Cars 4 will be a 2019 Pixar animated film that will take place sometime after the events of Cars 3. Pixar has stated that it will combine the emotional nature of Cars and Cars 3 with the action packed nature of Cars 2.


After the sudden death of RSN's owner, Curtis Dolloway, Phil Parker terminates RSN's contract with the Piston Cup, the Piston Cup quickly finds itself losing popularity. As attendance and viewership decline and sponsors begin to pull out, the Piston Cup Racing Series is sure to be forgotten. With the help of a few fans, fellow racers, former racers, and Lightning's Radiator springs pals, Lightning and Cruz set out to save the Piston Cup and bring it back to the center of American culture while saving the jobs of his fellow racers.

Known Characters

Pixar has stated that this film will include almost every character in the franchise, except for some characters in cars 2, and that most of them, even those that are often background characters will somehow contribute to the plot. Plus, Doc's main rival, Glenn Rimson. The 4 main characters will be Lightning McQueen, Mater, Cruz Ramirez, and Jackson Storm.


The film was given a PG rating due to action and peril, brief language, and mild thematic elements.

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