Thomas Pantano), who was a gifted surgeon. Thomas was of Mexican origin and possessed African, European, and Native American ancestry. She also looked up to her grandmother, Angela Marsh (née Glückman), who was a well-known respected philanthropist and pharmacist. Angela was Jewish. She was of half Thessalonian, one-quarter French, and one-quarter Ukrainian Jewish ancestry. Marvin's spoken languages at home when he was a child was Spanish, French, and Russian and thus taught his kids the languages. Marvin ran several dress-manufacturing businesses following his retirement from the steel mill. Jackie was a shy child and received decent grades in school. Jackie was quite socially awkward and did not have many friends. She spent most of her time with her sister Sarah. Just before her freshman year of high school, Marvin decided to remove Jackie and Sarah from the public school system. Jackie attended Mullen High School in the nearby town of Denver. Jackie took part in the drama and music club. While in school, Jackie had a part-time job as a daycare assistant. Following her graduation from high school, Jackie moved to New York City to attend Barnard College. Jackie then earned a sociology degree from Barnard College and later enrolled at Johns Hopkins University's School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland. She thrived in all of her studies and was valedictorian of her class, and elected student body president. She graduated with top honors and received a masters' degree in nursing. After earning her diploma, Jackie returned to South Park and got a job as a nurse practitioner at Hell's Pass Hospital. A few months later, Jackie was a attending a Christmas party at the hospital when she met a man named Todd, who was of Chinese Brazilian descent. Todd looked rather frantic and hysterical. Jackie asked what was wrong and Todd pulled her to the side and revealed the reason why he was behaving so strangely. He revealed that he was on the run from street gangs. When Todd was living in São Paulo, he had a confrontation with a street gang that threatened to kill him. Todd would give them money out of fear whenever they asked, and they would frequently beat him up if he made mistakes, and even at one point forced him to become a member. They forced him to do horrible things like breaking and entering, armed robbery, arson, company espionage, etc. Todd left the gang but his former co-workers would not allow that, and they threatened to kill him if they ever saw him again and would follow him if they wanted too. To ensure that the gang members would never find him, Todd fled to the United States and adopted a new surname. He also revealed that he had recently transferred to Hell's Pass in his job as a neurosurgeon. Jackie told him there was nothing to worry about and gave him a hugged him to calm him down. Jackie then gave Todd her phone number and thus they remained friends. After several months of seeing each other, Jackie and Todd officially started dating. After a couple years of courtship, Todd proposed to Jackie, and she said yes. On Thanksgiving Day, they married at South Park Church. After they both had well-paying jobs, Todd and Jackie finally decided to have children. However, much to their distraught, Jackie was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 2. Not wanting to pass this disorder on to her children, Jackie decided having children was too risky, and instead hired surrogates. Since they wanted twins, Jackie chose two of her sisters to carry each baby, the sisters were Maggie and Elise. After a legal process, operations were in hand; doctors extracted eggs from Jackie and a sample of Todd's sperm via a IVF cycle, then it was taken to a lab where the egg and sperm were combined for fertilization. Elise and Maggie were in the same operating room at the same time and decided to have the embryo transfers be simultaneous. The doctors inserted the speculums into both of their respective vaginas to keep their vaginal walls open, and using a ultrasound for accuracy, the doctor will then pass a catheter through the cervix and into the womb. From there, the embryos are passed through the tube and into the womb, where the babies grow there. On July 31, Elise and Maggie gave birth to the babies on around the same time at the same hospital room, those babies were Kevin and Esther. Following Kevin and Esther's birth, Jackie underwent radiation therapy, where the tumors in her head were reduced greatly, meaning that it is much safer for Jackie to have children of her own. Kevin is a huge Sci-Fi fan with immense obsessions with Star Wars and Star Trek. Esther possess a narcissistic tongue. Kevin and Esther are polyglots, they speak fluent English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and Mandarin. They can also understand Italian, albeit, if spoken slowly. While Jackie originally had black hair and wore a sky-blue shirt and pink pants that beared a closer resemblance to her daughter, she now wears a light purple sweater, a black skirt, and has dyed her hair brown (this is Jackie's former appearance, and she also contoured her nose, which explains why her nose looks different in this image). Todd had also dyed his hair brown, mostly in desire of change.

While in high school, Sarah met a teenager named Ryan Valmer, after being assigned as lab partners. Ryan was two grades older than Sarah. Becoming good friends, Sarah and Ryan would often hang out together, like see movies, go to concerts together, and occasionally meet up after school for dinner or to study. Both Ryan and Sarah openly mocked and teased disabled kids, something that they regretted later in life. After about a year of spending time together, Ryan soon developed romantic feelings for Sarah, but Sarah unfortunately was for the most part oblivious to his feelings and thereof did not reciprocate. Instead, she dated a Hispanic teenager named Glenn Sanchez, who Ryan disliked with a passion due to his pompous, magisterial nature, attributed to Ryan's feelings for Sarah. Nevertheless, Ryan saw Glenn as his rival. Despite Ryan's desperate attempts to convince Sarah that Glenn was a self-centered, irresponsible jerk, Sarah ended up marring him shortly after graduation, much to his chagrin. After about two years of their marriage, Sarah soon grew tired of Glenn's laziness and alcoholism, and started to seriously reconsider her decision to marry him. Now feeling guilty about not listening to Ryan's advice, she reached out to him and he was glad that she did so. Sarah and Ryan soon started a relationship behind Glenn's back, and Sarah felt much happier with Ryan than with Glenn. Sarah and Ryan dated for several months when Glenn revealed to Sarah that he was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, and that he would try to quit his abuse towards her and quit drinking frequently. However, Sarah did not take Glenn's revelation seriously and filed for divorce. Glenn, although disappointed by Sarah's decision, agreed. He did however want to have a kid with Sarah before they officially divorced, something that Sarah agreed too. They had sex, but Ryan also wanted to have sex with Sarah around the same time period so they did. A short while after this, Sarah found out that she was conceived with a baby. She then took a ultrasound pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl. The babies were early babies, and Sarah gave birth to them eight months later. Sarah named them Jimmy and Valeria (the girl with the short black hair with wavy bangs; she also wears a yellow shirt and green pants). Sarah then decided, although they were separated, that she had to come clean to Glenn and revealed to him that she was having an affair with someone else behind his back, she also revealed to him that she had intercourse with someone else around the same time period. Though Glenn was angered by these events, he soon asked Sarah to bring Ryan over so they can do a paternity test to find out who's the father of each baby. The test revealed that Ryan was the father of Jimmy and Glenn was the father of Valeria, making them bi-paternal twins, which is also a rare instance of Superfecundation. Sarah became pregnant when she slept with her soon-to-be ex-husband Glenn and new boyfriend Ryan within 48 hours. Glenn, wanting nothing to do with Sarah after she cheated on him, refused to help raise Valeria nor give her child support, and simply left. Valeria lived with Sarah for three years, until Sarah decided to let Valeria live with her sister Maggie due to fiscal reasons. However, Valeria now spends much of her time living with various family members. After several years of dating, Sarah and Ryan finally got married. After the wedding, although despite Sarah being raised, baptized, and confirmed as a Roman Catholic, she converted to Protestantism at her husband's request. However, Sarah would often feel neglected because Ryan always seemed to be busy. Noticing that Sarah was unhappy having with him having two jobs, he quit his job as a carpenter and just retained his role as a Chief Firefighter.

