Candy Passion

Candy Passion is Hatsune Miku's cousin born in the USA and is considered an American Vocaloid.

Personal status

  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 16
  • Religion: Christian
  • Language: English
  • Theme color: Pink
  • Voice type: Soprano
  • Music genres: Pop, Classical and Broadway
  • Favorite food: New York Style Pizza


English Vocaloid by Hollywood


Grey DeLisle


Since the battle of the Americans and the Japanese started in the 1940s and ended in the 60s, Miku's mother and her pink sister were scared away by a bomb which forced their split-up, so the pink sister escaped to California where her daughter Candy was born. After over 12 years, Candy and Miku get to meet for the first time. Just like Miku, Candy loves to sing, but what distinguishes her is her handheld microphone that she carries whenever she wants to be part of a concert.

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