Fake Carlos
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Duo-Franchise
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Zach Callison
Performance model
Inspiration Robot Aiden Romero, Dr. Poison, Hattori Tatsu, Mr. Beardo
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Nerdy, optimistic, inspirational, charismatic (formerly)
Evil, delusional, psychotic, manipulative, vengeful, determined, wrathful, insecure, crazed (currently)
Appearance Same as Finn Mertens pre-Season 8
Occupation Celebrity (formerly)
Glomgold's Spy (formerly)
Northern Terrorist
Alignment Bad
Goal To kill Zachary, imprison Thunderman and every single child, superhero and superhero kid all across the world and get the Omnitrix as well as usurp Glomgold and destroy the identity and publicity of the Myles Bots far beyond repair
Allies Glomgold
Enemies Zachary Delightful, Captain Underpants, Ninja Steel Gold, Grey Matter, Nebula, Za-Naron, Blisstina, Plagg, Wall-E, Potty Mouth, Captain of the Guards, Beardo Forthright (unencountered), Mr. Yates (unencountered), Penny Rolling (unencountered), Cassandra
Likes Power, the Omnitrix, fame, his vitality
Dislikes Blisstina, his plans failing, getting killed
Powers and abilities Manipulation, eternal youth
Weapons Staff
Fate Rebuffs anti-ghost armor and gets his vitality removed by Potty Mouth. His further fate is unknown though it's implied he presumably gets his soul drained and is never to see the light of day again
Quote "The rain will always be my friend."
"NEVER!" (His last words)

Carlos is a kidnapper and a spy working for Glomgold Industries. He serves as the leader of the Northern Glomgold Empire located in Linden City as well as Blisstina's arch-nemesis alongside Wall-E. Despite succeeding in his goal to fatally end the Myles Bots' secret, not only did he die from a trump card in the hands of Beardo Forthright but the real Carlos himself is revealed at the end.

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