Following her parents divorce, Maggie stayed with her mother Isabella and moved to Red Bluff, California. When Maggie was seven, her mother got remarried with Charles Gehlhausen, a San Francisco native of Irish and German descent. They had two daughters, Rebecca and Lizabeth. Isabella and Maggie later moved nearly eight hours south to Santa Monica. While there, Maggie attended Santa Monica High School. In her freshman year, Maggie began dating a teenager named François Knitts, whom she had already known from her previous years at Metteer Elementary. François lived with his family in Pointe Coupee, Louisiana before moving to California. Francois was adopted, with his adoptive father being a cajun and his adoptive mother being a Haitian. Francois's adoptive paternal family's surname was originally Tricots, but they later anglicized it to Knitts. Due to being from Pointe Coupee, François speaks fluent French as well as reading and writing in it. He also spoke English and Haitian Creole, due to his heritage. Following her high school graduation, Maggie enrolled at University of Southern California after she was accepted by the said university. François attended Stanford University, but despite attending different universities, they continued their relationship. Maggie graduated from the university with a degree in art history. Coincidentally, François graduated on the same day with a degree in computer science and mathematics. Shortly after their graduations, Maggie and François moved to South Park. Their parents relocated to South Park as well. A couple of years later, Maggie got a job as an insurance saleswoman. As aforementioned, Maggie's sister Jackie chose her as a surrogate, Maggie carried Esther while Elise carried Kevin. While Maggie was pregnant with Esther, in a rare instance of superfetation (the simultaneous occurrence of conceiving a baby while already pregnant), she got pregnant with another baby, whom was her own biological child. Maggie gave birth to Esther on July 31, while her own child stayed in the womb for a few more weeks. On August 18, Maggie delivered her own child, a daughter named Annie. Eight years after Annie's birth, François was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a fatal neurodegenerative disease that results in the death of motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. One year later, he died in his sleep with the immediate cause of death was heart failure due to the ALS disease. François' body was cremated and his ashes were scattered from a plane into the Caribbean Sea. Rebecca had two daughters, Ava and Mia (Ava, the girl with the blonde hair and puppy T-shirt, and Mia, the girl with black hair and white headband standing next to the girl with the "O" shirt in this image from "The Ring"). Lizabeth did not have children.

Jake had five kids, albeit not all with the same wife. His first marriage gained him two kids, Hudson (the boy with brown hair and green shirt) and Belinda (the girl with black hair, a purple jacket, blue pants, and a green headband with two flowers on it; she was also the crying girl comforted by Meagan Ridley in "Put It Down"). In his second marriage he had three sons, Colton, Easton, and Braydon (the three boys behind Butters at 1:02, excluding the scarf boy).

Fynn became the father of Bruce, Peyton, Ellie (the bully girl wearing the gray hood), Dave (the boy with the black hair and purple jacket; the boy in the back with black hair, standing behind Bobby Palmer and Nate as seen here at 1:25), Jerry (the boy with the black hair and green shirt with a smiley face in the center), and Billy (kindergartner).

Clara became the mother of five kids, Riley, Avery, Harper and Penelope (the girls with the brown hair braided in a bun who are also part of the girls' volleyball team; they are the girls seen here at 0:27-0:43), Dixie (the girl with the strawberry blonde hair braided in two large pigtails), Conner, and Allison.

Elise had three sons named Angel, Henry (the boy with the blonde hair and maroon shirt with a white skull in the center), and Chris (the boy with brown hair shaved in the back, he was also behind Peter Mullen in the battle between in the boys and the girls in "Douche and a Danish") with her husband. Elise also voluntereed to be her sister Jackie's surrogate, and she carried and delivered her nephew Kevin on July 31 with her other sister Maggie, as she was carrying Kevin's biological sister Esther. Kevin and Esther happened to be born a few minutes apart in the same hospital room. Henry and Chris are third-graders.

Camila had four kids with a man named Samuel Stotch, they were named Clark, Stephen, Budd, and Bella. Stephen had one son named Butters with his wife Linda, Bella married a man named Matt and gave birth to a daughter named Nelly. Clark later had a son named Scott with a woman named Dakota. Scott took his mother's last name as he was illegitimately born.

At the age of eleven, Mario befriended a girl named Eabha, who was three years older than him. Two years later, much to his surprise, Eabha informed Mario that she was pregnant and he was the father. When Mario turned fourteen, their child Ethan was born. When Mario was eighteen, Eabha gave birth to twins, Elijah and Lucas. About a year later, Eahba and Mario broke up. Mario would marry three other women. On August 8, when Mario was twenty, he married a woman named Carly and she gave birth to their daughter less than a year later, they named her Catarina. They later had six other kids Alphonse, Eliza, Mitchell, Anais, Jeff, and Richard. The marriage ended with divorce several years later. Mario then married a woman of German, Irish, and Norwegian ancestry years later and they had six kids, Aria (Enchorito Mark from Stick of Truth's wife), Blaire (the townswoman who said "Oh Jesus Save Us" in "Season Finale"), Ella, Sandra, Alberto, and Matthew. Mario's third and final marriage was with a woman named Lauryn Black, who was of Afro-Jamaican and Afro-Bahamian descent. She later gave birth to their son, Steve. Mario was away on a business trip at the time of Steve's birth, so Lauryn put down Black (her surname), on Steve's birth certificate.

They later separated and divorced three years after Steve's birth, whereupon Lauryn was granted sole custody of their son. Ethan married a woman considerably younger than him, and she gave birth to their son Nate. Elijah married a woman named Leslye, and they conceived children rather later, and Leslye later gave birth to two daughters Abigail and Bella, and they attend South Park Elementary and are members of the girls volleyball team (Abigail is the girl with the pigtails and Bella is the girl standing next to Annie's right as seen here Bella is also the girl with number 21 on her shirt as seen here). Lucas became the father of a boy named Carter (the sixth grader with the orange coat), with his wife. Alphonse converted to Buddhism and changed his surname for his stepfather, James Mephesto, when he wanted to enlist at the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch. He then became the father of a boy named Terrance, and later adopted a boy named Kevin. Mitchell and Richard did not have kids. Eliza married a man named Mr. Farnickle and had three sons with him Janson, Johnson, and Victor. Anais married a man named Ben Garrison, and she then gave birth to their son Herbert, who later became president of the United States.

Jeff's last name is "Corrigan", which was a mistake by an attending physician. Aria became the mother of a two sons Leslie and Vincent (Stephen Tamill's friends from "1%") with her lifelong friend Mark. Blaire gave birth to two sons, Johnny (this kid) and Andre (the kid behind Brimmy with the dark brown hair and four bangs; he was also the boy sitting next to Esther while Cartman and Heidi sang "Let's Come Together as a School" in "Douche and a Danish" as seen here) with her boyfriend. Ella gave birth to a son named Bobby (the boy who appeared on Kyle's friends on Facebook in "You Have 0 Friends", this kid to be more specific). Matthew married a woman named Patty and she gave birth to four sons as well, their names are Matty (this kid), Calvin (this kid), Huey, and Duke. Sandra met and dated a man named Ernest Henderson. Sandra became pregnant and they were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Valentine's Day, Sandra was two months pregnant during this time. Their son Owen (the boy from "Ginger Kids" who said "It's a little Ginger girl") was born six months later. Sandra later gave birth to Sireda (the girl with the lime shirt and red hair braided in pigtails). Alberto married a woman Anna and she gave birth to their daughter Grace (the girl with the dark red shirt with a heart in the center, she is the one who lifted Tammy in "Board Girls"). Anna later gave birth to Evelyn (the girl with the blue shirt and brown hair in pigtails) and Layla (the girl with the dark green jacket and blond hair in pigtails; she is also the same girl with the braided ponytail and is a member of the girls' volleyball team, she was also one of the girls trying to gather support for their upcoming game in the beginning of "Cock Magic" this girl) a year later. Steve met a woman named Linda, who was of Afro-Puerto Rican descent. They later got married and had a son named Token.

