Canananada 2is a british/American musical comedy movie 2021 and animated by Canimation and distribute by Lionsgate Pictures in Canada and American Artists Pictures in the United States.

Matt Stone, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, and ??? reprise their roles as Charlie the Goose, Flora the Fox, Bart the Bear, Edith the Hedgehog, Katie the Wolf, and Rick the Rabbit. New characters are voiced by Kristen Bell, TBA, and TBA.


The Canadian animals are back, and this time, Charlie falls in love with a Female Goose named Nella, but when a money-stealing cat wants Canana’s Money, while Charlie spends time with his girlfriend, it’s up to the rest to make sure Canada doesn’t go bankrupt.

Voice Cast

  • Matt Stone as Charlie
  • Kristen Bell as Nella
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