Captain Extraordinary (character)
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Feature films Captain Extraordinary
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators 90sCartoonGirl
Voice Harland Williams
Performance model
Designer 90sCartoonGirl
Inspiration Iron Man

His own voice actor, Harland Williams

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Harvey Winston
Other names
Personality Soft, unfortunate, tragic, traumatized, goofy, eccentric, strong, charismatic, calm, humorous, boisterous, independent, sociable, funny, handsome, creative, clever, kind, respectful, generous, loving, loud, cool, daring, laid-back, helpful, passionate, ironic, good-hearted, suave, fast-talking, determined, heroic, brave, bold, witty, self-conscious, caring, comedic, mischievous, selfless, responsible, savvy, idealistic, helpful, open-minded, confident, brilliant
Appearance Normal: Slender, fair skin, dark brown hair, dark eyebrows, blue eyes

As Captain Extraordinary: Slender, fair skin, golden hair, golden eyebrows, light aqua eyes

Occupation Scientist


Secret Government Lab Worker at Hale Corp


Alignment Good
Hale Corp
Goal To be a somebody and go out with Charlotte Hale
Home Meadow Hills
Relatives Eudora Winston (mother)

Katrina Winston (older sister)

Allies Katrina Winston, Mrs. Eudora Winston, Charlotte Hale, Edwin Hale, Katie Norville, Valerie Norville
Enemies Nelson Bentley
Likes Charlotte Hale, saving the world, doing his work, being a superhero
Dislikes His job, Nelson's annoying and antagonistic nature, Nelson being better than him, Katrina's perfectionism, failing, nobody appreciating him
Powers and abilities Flight

Radioactive Powers

Weapons Utility Belt
Fate Gets mutated from nuclear radiation and becomes a superhero
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