Captain Bessie Zero
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games The Lead
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Debby Ryan
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Elizabeth Fret Willis
Other names
Goal To betray the player (succeeded)
To kill the player (failed)
Relatives Father: The Leader (The Lead)
Mother: Jane Myra
Paternal Grandparents: Mr Willis (deceased), Mrs. Willis
Maternal Grandparents: Jorge Myra
Margaret Myra
Brother: Bob Willis
Aunt: Dame Beatrice Willis
Adoptive cousin: Ryan Willis
Allies The Player (formerly)
Enemies The Player
Likes Singing songs; church; life
Dislikes Her dad
Powers and abilities Singing
Blasting waves
Fate Music Stage Ending: She sings a death metal diss song about you and the stage blows up, knocking her off the stage to her death.
Wire Ending: She betrays the player and tries attacking him/her and falls to her death.

Captain Bessie Zero is the main antagonist of the 2018 game The Lead. She is voiced by Debby Ryan.


She is trusting the player to do her missions, but sadly, betrays him/her at the ending as she was using the player for personal gain.

Betrayal and Defeat

Music Stage Ending

If you chose the Music Stage Ending, then Bessie runs to the stage, betrays you, and sings a diss song about what you have done so far. Put on your Invisibility Cloak, and Bessie will ask where you have gone. There is a pyrotechnic bar in front of you, put the wrong pyrotechnic on, and the stage will explode, knocking Bessie off. She has died. Then, run to the nearest room, where the explosion won't get to you.

Wire Ending

If you select the opposite room, go in, and Bessie might attack you, and kill her at the wooden plank, which is behind her, and Bessie might plunge to her death.

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