Alexis Doll was a teenage girl who is a Pokémon "trainer", and one of the supporting antagonists. At first glance, she was a famous Pokémon trainer that gained love and was one of the prides of Crystal City, while also being Courtnei's friendly rival. However, Courtnei learned a different story about her. Alexis is actually a murderous fraud who not only murdered Collin (and stole his Pokémon), but also captured (wild and taken) Pokémon to claim as her own.



At first glance, Alexis seemed to be a confident, kind-hearted and friendly girl who is training to become a Pokémon champion, whether she wins or lose, and also encouraging for people that can become new Pokémon trainer.

However, that was a facade. Alexis was later revealed to be actually a selfish, murderous, fame-hungry and a cold-hearted girl who has murdered Collin for his Pokémon and gained fame.



  • "Have faith in yourself" Alexis's catchphrase.
  • "You know? I'm sick of playing this good girl persona for too long. I think it's time to all of you know the real me: I steal Pokémon... wild or owned by anyone..." Alexis revealing her true nature to Courtnei, Halie and Beatrice.
  • "Let me tell you a secret... (whispering) I killed Collin." Alexis revealing she murdered Collin.
  • "I killed Collin, and I can kill you too and kidnap your Pokémon to make them mine!" the quote that revealed her crimes to the public.
  • "No... no... (shouting) NOOO!!!" (last words before being mauled alive)


  • Even though it was revealed her true colors and that she steals Pokémon, it was later exposed in public in The Truth of Alexis.
  • She shares similarites with Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco, because:
    • Both are antagonists that hid their secrets
    • Both murdered their best friends and stole their stuff (Ernesto murdered Hector and stole his songbook and guitar where as Alexis murdered Collin and stole his Pokémon)
    • Both only care about their reputation.
    • Both are frauds
    • Both got exposed and died (while Ernesto already did die, Alexis gets mauled alive by Pokémon)
    • Both became disgraced (with ads with Alexis being replaced with Courtnei and some with a dedication to Collin)
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