Captain star strucker KirschHeels was the founder and ex captain of King Sombra.

Although his appearance of which are resemble to Flash Sentry, but his reputations to King Sombra is that he had to do.

Image of Captain kirs

He constantly contrives to extract the plunderseed and meshes with dark map crystal altogether and form into a seed crystalline-like plunderseed and seek to find his sight to the everfree forest where he must sow it to the center source of Everfree.

When he afterhand first ate the fruit tha blossoms out from the tree of Corruption, he expontantially launches ferocity assault on Flash Sentry brutally.

He can read his opponent moves and with swift efficiency to fly, he is constantly be the most powerful Pegasus on Equestria.

His heels are somewhat silver.

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