Leonardo married a half Guatemalan and half Puerto Rican woman named Nadine, and they had a two sons named Enrique and Lorenzo and one daughter named Lori. Enrique married a Mexican woman and together they had a son named David. Lorenzo was the only child who was not born in the United States. He was born in Mexico. He then wanted to stay with his maternal grandparents in Guatemala. He then attended a boarding school in Mexico and fell in love with a girl named Edna, they soon started a relationship. After several years of their relationship, they illegally immigrated to the United States. Edna soon got pregnant and gave birth to their son, they named him Alejandro. When officials found out that Lorenzo and Edna are illegal immigrants, they were deported, leaving Alejandro an orphan, and thus he was held by the ICE. He was soon adopted by the White Family following the death of their son, Jason White, but Alejandro grew to dislike his adoptive family. Lori married a man of Puerto Rican descent and they had two daughters named Maria and Alanna (the girl with the tan skin, pink sweater, and black hair braided in a ponytail), who are Irish twins. They later had one additional child named Javier (the boy sitting next to Beth in "Member Berries" and "Douche and a Danish" he is the boy in the green shirt as seen this image).

Rosa married a Chinese Filipino named Dimitri Nelson who was of Chinese, Japanese, and English descent. Rosa gave birth to their five kids, Judith, Vladimir, Mel, Edward, and Susan (the woman from "Time to Get Cereal"). Judith got pregnant from an unknown father and gave birth to a set of twins Liza and Charles. Vladimir married a woman named Crystal and she gave birth to their daughter, her name is Allie. Mel married a Korean-American woman named Hana Chon, and they had two kids Hiroki (the Asian boy with the two red striped shirt and blue pants; he was on the left side of Clyde in the battle between the boys and the girls) and Lisa (the Asian girl with the red shirt, green collar, black skirt, and red headband; she is also the girl who was sitting one bleacher above Cartman on his left side in "Sons a Witches" as seen here). They later had one extra kid named Harley (the boy with the black mohawk and green jacket; he was standing next to Scott Malkinson in "Douche and a Danish") who was born a year later. Edward married a Venezuelan woman named Carmen. Together they had twins, Tammy and Beth. Susan had two kids named Grayson and Hazel.

Luisa married a Puerto Rican man named Connor Anderson. They had seven kids together, they were named Logan, Jacob, Parker, Julius, Violet, Madison, and Janelly. Logan married an Italian American named Rose. Logan and Rose then went on to have three kids together, Emily, Filmore, and Quaid. Jacob married a a woman named Hannah. They had three kids, Ashley, Sally, and Caleb (the little boy who was sitting next to Ashley in "Cock Magic"). "Bands" is the surname of Hannah's step-grandfather, and gave Sally the surname. Parker had three kids, Julian (the boy with black hair and dark blue jacket with two pockets), Nora (the girl with the brown hair wearing a navy blue jacket with two pockets on it), and Taylor (the boy sitting in front of Esther in "Member Berries"). Julius married a woman named Lisa Sawyer. Lisa is mixed, as she has a "Blasian" mother and a European descent father. They went on to have three kids together they were named Brimmy, Graciana (the girl with the short blonde hair, and wears a navy blue jacket and a black skirt), and Katie. Violet married a man named Jackson and they have four daughters Meagan, Lola, Megan (one of the members in Butters' kissing company) and Jenny (Kindergartner). Madison had two sons, Lincoln (the boy sitting next to Kyle in "Douche and a Danish") and Isaac (the boy sitting behind Nelly in "Member Berries"). Janelly married a Swiss man named Terrance and they had three kids, Stephanie (the girl with the brown hair and pink coat, the person Leslie was always talking to at school assemblies during season 19), Jenny, and Lance (the Kevin Stoley look-alike but with brown hair).

Rosita married a man name Noah Stevens and they had four kids, George, Ameila (the Getting Gay with Kids choir teacher), Aubrey (the woman with red hair and maroon shirt; she was the woman standing directly behind Stan in "Scott Tenorman Must Die" during the chili con festival as seen here), and Adrianna. George later got married with name Sydney, and they named their daughter Bebe. Aubrey also got married and had two kids Hayden (the boy with the blue shirt and long brown hair; he was sitting directly one step above Lola in "Member Berries") and Hannah. Adrianna had three kids, Dimitra, Alexander (the boy with blond hair sitting next to Clyde as seen [here]), and Annalise (the girl with blonde hair sitting next to Esther as seen [here]).

Berto married a woman named Christina, and they had six sons, Avis, Paul, Anthony, Bernie, Seth, and Michael. Michael married a woman named Carrie and they had a four children Stephen Tamill, who has Carrie's maiden name, Sally who adopted her maternal grandmother's maiden name, Hailey (the girl with brown hair and pink shirt and darker pink pants; she was the first person the mummy attacked in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special"), and Annie. Michael and Carrie later had another child named Agnes (the girl who appeared in a commercial in "Stop Touching Me Elmo" from "Black Friday", the one with the short, curly, dark brown hair and cyan shirt with a pink heart in the center). Avis married a woman named Aileen, and they had two daughters together, Isla and Kal. Paul married a woman named Kyla and they have one daughter named Theresa. Anthony married a woman named Sandy and and had two kids with her, they named them Adrian (the boy with the curly black hair, red shirt, blue pants, brown shoes, and dark blue gloves, who's eyebrows look different from other children) and Chloe (the girl with the black hair braided in a bun and wears a aquamarine shirt and green pants; she is also the girl with the soccer ball in this image). Bernie had two kids Derek (the boy the mummy picked up and threw in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special") and Lillian (the second girl the mummy picked up and threw in "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special"). Seth had three kids named Aaliyah (the girl with the orange shirt and brown hair; she was sitting to the right of Wendy in "Member Berries"), Nova (the girl with the red shirt and black hair; she was sitting next to Terrance Mephesto in "Member Berries"), and Dawson (the boy with the green snake shirt who is often seen at school assemblies).

Cynthia married a man named Padraig Donovan and had five kids named Roger, Ariel, Everly (the woman with the purple shirt and light cinnamon-like skirt; she was sitting next to Cartman at the airport in "Mysterion Rises", she is seen in in this image), Peter, and Ciara (the woman with orange hair and green shirt in the second seat in the fourth row on the left-hand side as seen here). Roger went on and married a Dutch woman and had two kids with her, Caroline and Clyde. Ariel had three kids Jessie, Morgan (the boy with the red shirt and shiny brown hair), and Tina (the girl with the purple shirt and unzipped blue jacket; she was sitting in between Heidi and Red in "Tweek X Craig"). Peter had three sons, Clark, Manny (the boy sitting next to Nichole in "Tweek X Craig" as seen here), and Cameron. Ciara had five kids, Lois, Jackson, Catarina (the girl sitting to the right of Powder as seen here), Elizabeth (the girl with blonde hair and yellow shoes sitting directly one bleacher above Heidi in this clip, and Crosby.

Carolina met a man named Peter Tweak, and their shared talent in music and dancing sparked a romance. They fell in love, married and had three kids named Richard, Renee (the woman sitting next to Cartman at the end of AWESOM-O as seen here), Ruby (the female police officer sitting next to Mrs. Testaburger as seen here), and Ruth (the woman who got arrested in "Cock Magic"). Richard then married Margaret Tweak and then had a son named Tweek. Renee had two kids Gabriel and Erica. Ruby had four kids Jeremy, Ryder, Stella (the kindergarden girl with red hair, purple shirt, and dark pink pants), and Elda (the kindergarden girl with brown hair, maroon shirt, and pink pants; she was also standing next to the girl holding the penis in "Cock Magic" as seen here). Ruth had a daughter named Kyla (she was the girl holding the penis in "Cock Magic" as seen here).

Hugo was an incestual, he had intercourse with his paternal first cousin, and got her pregnant. Lina gave birth to a single daughter named Helen, but due to the sexual contact among relatives who are closely related, there was a birth defect, and Helen was both mentally and physically handicapped. Hugo and Lina were arrested for committing incest and Helen was put into a foster home. Helen married a fellow handicapped person named Richard and gave birth to their child Timmy.

