Call of the Zodiac is an American adventure-fantasy comic book series, being published by Moonlake Comics since April 15th, 2007.


Set in a world where most people have mastered a zodiac sign and its abilities, a teenage girl is being hunted for supposedly being the one destined to unite her world due to her being able to master multiple zodiacs as she and three other people travel around the world while being hunted.



  • Clara - a goofy yet mysterious teenage girl who has gained the ability to use any of the Zodiac abilities as she is being hunted for it.
  • Zach - a shy and friendly teenage boy who discovered Clara and joined her adventures as he has the abilities of Sagittarius.
  • Mia and Clea - two very optimistic teens who also joined Clara on her journey as they both can use the Gemini ability.


  • Evan - the mayor of a peaceful swamp city known as Everflourish as he can use the ability of Pisces.
    • Sasha - Evan's head of security who is extremely serious as she can use the powerful ability of Taurus.


  • Nathaniel Exin - the charismatic and corrupt CEO of the Neo Foundation who wants to capture and corrupt Clara due to her abilities holding a key to gaining power as he has no zodiac abilities but is very calculating and skilled.
    • Miss X - a mysterious mercenary working for Nathaniel who has the ability of Leo and leads the hunt against Clara.
  • Spice - a charismatic yet vicious mob lord who has the ability to use the powers of the sign of Libra.


  1. Zodiac Power Pt. 1 - A teenage girl learns that she can control every zodiac as she meets three people to help her.
  2. Zodiac Power Pt. 2 - Now with Miss X hunting after them, Clara and her crew attempt to get her off their tail.
  3. Training - Clara attempts to train her zodiac abilities to the best of her ability.
  4. The City of Swamp - Clara's team arrives in a city made in a swampland as they have to protect the city from the mob.
  5. The Slave Camp - Clara's team finds a camp as they learn that everyone in the camp is enslaved as they try to free them.
  6. Love Mountain - Team Clara arrive to a strange mountain where everyone supports the idea of love.
  7. The Illness - Mia and Clea both get sick as Clara has to find a cure for them.
  8. The Hunt Continues - Miss X continues her hunt against Clara and her team as they try to escape her.
  9. Hypnotic Bliss - Clara's team discovers a mysterious new villain who can place people into an obedient slave-like trance as things get worse when Clea and Mia fall for it.
  10. Love Chaos - Zach attempts to ask Clara on a date as Clea and Mia have the same idea.
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Physical appearances

  • Clara has long brunette hair, brown eyes, a tank top and pants.
  • Zach has short blond hair, blue eyes, a shirt and jeans.
  • Mia and Clea have long red hair, green eyes and two dresses.


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