18-Year Old Tyson discovers a giant plant-like creature in the sea, he has no choice but to bring it home. And he has to hide in a disguise, so no one can witness it, and if they do, they may be bid money in order to capture the creature and kill it.


March 7, 2014


  • Tyson Van Couler (Joel Courtney) - an 18-Year Old boy who discovered the monster, in the end, Bids farewell to Cactus, and writes an essay about him!
  • Joey Van Couler (Logan Grove) - Tyson's little brother, in the end, hugs Cactus!
  • Hugo Van Couler (D.B. Sweeny) - Tyson's father, in the end, Punches Paul for threatening his family!
  • Wendy Van Couler (Jessica Alba) - Tyson's mother, in the end, apologizes to Cactus for trying to burn him!
  • Ingrid Cain (Elizabeth Gillies) - Tyson's love interest, in the end, kisses Tyson!
  • Cactus the Plant Monster (Bill Murry) - hides in Tyson's house, in the end, returns to his homeworld of Jungle!
  • Magnolia (Moon Bloodgood) - the beauty of Cactus, in the end, leaves with Cactus!
  • Paul. J. Gaston (Rob Riggle) - the main antagonist, who at first was unaware of the creature, until he realized it in person, he bids $300,000 on whoever catches the monster and kills it, though Tyson warns him, "You may think it is, but we both know it's not, it's his Mother, you take that away, and he'll die!", in the end, gets punched by Hugo, and was sent to an Asylum!



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