Arnold and Nicole became best friends in middle school, a friendship that would last into adolescence and college. Nicole Doyle, Arnold's love interest, was of Irish heritage on her father's side, with her father's ancestors fleeing from Ireland following the Great Famine. Charles Thomas Pedersen, Nicole's maternal grandfather, was of Norwegian, Swedish, German, and Scottish descent. Mary Ann Cook, Nicole's maternal grandmother, was African-American. Mary was descended from Cherokee Freedmen who were enslaved by Cherokee Indians before and after the removal to Indian Territory and the American Civil War. Mary herself had issues of acquiring Cherokee tribal membership. After many years of close contact, both Arnold and Nicole convinced each other that they wanted to be more than just friends. The two entered a relationship during their senior year of college. Two weeks after their college graduation, Nicole announced to Arnold that she was pregnant. Shocked but ecstatic, Arnold began to pickup extra overtime to gain enough money to support a family. Nine months later, Nicole gave birth to her first child Olivia. After the birth of their first child, Arnold and Nicole soon married. Years following the marriage Nicole gave birth to more children, their names were Ella, Tobias, Harriet, and Amelia. Olivia married an English-American man named Harry Pirrip, and had two kids with him. The first was Joe and the second was Philip, nicknamed "Pip". Ella had a love child named Kelly with one of her former lovers, but like her cousin Maggie, she wanted her daughter to have her father's last name. Harriet married a Scandinavian man named James Biggle. They had a daughter named Henrietta and later adopted Bradley. Tobias had an affair with a woman named Alivia Smith, and got her pregnant (albeit unknowingly). That being said, Tobias had no knowledge that Alivia had given birth to a boy named Firkle. Amelia married a Cult of Cthulhu member, Eugene Thelman. They had a child name Pete.

Wanda married an engineer named Moe Allen. They had several kids together. Their names are Nicolas, Augustin, Sean, Travis, Mary, and Alex. Before Wanda married Moe, she secretly was juggling two relationships at the same time, but officially broke up when Wanda married Moe. She had a love child named Ronald. Ronald had an affair and gained a son named Fosse. Nicholas has one son Bill. Augustin married a Russian woman and she gave birth to their child Dog Poo. Sean also has one son named Michael. Travis had one son named Bertie (boy at 0:30). Mary married a man named Robert White and they had two kids together. Their names are Jason and Crystal. Alex married a woman named Penny and they had four kids together. Their names are Kelly, Stacy, Bartles, and Lannie.

Melissa married an Irish man named Ronan Mullen. The marriage gained them two sons, Liam and Dermont. Liam married a French-American woman named Eloise and had two sons, Peter and Rocky (the boy with the brown hair, blue coat, and grayish-brown pants; he was with the red book while laughing at Kyle in "Super Hard PCness"). Dermont did not marry but still had three kids with his girlfriend Josephine. Their names are Douglas, Adam (the boy with the brown hair, green striped shirt, and dark blue pants; he was the boy laughing and pointing at Kyle in "Super Hard PCness"), and Madelyn (the girl with the long brown hair and purple shirt; she was standing next to Douglas in the stands at the volleyball game in "Wieners Out").


