Callie is the main protagonist of Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

She is a calico cat who wears a pink cowboy hat, a yellow sheriff badge and pink neck kerchief on a brown vest, a yellow-buckled brown belt holding up blue jeans, and pink cowboy boots. She is either wearing a white shirt under the vest or her chest fur lacks the markings present on her face and arms. A self-described cowgirl, she serves as the sheriff to Nice and Friendly Corners. She is able to ride a horse, do a front flip, and do a flexed arm hang on a rope carrying a horse between her thighs for over 5 seconds.

She is a skilled lassoer, using a magic noodle lasso that can turn into different shapes for different purposes, such as in "Peck's Bent Beak" when she is able to form it into a stairway to help a dangling Peck down, or a hammer to pound in loose nails. It is incredibly strong, as it is able to support the weight of a train traveling across it when a bridge goes out. She has also used it to lasso a cloud, enabling her to move the cloud and also squeeze it to produce rain. She says someone taught her to many tricks but does not specify whom. She also described having started with a shorter macaroni lasso as a kitten while encouraging Toby to begin training with one.


  • She is voiced by Mandy Moore, who also voices Rapunzel in Tangled.


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