Captain America: The Sentinel and The Spy is the first film in the MCU, It stars Chris Pine as Captain America and Christoph Waltz and is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, It will be released in 2011.



The film opens with Steve Rogers and his friend, James "Bucky" Barnes, leaving a movie theatere. Bucky talks about the Stark Expo that they are going to see later at night, and that it will be his last night in New York, as he will be going to the military basecamp in Wisconsin. Steve admits that he will miss his friend, and that he is going to attempt to join the US Army and join Bucky. Bucky wishes him luck, and the two arrive at the Stark Expo. Howard Stark arrives onto the stage, and shows New York City his upcoming invention; the flying car of the future. He explains that automobiles will no longer need wheels, and we could just fly through the sky. After the Expo, Steve and Bucky part ways and leave to their own homes. Steve thinks of the good times he and Bucky have had over the years; going on the Cyclone at Coney Island, having an eating contest at the local pizza place, pulling pranks on kids at the orphanage, and Bucky protecting Steve from bullies; Steve goes to his apartment and thinks about the possibility that Bucky may not return from World War II.

The next day Steve goes to sign up for the Army but is declined as he has many weaknesses some of which include Asthma,Hayfever and he is to short. Steve then sadly walks home when he bumps into a man who drops his briefcase, Steve recognises the man is a doctor and that he is german after he replies “Thank You”. The man looks at Steve for a while and after Steve states his name he says “I am Doctor Abraham Erskine” Erskine then gives Steve a piece of paper with a address on it and whispers be here tomorrow at 6pm before walking off. Steve then begins to walk home when he is pushed into a ally way by four men who begin to kick him. Steve is saved by Bucky who is in a Army Rangers uniform.