  • There are a few instances of double cousins in this family tree:
    • Cartman and Stan are actually double first cousins, and they are genetically equivalent to half-brothers. Liane and Sharon are sisters, unbeknownst to them. Liane and Sharon were born in Lisbon, Portugal to Harold and Mabel (née Kimble) Cartman. Shortly after Liane's birth, Mabel and Harold divorced, after Mabel found out Harold was having an affair with another woman. Mabel took custody of Sharon, Gwen (Scott Tenorman's mother; so therefore Cartman and Scott are three-quarter siblings, meaning that the amount of DNA they share is greater than a half-sibling but less genetically close to full siblings), and Linda and immigrated to the United States, while Harold kept custody of Howard, Uncle Stinky, and Liane. Liane and her brothers were raised Catholic and Mormon and received baptism, communion, and confirmation in the Catholic Church. When Liane was two, her family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico where she was educated at Academia del Perpetuo Socorro and later attended University of Puerto Rico where she earned her diploma. Mabel and Harold latter rekindled their relationship and remarried years later. However, the reason Liane and Sharon are unaware that they are sisters is because Sharon did not have a good relationship with their mother and thus cut communications with her, and so she was unaware that their parents remarried.
      • The reason Sharon was estranged from her mother was because of her parenting. Mabel had very high expectations for Sharon and forced her to participate in nearly all extracurricular activities. Mabel was a stern disciplinarian who was very ill-tempered. She would cane, slap, yank Sharon's ear, and even beat Sharon with a broom or umbrella for innocent mistakes, like forgetting a chore, neglecting to get groceries, and even when Sharon got a B on her report card. Mabel was also very overbearing, impulsive, and a control freak. One time, when Sharon was five, while she was playing soccer with her friends, Sharon accidentally threw the ball into a window, and as a result she would be put on house arrest until she went off to college, the only thing she could do was read a book until bedtime. Sharon always being isolated from others during her childhood made her somewhat of an introvert. Sharon also believed that her mother played favorites, as she was not nearly as hard on her sisters as she was with her. It was then when Sharon decided that when she became a legal adult she would want as little to do with her mother as possible. When Sharon began dating Randy Marsh, Mabel vehemently disapproved of their relationship, and would openly mock and insult Randy. Sharon was tired of all the meddling and stopped talking to her mother. As a result, Mabel was not invited to Sharon's wedding. Sharon probably saw Mabel about four or five times before the marriage. When Shelly was born, Sharon decided to give Mabel a second chance, giving her the benefit of the doubt that she may have changed. Unfortunately, Mabel had not changed a began scolding Sharon for even marrying a "dingbat" like Randy, and also called Shelly "a mistake". Sharon was furious by her words and cursed her mother out of her house. That was the last she ever saw of her mother.
    • Kyle, Wendy, Francis, and Millie are double first cousins, and are genetically equivalent to half-siblings, much like Cartman and Stan. Janet, Wendy's mother, Julia, Millie's mother, and Rita, Francis' mother are Sheila's sisters. Following their parents divorce Janet and Julia were for the most part non-practicing in the Jewish faith, and they later converted to Roman Catholicism after exploring several Christian denominations. Abelman was Rita's surname from her previous marriage, and kept it because she liked the surname.
    • Kenny, Craig, and Red are double first cousins as well. Craig's mother's maiden name is McArthur. Their grandparents had four kids, and due to the grandmother not changing her last name when getting married, two children took her last name McArthur, while the other two took the grandfather's last name, McCormick.
    • Heidi, Sally, and Billy are double first cousins as well. Sally and Tommy took their mother's last name, and their father is the brother of Nancy Turner Heidi's mother. Billy's mother is also sisters with Nancy.
    • Cartman, Stan, and Annie are double first cousins too. Mabel is of African-Irish-Dutch-Asian descent. Shortly after Mabel and Harold divorced, Mabel discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a son named Francois, whom is Annie's father. Mabel, feeling bitter after her break up with Harold, became somewhat of a misandrist and did not want to raise a male child. So, she gave Francois to her sister in Montreal, and she was married to a Haitian man named Harry. However, Mabel had emotionally manipulated her sister into taking Francois, and not long after she adopted Francois, she gave him up for adoption all the way in French Louisiana. Since Annie shares the same paternal and maternal lineages with Cartman and Stan, that would make her their genetic half-sister.
      • Liane and Sharon are also siblings with Todd, Kevin and Esther's father. Mabel's ancestral surname was a Chinese surname, but her ancestors changed their last names from Jīn bó (金伯) to Kimble once moving to America. Shortly after Mabel divorced with Harold, she had discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to Francois, Annie's father, and Todd. As mentioned above, Mabel did not want to raise male children and thus gave each of them up, with Francois being adopted by Mabel's sister in Montreal, and Todd being adopted by Mabel's cousin Huang Sī tuō lì (斯托利) in Brazil. Huang was Mabel's maternal second cousin. Huang had dual citizenship in China and Brazil, and Todd spent his childhood in both locations. Kevin and Esther also possess Chinese citizenship which explains why they identify as such despite their appearance resembling that of a stereotypical Caucasian. Since Kevin and Esther share four grandparents with Cartman and Stan that would make them their genetic half-brother and sister as well. However, this is more prominent with Annie as her father was twins with Todd, identical twins as a matter of fact. Annie would be genetically indistinguishable from full siblings with Kevin and Esther.
    • Crystal, Allie Nelson's mother, was Sharon's identical twin sister. She died due to complications after a C section, in which Allie was successfully delivered. Stan and Allie are already paternal second cousins, and they are also maternal first cousins, but since their mothers were twins, Stan and Allie would share the same amount of DNA as an actual half-brother and sister. On an unrelated note, Sharon and Crystal were mono twins, meaning they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta in their mother's womb, and when they were born, they came out holding hands.
    • Maria Sanchez shares four great-grandparents with Stan and Cartman, as Harold Cartman is her paternal grandfather, therefore they are half-first cousins as well as second cousins.
    • Ashley and Graciana are double cousins as well. Hannah and Lisa are siblings, twins as a matter of fact. This is even more prominent because they are identical twins, therefore the girls are genetically indistinguishable from genetic full siblings.
    • Isla and Theresa are genetic half-siblings too, as they share four grandparents.
    • Butters and Nelly are genetic half-siblings too. Linda and Matt brother and sister. Since Butters and Nelly share four grandparents, that would make them genetic half brother and sister. Scott Malkinson's mother is Matt and Linda's sister as well, which would also make Scott the genetic half brother of Butters and Nelly.
    • As aforementioned, Hannah and Lisa are siblings, Linda, Matt, and Ellen are their siblings as well. Therefore, Ashley, Graciana, and Brimmy are Butters, Nelly, and Scott's first and second cousins.
    • Liane and Sharon are half-siblings with Linda, Matt, Ellen, Hannah, and Lisa. They are also full siblings with Aileen and Kyla, Isla and Theresa's mothers. Ironically, Mabel was cheating on Harold too, as she was having an affair with a French man named Richard Sawyer during their time in Paris. They had three kids named Matt, Dakota, and Linda shortly before Mabel began a relationship with Harold. When Mabel and Harold got married, the marriage earned Harold two step-kids. Despite Mabel claiming that she had broken up with Matt, Dakota, and Linda's father, they continued their relationship behind Harold's back. After Mabel and Harold divorced, Mabel discovered that she was pregnant with sextuplets. She gave birth to Francois, Todd, Kyla, Aileen, Hannah, and Lisa. A paternity test confirmed that Harold was the father of Francois, Todd, Kyla, and Aileen while Richard was the father of Hannah and Lisa, making this a rare instance of superfecundation. What makes this even more unique is that four of the sextuplets have the same father while the other two do not. Additionally, Mabel had uterus didelphys and only had one vagina. Todd and Francois were monochorionic twins (meaning that they shared the same placenta and amniotic sac) and they were also in the same womb as Aileen, they were implanted on the left uterus. Kyla, Hannah, and Lisa's eggs were implanted in the right womb. Mabel and Richard broke up shortly afterward with him taking custody of Matt and Ellen, as Harold had refused to raise Matt and Dakota because he did not want a reminder of Mabel. Mabel is also the mother of Clyde and Bebe's mothers. This would make Butters, Nelly, Scott, Ashley, Graciana, Brimmy, Katie, Sally, Caleb, Clyde, Bebe, Isla, and Theresa both half-cousins and second cousins with Cartman, Stan, Annie, Kevin, and Esther.
      • Fun Fact: As aforementioned, Sharon and Crystal were mono twins and they were implanted in Mabel's left womb. In a very unlikely case, Mabel got pregnant with both Gwen and Liane while already pregnant with Sharon and Crystal. She conceived Gwen about a month after she first got pregnant with Sharon and Crystal, and then she got pregnant with Liane a month after that. Both Gwen and Liane were implanted in Mabel's left womb, and Gwen was born exactly 30 days after December 16th, Sharon and Crystal's date of birth, on January 15th, and Liane was born 28 days after Gwen.
