CTSB x Pokémon: Speed of Light is a fanfiction series being written by [real fanfiction writer] since July 28, 2017.

Since its discovery by WB and Nintendo, a direct to video film adaption for the film is aimed for its August TBD, 2020 release date, with an animated television series being considered (which will be confirmed if the film proves to be a success)


Set in an alternate FingerTown universe where it is called Crystal City instead of FingerTown, and people, fingers, and Pokémon are together, a teenage girl and her Sneasel pal go on different adventures, whether its facing different trainers, dangerous adventures, finding Collin (not knowing he died) and others.



  • Courtnei Paintders - a teenage girl who is a Pokémon trainer.
    • Courtnei's Sneasel - a weasel-like Ice/Dark Pokémon who is Courtnei's partner/best friend. Later revealed that he hates Pokémon kibble.
    • Courtnei's Pikachu - a mouse-like Electric Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard - a lizard-like Fire Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir - a Physic/Fairy wisp-like Pokémon. Due to the evolution, it is confirmed to be a female. She and Snivy are (currently) the only female Pokémon on Courtnei's side.
    • Courtnei's Totonaw/Croconaw/Feraligatr - a Water type crocodile-like Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Sandile/Korkorock/Krookodile - a crocodile like Ground/Dark Pokémon
    • Courtnei's Wobuffet - a dog like Phyhsic Pokémon. He is the first Pokémon that Courtnei captures that was already evolved from the start (not counting Pikachu).
    • Courtnei's Onix - a Rock/Ground rock worm like Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Pancham/Pangoro - a Fighting/Dark panda-like Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Snivy - a reptile like Grass Pokémon.
    • Courtnei's Ninetails - a Ice/Fairy fox-like Pokémon who was originally Collin's Pokémon, until Alexis stole her after his death, but after her death, became Courtnei's Pokémon.


  • Professor VoodooFinger - a Pokémon professor who aids Courtnei at times.
  • Lucario - a powerful Fighting/Steel Pokémon. Later revealed that he and Collin were close friends.
  • Halie Seymour - a Pokémon trainer who aids Courtnei at times.
    • Halie's Pignite - a pig-like Fire Pokémon. He is Halie's Pokémon partner/best friend.
    • Halie's Golem - a Rock/Electric boulder-like Pokémon. Similar to Collin's Ninetails, it is based off the Alolan variant.
    • Halie's Eelektross - a Electric eel-like Pokémon.
    • Halie's Dewgong - a Water/Ice walrus-like Pokémon.
  • Beatrice Paintders - a Face Paint who is Courtnei's best friend/sister, and also a Pokémon trainer. She debuted in 2018.
    • Beatrice's Emolga - a flying squirrel-like Flying/Electric Pokémon.
    • Beatrice's Bulbasaur - a Grass/Poison reptile like Pokémon. He was previously a Pokémon of Alexis (not actually).
    • Beatrice's Cranidos/Rampardos - a Rock dinosaur-like Pokémon.
    • Beatrice's Shellos - a Water slug-like Pokémon. She appears as East Sea.
  • Trent Wright- a Rock gym leader who has a crush on Halie, despite Halie being more interested in Courtnei.
    • Trent's Onix - a Rock/Ground rock worm like Pokémon.
  • Flappy McFinger - a Flying/Bird gym leader who TBD.
    • Flappy's Fearow - a Normal/Flying bird-like Pokémon.
  • Collin Brady/Collin the Speedy Boy - a teenage boy who is a Pokémon champion. He was Courtnei's BFF before his disappearance/death. He only appears in flashbacks. It was later revealed that he was murdered by Alexis by poisoning him after adding it on TBD.
    • Collin (later Alexis's) Ninetails - a Ice/Fairy fox-like Pokémon who was Collin's main Pokémon partner/best friend, until after his death, she was stolen by Alexis to become her Pokémon.
    • Collin's Emboar - a Fire/Fighting pig-like Pokémon. Since his death, Emboar went by himself and eventually befriended Courtnei and helped her expose Alexis.
    • Collin's Luxray - a Electric lion-like Pokémon. Since his death, he got captured by Alexis similar to Ninetails.
  • Jayden Letson - a teenage Pokémon trainer who has a love interest in Courtnei. Debuted in 2019.
    • Jayden's Delibird - a Penguin like Ice/Flying Pokémon who is Jayden's Pokémon partner/best friend.
    • Jayden's Drillbur/Excadrill - a mole-like Ground/Steel Pokémon.
  • Wesdragon - a Dragon gym leader who aids Courtnei at times, while also plotting to find and save Collin, until he learns he died.
  • [original character]
  • Mewtwo - a Physic legendary Pokémon. He had a past with Collin, like Lucario, where he TBD.


