Teaser Trailer Announcer: "Last year, Lightning McQueen had a racing accident, but was eventually all fixed up for the next Doc Hudson Memorial Piston Cup race, but right now, he, Mater and the others are teaming up to save Radiator Springs from an evil rainbow colored race car.

Jack Albertson: "Pretty soon, Radiator Springs will be all mine and everybody will be gone for good."

Mater: "Uh oh, this ain't happenin'!"

Lightning McQueen: "We gotta defeat him right before it's too late."

Sally: "And how are you gonna do that, Stickers?"

Lightning: "In honor of Doc's memories, I'm gonna race against him and win that race the way I defeated Chick Hicks."

Ramone: "Good thinkin' Lightnin'."

Disney and Pixar presents Cars 4

Rated G for General Audiences

Coming to movie theaters on September 21, 2018.

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