    • Liane and Sharon are paternal half-siblings with Glenn, Miguel, and Sandy as they were born from Harold's second marriage following his divorce with Mabel. Glenn is the father of Valeria, Miguel is the father of Maria, Alanna, and Javier, and Sandy is the mother of Adrian and Chloe. Glenn attended high schools in both Puerto Rico and Colorado as he was on a scholarship as a a foreign exchange student, and dually earned his diploma from both high schools. This is another instances of double cousins.
    • Sheila and Carol McCormick are maternal half-sisters, as they share the same mother. Before Cleo got married with Kyle's grandfather, she had a relationship with a man named Thomas Tucker, who had adopted his paternal step-grandfather's last name "Tooker" (albeit a more English variant of the surname). They had two sons Thomas and Skeeter before breaking up, although they remained friends even though he had moved to the Southern United States. After Cleo divorced with Sheila's father, she reached out to Thomas in hope of restarting their relationship. They got married and had two daughters Moira and Carol. They had two homes, one in Mississippi and the other in Newark, New Jersey. Occasionally they would split up and have one of them raise each child by themselves. Gerald and Stuart are also first cousins, as they share the same grandparents Katherine Anna Cormich and Wesley Preston Weisenburger. Victoria and Elena are also identical twins, and Rodrigo and Darwin are half-brothers. Due to all these DNA combinations, Kyle and Kenny would share about a quarter of their chromosomes, which would make them genetic half-brothers as well, despite the fact that they do not share four grandparents.
    • Marvin is siblings with Angelina, Benjamin's mother (Kelly Rutherford-Menskin and Kelly Pinkerton-Tinfurter's father), Maya, Derek Ryland's mother (Monica Ryland's father), Christina, (Avis, Paul, Anthony, Bernie, Seth, and Michael's mother), and Mariana, Anna's mother (Grace, Evelyn, and Layla's mother). He is also the maternal half-brother of Richard Sawyer (Matt, Dakota, Linda, Hannah, and Lisa' father). He is also the father of Penny (Kelly, Stacy, Bartles, and Lannie's mother), Josephine (Douglas, Oscar, and Madelyn's mother), Carmen (Tammy and Beth's mother), and Wyatt (Liza and Charles' father). They were born from Marvin's previous marriage, and when he actually wanted kids.
    • Butters and Kenny are double cousins as well. Butter's paternal grandfather, Samuel Stotch, is the brother of Kenny's paternal grandmother, Esmeralda McArthur. Samuel changed his last name to "Stotch" when he was in the Navy due to his love of confectionery.
      • Butters is also double cousins with Ashley and Graciana yet again. Samuel Stotch is also the brother of Connor Anderson, the girls' grandfather. Both Samuel and Connor served in the Navy together, and both adopted new surnames, with Samuel changing his last name to "Stotch" because as aforementioned due to his love of confectionery, and Connor changing his last name to "Anderson", due to his idol's last name being Anderson. As they share all 8 great-grandparents, they would share about the same amount of DNA a genetic half-sibling would share too.
        • Samuel Stotch, Connor Anderson, Esmeralda McArthur, and Socorro Sanchez are all siblings. Socorro's full name was Celestina Sanchez Arturo, and her name "Socorro" was a nickname given to her because of her caring nature. And she became professionally known as Socorro Sanchez when she began working as a nurse. All of their grandchildren are double cousins once again.
    • Butters is also half-cousins with Heidi, Sally, and Billy. They all share the same grandfather, Samuel Stotch. After Samuel divorced with Butters' grandmother, he married an Irish-American woman named Aoife McCarthy, making her Butter's step-grandmother. In a similar situation with Kenny's paternal family's side, Nancy and her full siblings took their mother's surname.
      • This would also make Heidi, Sally, and Billy double second cousins with Kenny, Craig, and Red.
    • Cartman, Stan, and Kyle all share the same eight great-grandparents Adisla Corbeau and Chayton Mukwooru, which makes them both third cousins and ninth cousins.
    • Stan, Cartman, and Kenny are double cousins too. Harold is the half-third cousin of Kenny's paternal grandmother, Esmeralda, as they share a great-great grandfather, Henri de Toulouse-Delacroix, a Haitian man who was a lieutenant in the Haitian Revolution. Henri was also a distant cousin of Baracka Cossa, a African man from Mozambique who was a slave during the Indian Ocean slave trade (during the European period). Baracka was captured from his homeland when Portugal established Estado da Índia, and was brought to Asia to the Philippines during the Iberian Union.
    • Kenny and Lizzy are double cousins as well, albeit not double first cousins. Lizzy's surname is McCormick, making Lizzy his paternal first cousin.
    • Billy Morales and Cleo Broflovski, Token and Kyle's maternal grandfather and grandmother respectively, are half-siblings. They were birthed by the same mother, Małgorzata (née Zelikovitch) Katz. Billy had one fraternal twin brother as they were a result of a conception from an affair their mother had with an American man. Billy is older than Cleo and the rest of her full-blooded siblings. Both Billy and Cleo were survivors of the Holocaust.
    • Clyde and Bebe's paternal grandfathers are brothers. Clyde's grandfather changed his last name to "Donovan" because he did not have a good relationship with his father. This would make them double cousins once more.
    • The Boys (except Kyle) and Craig's Gang (except Token and Jason) all share a a great-great-great grandfather, Kirigi Cho a Martial Grandmaster.
    • The Boys, Craig's Gang, and Butters also descended from royalty. Their third great-grandparents ruled several countries in the Carribean. However, Kyle only shares one of those great-grandparents because his great-grandfather, Rodrigo Santos, was a illegitimate grandson of the king.
  • Sharon and Gwen had different surnames despite being raised together. This is because Mabel had two surnames, her maternal ancestral last name, Kimble, and her father's last name, Schmidt. Mabel's great-grandfather was a Hokkien Chinese historian who moved to the Philippines. After experiencing anti-Chinese prejudice that existed in the Philippines, he fled from the Philippines, converted to Catholicism, and moved to Brazil, where he met and married his wife. His name was originally Bojing Shìchǎng (市场) while he was in Xiamen, and when he migrated to the Philippines he changed his name to Raimundo de Marcado y Garreta. Raimundo's mother's maiden name was Jīn bó (金伯), which he translated to Kimble. Raimundo then adopted a second surname, which was Kimble. Mable and her sister Flo had adopted the Kimble surname once learning that their great-grandfather was a historian. It was a creative decision on Mabel's part of giving each of them both surnames. Linda, Hannah, and Lisa had their father's surname Sawyer, while Crystal, Aileen, and Kyla embraced the Kimble surname. Betsy and Sydney had their father's last name, Goodman.
  • Interestingly, Butters is related to all of the main four boys' parents. As aforementioned, he is related to both of Stan's parents, both of Cartman's parents, both of Kenny's parents, and even both of Kyle's parents (which was not mentioned above). Butters' mom and Kyle's mom are half-first cousins, as Butter's grandfather, Richard Sawyer, is the half brother of Kyle's grandfather, Julius Broflovski.
  • Each of Alona and Carlos' children either looked mixed or Caucasian, but one child, Leonardo in particular, looked indigenous. He had tan skin with various shades of brown, high cheekbones, and straight black hair, although it was longer when he was in his pubescent years. All of his grandchildren inherited his skin tone.
  • Jessica Rodriguez is the great-granddaughter of Diego, Carlos' brother. This would make her the third cousin of Stan and Cartman and the ninth cousin of Kyle.
  • Mabel was born in New Haven, Connecticut to a multicultural mother and a black father. Her mother, Antônia Gonçalves, was a Pardo Brazilian born in Olinda. Antonia's maternal grandfather was a Chinese Brazilian, while her maternal grandmother, Francisca Vargas, was a mulatta of half African and one-quarter Azorean Portuguese, and one-quarter Basque descent. Antonia's paternal grandfather was a Mestiço, possessing a Native American father and a European descent mother of Portuguese, Italian, and French ancestry. Antonia's maternal grandmother was a quadroon, as she had a white father of Flemish Belgian, German, French Canadian, and Dutch descent, and a mulatta mother with a English, Irish, and Jewish descent father, and a Angolan descent mother. Her father identified as a "Afro-Mestizo". Her father, Joseph Schmidt (born Jusepe de la Corte), was born in Oklahoma and was of Afro-Hispanic descent from his father's side. Through his grandfather's side, Joseph was descended from Los Pobladores, the original settlers who founded the Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles in the 18th century. California at the time was colonized by the Spanish Empire when they established Alta California, a province of New Spain. Joseph's ancestors were runaway fugitive slaves who escaped plantations in Acapulco and the Yucatán Peninsula and with the help of Native Americans, they settled and built the Pueblo of Los Angeles, where its inhabitants were blacks of African ancestry, mulattos, mestizos, Native Americans, and Spanish settlers, and thus that would be a hot rife for intermarriages. Joseph was a distant cousin of Salvador Fonseca-Tàpies (1626-1711), a colonial freedom fighter who was the son of a Spanish planter and his African slave. He later became a Cardinal at a Catholic Church and later founded his own church deep in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, it was a church for many other escaped black slaves and indigenous people, as they formed a rebellion. Through his grandmother's side, Joseph was descended from Mascogos who escaped plantations in the Mid-Atlantic Coast, Eastern Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana and fled and sought refuge in Mexico. Joseph's mother, Virginia "Big Mama" Crosby was the daughter of a Chickasaw Indian named Giovanni Ramos and his African slave Martha Crosby. Sh was nicknamed "Big Mama" because she gave birth to 12 kids, 6 boys and 6 girls. She also gave birth to to twins from a previous marriage, so in total she gave