Car Designs

Different car designs that might look good, or be very efficent.

Car Features

Variuos car features that would make a car ride more enjoyable or easier.

Windshield Wipers

  • On the glass of the windshield wipers, there are sensors that detect moisture. By using the information for the speedometer and from the moisture sensors the wiper blades will automatically clear the window off. The Sensors are also able to detect how hard the rain drop is hitting the window. By having an averge weight of a rain drop, it can then factor in the cars speed and find out how hard the wind is blowing.

Weight System

  • By having weight sensors along the bottem and the back of each seat information can be feed to the computer about where people are sitting. When the car first starts and is going 0 Mph the computer calculates all the weights for each seat. each time the car is at a stop light (going nowhere) the computer recalculates these weights for each seat. It does not overwrite the previosly recorded ones, instead try's to get a good estimate for the person in the chair. Frequent passengers of the car could be in the computers memory, unless they ate too much. When doors open, the computer can try to "count" the amount of people entering or exiting the car when the car is back in motion by using a similar sensor system to one in a house.


  • The stearing wheel has small metal contacts around it, enabling the car's computer to have heart beat and tempeture of the driver, so it knows when to turn the heat on and how high to turn it on.
  • The seats have the Weight System activated so the Heat is then only pumped to seats that have a person in them. This can easily be over ridden if the driver choses to.

Blinker System

By having a touch sensitive stearing wheel, the blinkers can be turned on. By having both hands on the wheel and squezing the left hand twice, like a double click on a computer mouse, the left indicator will turn on. The indicator can easily be turned off when the wheel has been done turning or a streak across the stearing wheel is made by the hand. A slide of the hand along the wheel for a few degrees. Usually done when anyways after making a turn.