Captain Spongebob is an upcoming CGI animated film. It will be the second solo film of the Super Heroes Cinematic Universe.


5 months before Super Heroes vs Super Villain New Dark Era, a creature is causing terror around the Bikini Bottom, Man Ray. He kidnaps his friends, now the leader of the Super Hero team must get them back.


The movie begins with Spongebob looking at an ad Mr. Krabs aired over 10 years ago. Upset, he turned off the tv and went to bed. Looking out the window and seeing the stars in the sky. Spongebob wakes up the next day and goes to the Krusty Krabs, although only a few costumers arrived. Several days later, Man Ray has been told Vlad that he will get rid of Spongebob and he’s friends.

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Man Ray flys away and never returns. Spongebob reveals that they must reunite with the humans.


Tom Kenny as Spongebob


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Early Reactions

When people first saw it, they called it, “Amazing! This film had an amazing impact on Nickelodeon fans and pretty much everyone in general. This film told us the aftermath of that horrible event and told us how it will impact Spongebob forever.”

Box Office

The budget of the film is $145 million, they predicted at it’s full week it will get $200 million. It turns out that they were right and at the end of it’s release, the film grossed $500 million.


Sandy Christ confirms a sequel is in works.


  • According to the director, Bubbles comes back from the transporting event, it’s confirmed he used time travel.
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