birth to 14 kids. Virginia was only 12 when she had a forced marriage with a fellow slave, he was a year younger than her, and when she turned 13, she gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. When Virginia was 14, she married an indentured servant named Samuel de la Corte y Estrella, giving birth to their firstborn, a son, when Virginia was 16. By the time Virginia turned 42, their lastborn child was born. Virginia was a Chickasaw freedman, as her ancestors were enslaved by Native Americans, and her ancestors were present during the Trail of Tears when they walked alongside their Indian masters after the US forced them to give up their country in the 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc Creek and move to Indain Territory (Oklahoma) during the era of Indian Removal in the 1830s. Virginia was a slave a majority of her life, and Joseph along with his siblings were born into slavery, despite their father not being a slave. When slavery was abolished after the American Civil War, the Chickasaw Nation never abided by the treaty, and although the African slaves were given freedom by the early 1870s, they were undocumented US citizens and were left without a country, not helped by the fact that the freedmen faced discrimination against the said Indian tribe and they were refused to be granted tribal citizenship. Joseph's second cousin, five times removed, was Ansel Leroy Boyles, who was a veteran in the French and Indian War. Mabel's maternal half-uncle was a veteran in the Philippine Revolution. Her father was American-Dutch, as he was born in Columbus, Ohio and his family moved to the Netherlands when he was seven years old and was brought up in Utrecht. They had dual citizenship in the United States and the Netherlands. Mabel's father changed his name from Jusepe de la Corte to Joseph Schmidt after serving in the U.S Army and being stationed in Germany. When she was sixteen, her parents sent her to Mexico for seven months to learn Spanish. During those seven months, Mabel lived in Taxco, Guerrero, and took classes at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México's Learning Center for Foreigners. She later attended Université catholique de Louvain where she received her bachelor's degree. She met a man named Harold at work in Paris and got married about a year later.
  • Harold's father was a retired lieutenant colonel and Dominican Restoration War veteran who was of Haitian origin. Stanley Homme (Harold's father) was born and raised in Petion-Ville, Haiti a suburb of Port-au-Prince to Isla Cantique and Pierre-Auguste Homme. His mother was a Haitian of mixed race and his father was a Afro-Haitian. Stanley was the 5th of seven children. His mother was born in Petit-Goâve, and lived in a hut along the shore of Kokoye Beach in her childhood. Stanley's mother was mixed. Isla's paternal grandfather was a Haitian of African ancestry, and he married a Taino person originally from Jamaica, making Isla's father a Black-Indian. Isla's maternal grandfather, Jürgen Glocke was a German man originally from Oberwegfurth, Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse who immigrated to Haiti via the ports of Bombardopolis. Jurgen moved there as he had already had family who settled in Sant-Domingue in the 18th century when they were invited by the French. Jurgen met and married his wife who was of mostly African descent, with more distant French, English, and Iroquois ancestry. Stanley looked racially ambiguous. Stanley enlisted in the military alongside his father and uncle at the age of 12, as he was quite tall and bulk for his age. He was only 13 when he served in the Dominican Restoration War. Stanley also served in World War I before retiring, and later earned a job as a steel mill worker in Wallonia shortly before Harold was born. Stanley also spent a few years in Africa, Brazil, China, and Japan to learn martial arts, such as Zulu stick fighting, dambe, laamb, capoeira, tiger-style kung fu, wushu, Taekwondo, muay Thai, karate, and judo. Harold's mother, Theresa Bridget (Carrinho) was originally from Thailand. Theresa was Eurasian, as she was mixed with Thai, Chinese (Peranakan), Korean, and Portuguese ancestry. Theresa's maternal grandfather was a Martial Grandmaster and was the head of a dojo in North Korea. She learned Togakure-ryū and other Shinobi arts similar to the Japanese Ninjutsu from her grandfather. Harold's ethnic makeup would be "Cablinasian", a syllabic abbreviation of Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian.
  • Following her parents divorce, Sharon stayed with her mother and was raised alongside her seven sisters. They lived in Greenwich Village, New York for about a year before moving to the Albany Park neighborhood in Chicago. They also had a second home in Santa Barbara, California, however they only resided in it during winter and summer. She was educated at Catholic elementary school St. Mary of the Angels School from preschool to kindergarten before transferring to Newberry Elementary Math & Science Academy in first grade. Sharon was raised a strict Roman Catholic, receiving both communion and confirmation, as she had already been baptized before her parents divorced. She was baptized alongside Crystal, Liane, and Gwen. She went to the confessional and attended church every week. When Sharon was in third grade, Mabel got remarried with a man named Paul Goodman, who was of Dutch Jewish ancestry. They had two kids, Betsy and Sydney. As aforementioned, Sharon did not have the best relationship with her mother while growing up, and was generally unpopular at school. She did have a small group of friends however, and she even made a lifelong friend named Kim, whom she had met in sixth grade. Sharon did enjoy playing the piano and violin in her school choir. Sharon continued to play the violin while attending Lane Tech High School. Following her graduation from Lane Tech, Sharon decided to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program and enrolled at both University of Illinois and University of California, Los Angeles where she studied Japanese, psychology, and American Indian Studies. She graduated from both respective universities and earned her diploma with a double-major degree from UIUC in psychology and Japanese and a degree in American Indian Studies from UCLA. Sharon is fluent in the Japanese language. Sharon was unemployed after her college graduation and reluctantly moved in with her mother. After a couple years of living with Mabel, Sharon grew tired of her mother's constant insults and complaining, so she moved out. One summer, she attended the Woodstock music festival where she met Randy Marsh. They later began a relationship and got married. They soon became the parents of two kids, Shelly and Stan.
  • Cartman is multilingual for several reasons:
    • Harold worked as an accountant in Paris, France and also lived in Wallonia for several years, and consequently spoke French fluently. This explains how Cartman speaks French vividly.
    • Cartman's step-grandmother, Socorro Sanchez, was of Puerto Rican descent. Socorro taught her step-kids the language and Cartman learned a considerable amount of Spanish when he visited her when he was little. Liane was also raised in Puerto Rico and and thus she can read, write and speak fluent Spanish. Cartman also had a Peruvian nanny who taught him how to read and write Spanish. This elucidates how Cartman is fluent in Spanish.
    • Despite Harold being born in Wallonia, his parents moved the family from Wallonia to Brazil when he was three years old and was brought up in Brasília. Harold spent most of his childhood there and therefore learned to speak Brazilian Portuguese. He taught his kids the language and Liane taught her son the language.
    • Liane studied German in a foreign national summer camp and speaks it fluently. This explains how Cartman speaks very good German.
  • Kyle's surname "Broflovski" is an anglicization of "Braslawsky", which was altered to his current surname when his ancestors immigrated to the United States.
  • Kyle's nationality is often disputed. He is of multicultural heritage from his father's side and Ashkenazic Jewish heritage from his mother's side, much like his voice actor Matt Stone, whom he is loosely based on. Sheila's families were from Russia and Poland, while Gerald is mixed. Kyle's maternal grandfather, Julius Braslawsky, was the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants on both sides, and his maternal grandmother, Cleo Braslawsky (née Katz), was of Hungarian-Jewish heritage from her father's side, and Polish-Jewish heritage from her mother. Cleo's mother was originally from Słopnice, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (which is now part of Poland). Cleo's father was from Salgótarján. Kyle's paternal grandfather, Augustus Jefferson Testaburger, was born in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. The Testaburger surname is an anglicization of "Weisenburger". Augustus is of Irish and English descent, one-eighth German, one-eighth Cuban, 1/16th Dutch, 1/16th French, and some Austrian and Welsh ancestry. Augustus' parents were Wesley Preston Testaburger and Katherine Anna McCormick. Augustus's paternal grandfather was Oren Francis Testaburger (the son of Albert Evan Testaburger and Matilda Marie Bailey). Augustus' great-grandfather, Albert Evan Testaburger, was the son of Bartholomeus Weisenburger, who was German, and Aveline Louise Desputeaux, who was French. Matilda was the daughter of Violet Mattie Gallagher and Frederick Tompkins Bailey, who was of Irish Catholic descent. Augustus' paternal grandmother, Ana Ximena Vega, was the daughter of Elizabeth Annie Wells and Jorge Luis Vega. Elizabeth was an English emigrant from Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England, while Jorge was a Cuban of African descent, originally from San José de las Lajas. William C. McCormick, Augustus's maternal grandfather, was of Irish ancestry from his father's side, and German ancestry from his mother. Martha Joan Fletcher, Augustus' maternal grandmother, was of half English, one-quarter Welsh, and one-quarter Dutch ancestry. Augustus also had a cousin who was of half Houma descent, and whose ancestors were hegemonized by French colonists during the colonial period. Augustus' aunt-in-law was from St. Mary Parish, Louisiana and was fluent in the French language. Kyle is also the descendent of Semeon Walker, who was a veteran in the Anglo-Spanish War and was originally from Great Bromley, Essex, England.
