Camp Lazlo: The Adventures of the Scouts
Genre Fantasy
Studio Gonzo
Sunwoo Entertainment
Original Network TV Tokyo (Japan)
English Network Discovery Family
Original Run April 18, 2017 (Japan)
Fall 2017

Camp Lazlo: The Adventures of the Scouts known in Japan as Camp Lazlo: Scout's Adventure (キャンプ・ラズロ:スカウトの冒険) is an Upcoming Japanese anime television based on the 2005 American TV series Camp Lazlo, and the first incarnation not made in America. However, unlike most anime series it has the same characters expect including new characters and it will air on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 18, 2017 and Discovery Family in USA on Fall 2017, it will be dubbed both by Studiopolis (original Characters) and Ocean Productions.


Lazlo and the Bean Scouts meet a new Friends Lori Anderson, she joins the Jelly Cabin to go in the Adventure. But his Girlfriend Patsy and the Squirrel Scouts was saving the scouts and helping them to find for love. The Evil Midnight Everfree takes over the Prickly Pine and destroy the Camp.

Cast & Characters

Characters Japanese Voice English Voice
Lazlo Hiroshi Kamiya Carlos Alazraqui
Raj Keiji Fujiwara Jeff Bennett
Lori Anderson Ikue Otani Britt Irvin
Pasty Megumi Hayashibara Jodi Benson
Midnight Everfree Miyuki Sawashiro Tara Strong
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