Caillou kills Unikitty/hits Rosie with a bottle/makes her eat onions/Play the scary maze/grounded


Caillou: I wonder what’s on TV?

Announcer: Coming Up next, sparkles are brightening your day up, because it’s Unikitty!

Caillou: Grrrrrrrrrrr! Unikitty is so stupid! I will kill Unikitty And her friends!

(Cut to the Unikingdom where Caillou is)

Unikitty: Hi Caillou, do you want to play with us?

Caillou: No! I have come to kill you!

Unikitty: Noooooooooooooo!

Puppycorn: No! (15x)

Dr. Fox: No! (12x)

Hawkodile: No! (13x)

Richard: No! (6x)

(Caillou kills the characters)

Caillou: No More Unikitty!

(At Caillou’s House)

Rosie: I wonder if Rosie’s favorite show is on!

(The screen says: Bad news, Unikitty just got killed by a bald guy! That means no more Unikitty! Besides that! We will switch to Men In Black II, right here on Cartoon Network!)

Caillou: I’m back!

Rosie: You killed Unikitty! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Rosie’s crying now!

Caillou: I will now hit you with a bottle

(Caillou Hits Rosie with a Bottle, injuring her)

Boris: Why is Rosie crying?

Caillou: It is Because I killed Unikitty, hit her with a bottle, forced her to eat onions, and made her play scary maze game!

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