  • Noah Stevens and Padraig Donovan, Bebe Stevens and Clyde Donovan's grandfathers, are brothers as aforementioned. Their father was of Louisiana Creole, Cajun, and Acadian ancestry, possessing deep roots to Louisiana and Texas.
  • Kenny's paternal grandfather, Albert McCormick, was the son of Katherine Anna McCormick and Wesley Preston Weisenburger. Kenny's paternal grandmother, Esmeralda McArthur, was Puerto Rican. Esmeralda was born in Isabela, Puerto Rico to a Dominican father of African descent and a Puerto Rican mother of Taíno, African, and European ancestry. Her family's surname was originally "Arturo". Esmeralda's maternal grandfather was the son of an indigenous Taíno person and his wife who was half African and half European descent as her mother was of German, Coriscan, and French ancestry while her father was an Afro-Puerto Rican descended from African slaves who were brought to Puerto Rico during the Atlantic slave trade. Esmeralda's maternal grandmother, Sharlene Armour Varnado, was born in Oklahoma but moved to Puerto Rico during her youth and married there. Sharlene was born on Indian Territory. Esmeralda's ancestors were owned by Native Americans, the Choctaw. They had been living in Indian Territory, and joined the march from Louisiana with their enslavers on the Trail of Tears. When the Civil War ended, the Five Civilized Tribes refused to liberate their slaves, claiming that as self-governing nations they were not a part of the United States and were not subject to its laws. While Sharlene's ancestors became freedmen over the course of 1866-1867, the Choctaw repulsed to comply in giving their former slaves tribal citizenship, and although the freedmen were in Indian Territory, where many had lived since birth, they were neither Choctaw nor were they American.
  • Marvin Marsh was born in Italy during his parents temporary business trip, but they moved immediately afterward. Marvin was raised in Jackson Heights. He is of Jewish-American heritage from his mother's side, and Mexican-American heritage from his father's side. Due to his mother being Jewish, that would make him ethnically Jewish as well, but he was non-practicing in Judaism. His mother was an agnostic theist while his father was a Lapsed Catholic. He was well-off due to his parents fortune. After graduating from St. Albans School in Washington, D.C., Marvin entered the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, having done well on its entrance exams. He graduated from the academy with a Bachelor of Science degree. After a couple years of naval aviator training, Marvin was officially enlisted in the U.S Navy. He served during World War II on the motor torpedo boat tender USS Cyrene as a seaman in first class. He also flew a spitfire over Nazi Germany. He was honorably discharged in 1948. He had also been working in a steel mill since he was 17. Marvin's parents' mansion in Jackson Heights was burned down, subsequently causing them to move to South Park, Colorado where they had a new mansion built. Desiring to stay close to his parents, Marvin moved to Colorado. He became a counselor at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. While there, he met a young woman named Isabella. They fell in love and got married. Isabella had a son named Jimbo, who was born from her previous relationship, and thus it gained Marvin a step-son. They lived in the mansion Marvin's parents had lived in before Marvin's parents passed away. Marvin never wanted kids, but then Isabella unexpectedly gave birth to a son named Randy, much to Marvin's dismay. When Marvin and Isabella were having sex one night, another baby got accidentally conceived yet again as Isabella committed an action that caused Marvin to ejaculate and he had neglected to put on a condom. It was another son, named Jack. Around the same time, Marvin had lost a gambling game with several other men, and got kicked out of the mansion. Several other children were born fortuitously, with Marvin becoming even more disappointed in himself due to his lack of care to avoid pregnancy. He was also flustered on the disgusting ways each child was conceived. He would later describe the disgusting and graphic details of each of his haphazard children's (all the sons and daughters born from Randy to Maggie) conception to his grandchildren, much to their disturbance (this is from an upcoming episode). The last haphazard child born was Maggie, the remainder of the children born was Marvin finally lighting up to the idea of raising children after seeing how much Isabella loved kids, but a part of him was still reluctant. They divorced shortly after their daughter Elise's second birthday came around. However, despite them no longer being in a marriage, they divorced on amicable terms. In fact, they even had joint custody of a house in Kauai, Hawaii, a home that they both lived in, occasionally at the same time, especially during warm weather.
  • MacDonald Kern's (Jimbo Kern's father) true identity is Harold Cartman. During Harold's time in the Brazilian Air Force, he went under the alias MacDonald Kern, and he was assigned to a clinic at an Air Force Base in the United States to assist Army troops stationed there. While there, he went to an orgy in Colorado and drank lots of booze and blindlessly had sex with multiple different women, however they were all non-penetrative sex. Toward the end of the party, as Harold began to sober up a bit, he met a young woman named Isabella. They had intercourse and in which Harold managed to impregnate Isabella with her son, Jimbo. Isabella discovered that she was pregnant shortly afterward, and contacted Harold to let him know. It was then when Harold revealed to Isabella that he was 25, and that their sexual activity was illegal, due to Isabella being a minor at the time. Harold then had to return to Brazil a few days later. To protect Harold from getting in trouble, Isabella kept her pregnancy a secret for several months until her eight month into pregnancy. When Jimbo was born a month later, Isabella put down Kern as his surname after remembering what "MacDonald"'s last name was. Fortunately, her parents never asked who was the father. Since Jimbo is both Sharon and Randy's half brother on different sides, he is essentially the full uncle of Stan.
  • Theresa Carrinho (Harold's mother), was born in Bangkok, Thailand to Jadis (née Cho), a costume designer and cook, and Julião Carrinho. Her mother was of African, Native American, and Asian descent, while her father was originally from Hawaii. Juliao's maternal grandmother was a Chinese Hawaiian of Peranakan descent, and his maternal grandfather was a British Indian, born to a Baghdadi Jewish mother and an Indian Punjabi Hindu father, and he was originally from Mawlynnong. Juliao's paternal grandmother was a Native Hawaiian, and his paternal grandfather was of Portuguese descent, whose ancestors originally came from Madeira and the Azores to work in sugarcane plantations in the 19th century.
  • Even though Millie Larsen is Jewish by ethnicity, her organized religion is Roman Catholicism as she was baptized at a Catholic Church and is brought up in the church, as her father is Catholic and her mother converted to Catholicism, as mentioned above.
  • Todd, Francois, Kyla, Aileen, Hannah, and Lisa were born at the now closed Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center in the Greenwich Villach neighborhood of Manhattan. Therefore, they are the first number children Mabel gave birth to who were born in the United States.
  • Linda Black (née Morales) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the daughter of Annie Laura Carter, an accountant of African American descent, and Billy Morales, a chef of mixed ethnicity. Billy's father was of half Afro-Puerto Rican and half Filipino (including Spanish, Cebuano, and Subanon) descent, with some Samoan ancestry, while his mother was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent (from Poland and Hungary). Linda had two older siblings, Billy and Joy, and several paternal half-siblings. She also has some Chickasaw heritage from her maternal great-grandmother. Linda can trace her African-American roots to communities in Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia. She met Liane Cartman in first grade and became good friends with her. Linda's father was absent throughout most of her childhood as he seemed to care more about his other family. Linda was raised in a Catholic household, and had two stepfathers while growing up, the first was Eddie, who passed away when she was around the age of 12 due to heart failure, and the second was a man named Rick, who her mother married while she was in 11th grade. Linda did have considerable knowledge in Baptist theology as her mother was of African American origin and was formally a practicing Baptist before becoming Non-denominational and later converting to Catholicism.
  • Nichole Daniels' mother is of Melungeon descent. Jewelean, Nichole's mother, has a Melungeon descent father originally from Southwest Virginia. His mother was a Rappahannock Native American, while his father was of African American and European descent. Jewelean is descended from a French Huguenot immigrant Eduard Chevrolet, who settled in Jenkins, Kentucky in the late 1680s. She can also trace her ancestry to West Africa, in which over a two-hundred year period, many enslaved Africans were brought to North Carolina to work on small farms. She can also trace her ancestors from African American communities in Mississippi and Louisiana, where her ancestors arrived via the ports of New Orleans and Biloxi to labor in the cotton, sugar, and lumber industries. Jewelean's mother was of African-Irish ancestry.
  • Despite Randy receiving his DNA results in "Holiday Special", those were not his true results. This is the case because Randy himself had personally tampered with his results and due to the ancestry company getting immeasurable amount of DNA analysis requests, they would often mix up people's results. The DNA test shown to Randy in the episode were inadvertently switched with someone else's of the same name.
  • "Homme" is French for "man", and "Carrinho" is Portuguese for "cart". When Harold moved to the United States, he translated both words into English terms and integrated them to form a new surname, which was "Cartman". That is how Cartman's surname came to be.
  • These are the DNA tests for the four boys:
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