(the creator confirmed there would be no main antagonists, but there are still villains)

  • Team Tear, consisting of:
    • Brenda - a cold-hearted Tear who wants to sabotage all of the Pokémon. While her younger sister wears a long skirt, she wears pants.
    • Sapphire - a Tear who is nicer than her sister, Brenda, but still antagonizes Courtnei. While her older sister wears pants, she wears a long skirt.
    • Team Tear's Litten - a talking Fire-type cat like Pokémon. He is the comic relief.
    • Team Tear's Charizard - a lizard-like Fire Pokémon being owned by Team Tear. He is often used as a weapon.
  • Alexis Doll - a teenage girl who has a huge reputation of being the "best Pokémon trainer next to Collin", often being Courtnei's friendly rival, but later turned out to be a fraud as she kidnaps the wild ones instead of catching them, and even the taken ones and claim them as her own and even murdered Collin and stole his Pokémon. Pokémon. Later exposed in the episode The Truth of Alexis where the truth about her is revealed to the public, and gets killed afterwards when she gets mauled alive by tons of Pokémon.
    • Alexis (later Beatrice's) Bulbasaur - a Grass/Poison reptile like Pokémon. Revealed that he got abducted, like other Pokémon, by Alexis (and is not actually caught). After her first defeat, he became Beatrice's Pokémon.
    • Alexis' Magikarp - a fish like Water Pokémon. After her death, it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.
    • Alexis' Beedrill - a bee-like Bug/Poison Pokémon. After her death, [either he went to become a wild Pokémon and avenge his former trainer's death, or become Wesdragon's Pokémon].
    • Alexis' (formerly Collin's) Ninetails - a Ice/Fairy fox-like Pokémon who was once Collin's Pokémon, until Alexis stole her after his death. After her death, she becomes Courtnei's Pokémon.
    • Alexis's (formerly Collin's) Luxray - a Electric lion-like Pokémon. He is the second Pokemon of Alexis to reform before her death, after Bulbasaur.
  • [Bryte appear or no?]


Film adaption

Main article: Collin x Pokémon: Legend of the Lugia

Possible television adaption

Easter Eggs

  • There has been references to franchises that belonged to both Warner Bros. (including Cartoon Network and DC) and Nintendo. For example:
    • [Howler, reserved for Green]
    • [Mario]
    • In one fic episode, Beatrice refers to Kirby as "pink puff ball".
    • [Good Ol' Magic]
    • [Cryptids]



Main article: CTSB x Pokémon: Speed of Light/Fic-episodes

(New episodes come out once a month (sometimes twice a month)



  • Albeit being mentioned and appearing in posters as the Pokémon Champion, Collin is never seen physically.
  • The creators of CTSB and Warner Bros. was aware of the fanfiction, and really loved it.
  • The creators of Pokémon were also aware of that, and have enjoyed the fic series.
    • Nintendo and Warner Bros. Animation later confirmed they will be doing an animated CTSB/Pokemon film, which would later be titled Collin x Pokémon: Legend of the Lugia
      • However, if the film proves to be a success, then they expressed interests in making an animated series adaption of the show.
    • Additionally, the writer is invited to the TBD hosted by The Pokémon Company.
  • The Team Tear's Litten is basically the Meowth of the CTSB x Pokemon universe.
  • Collin (and later Alexis's) Ninetails is a Alola version, so her elements is Ice/Fairy instead of Fire.
  • During his interview, he is interested in continuing the series until he quits as a Fanfiction writer.
  • Most of the Pokémon trainers, shockingly, don't have any hats. However, the only trainers that do wear hats are Trent, TBD and TBD.
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